The Hack Manifesto


The Hack Manifesto

MUSEUM HACK IS A TEAM OF RENEGADES, who will come into your organization, learn it and love it and re-interpret your brand, your story, your heritage. We’ll take what we’ve learned, craft a story and tell that story back to your employees, giving them a fresh perspective and new tools to amplify what you do best. We re-energize your employees through the powerful telling of your own story.

EVERY COMPANY HAS A STORY TO TELL. Every company can infuse character into their culture and brand by asking the question, “how do we make this specific thing more interesting?” Then you tell stories about what you do, and your company’s rich history so the world knows and cares.

STORIES ARE MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD. Magic happens through crafting stories because you make what you are saying accessible to everyone. When the whole team is able to buy-in — to their daily tasks, to your overarching mission, and to truly being part of a unified team — you are galvanizing your people around your company.

IT’S NOT EXCLUSIVE, EVERY COMPANY CAN BE THE BEST EMPLOYER IN THE WORLD. The companies that make “top 10 employer lists” typically offer unconventional perks, and it’s tempting to copy them. But the dirty secret is that inclusion on that list really has little to do with the perks. Even if you gave free laundry, unlimited massages and organic salads to your employees every day of the week, you still wouldn’t get that same recognition. Instead, it’s about finding the unique elements that your people cherish — maybe it’s a monthly book stipend, or a holiday party that is fun for children, or just an extra dosage of trust and support. We teach companies to foster that unique company environment that employees will rally behind.

THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR PEOPLE. Great people build great teams, and great teams build great companies. We help companies get past the basics and massively upgrade their people and potential. Examples include fun and inclusive training sessions, storytelling workshops and team building activities that are optimized for bringing your people closer together.

EVERYONE CAN MAKE THEIR BEST CONTRIBUTION. The best companies aren’t about a few superstars that carry the team, it’s about everyone being empowered and driven to make their best contribution. This equality applies to everyone from the front-line workers to the executive group. No exceptions.

TRAINING IS AWESOME. Imagine if everyone knew that the next training sessions was going to be super relevant to them. Imagine that time invested in team building was actually friendship building. Imagine that your people would have such a good time at training that they take selfies and share with all their friends and family to show off how cool their job is.

LIFT YOUR PEOPLE UP AND THEY WILL CARRY YOU TO THE RIGHT. Investing in your people is not a touchy, feely thing — it’s an investment and you should expect every dollar you invest to yield exponential growth and results. That’s why we design programs that lift your people up — not just so they perform better, but so they WANT to make you more profitable.

Museum Hack is fighting to re-energize your most valuable resource: your people. We use whatever it takes: stories, song, dance. We hack our business, and we hack for clients too.

Like one client, a historic luxury hotel that galvanized their team around the brand’s vibrant history.

Like one client, an international sports company who’s “on the ground” salespeople became skillful storytellers — and went on to have their most successful sales quarter ever.

Like one client, a leading think tank that asked for our help to hack their annual conference, and attendees are still buzzing about it.

We’re curious and playful, but we have high standards and we get shit done. But most of all, we’re obsessed with live experiences like song, dance and presentations.

We want to help you upgrade to meet the challenges of today, head-on.

We will invigorate your teams to perform at a world class level.

We want to be your solution.