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About Our Tours & Locations

Museum Hack leads renegade tours at the world’s best museums. Our tours include the untold stories of the art and artists, juicy gossip about the museum, and activities in the galleries like “Buy, Burn, Steal” where guests choose their favorite (and least favorite) pieces, or “Yearbook Tags” where guests have to match a title like “Best Hair” or “Least Likely to do X” in the portrait gallery. We also do fun photos with the art, and occasionally wine. Every tour is unique and customized on the fly to include the pieces our guides are really passionate about, not necessarily the most famous or most expensive pieces. The overall theme is to make tours fun and engaging, and help overcome Museum Fatigue -- a real problem where visitors get tired and bored when they visit museums.

We offer public tours at six major museums in the US, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, the National Gallery of Art in DC, and the de Young Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in SF, the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and the Art Institute of Chicago. We also have specialized tours including VIP Nights, Bachelorette Parties, Marriage Proposals and Team Building Tours.

Facilitating team building activities is a large part of our business. We host teams for excursions through the museum that offer the same, fun and fast-paced approach as our public tours, but optimized for bringing a team closer together and fostering a great company culture. Some companies do a scavenger hunt where their team works together to follow clues in the museum. Our team building clients include Google, Facebook, Spotify, Etsy, KPMG, Lego, Adobe, ESPN, and the New Yorker -- but you don’t have to be a big company to invest in team building, our minimum group size is two guests.

Our History & Founder

Nick Gray founded Museum Hack in 2013 to solve Museum Apathy. Nick lives in NYC, and like many locals thought of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as just another tourist place — somewhere you take your friends and family when they visit the city. Then a friend invited him on a “museum date”, where she showed him the art pieces she was passionate about. That passion was contagious! Nick went back to the museum dozens of times, iPad in hand, doing a deep dive into the pieces he found most interesting. Then he started inviting friends to come tour with him, which was pretty informal and essentially a focus on the Un-Highlights, i.e., art that isn’t necessarily the most famous or most expensive, but instead the pieces that have really cool backstories. When a popular blog wrote about the “friend tours”, over 1000 people joined a wait list for the tours. That’s when Museum Hack became a business, with the early hires, charging for tours, etc. While most museum tours focus on facts, and showing off the most famous pieces, Museum Hack tours are different because we tell stories about the art and artists, do fun activities in the galleries, take selfies with the art, and generally have a great time!

As of September 2018, there are more than 50 people working for Museum Hack, spread across the country from NYC to Chicago to Phoenix to San Francisco.

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