Our Mission

Museum Hack exists to reimagine and inspire new adult museum experiences around the world. If you are a museum hater or even museum apathetic then prepare for mind = blown, because we are going to show you these institutions are not just pretty damn cool, but are also the social and cultural amplifier on your brief-yet-meaningful-existence. In recent decades, museums are the under-dogs, and like Hamilton, the Mighty Ducks and NYC rent, they are going to rise up. We see a future where museums are the fulcrum of strong communities, and we're singing them praises every single day. Come rap with us.

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About You

You seek unique experiences and are happy to pay for stuff that aligns with your values. You like smart humor, getting dressed up every now and then and making new friends. You are also "millennial minded", which means you probably played Pogs™ for one glorious summer in the early 90s. If you're a boomer who would agree not all new music is bad, or a cool grandma then you will probably like our tours too. However, if you’re a hatchling that has never actually held a floppy disk then you aren’t allowed on tour bc we swear and talk about naughty bits #yeet. For everyone else, you are going to have a great time. Like eating an entire pint of coconut chocolate chunk or helping your parents waste a little less electricity, Museum Hack just feels good.

Renegade Tours

We are known for operating renegade tours of the world's best museums. Every tour is small group, VIP, fast-paced, story-based and includes social elements, actions that give you new perspective on the galleries (and life) and sometimes wine. Your tour is crafted by the individual guide, and built from the ground up for what you're feeling, including: "girls just wanna have fun", "I need a great date idea" and "our group needs to bond hard." See all current tours below.

Museum Consulting

We joined the museum world as outsiders. We come from tech, theatre, law, business, academia and other non-museum fields. As we started leading tours, we didn't know "the right way to do it", just that we wanted to create the best possible museum experience for our guests. After thousands of tours, investing millions of dollars of our own money, and 5+ years of refinement, the result is museum tours and operations that are proven to substantially attract and engage audiences. Now, we've standardized our methods and built out frameworks that we teach to museums around the world. You don't have to create a Museum Hack style tour, because we will give you the tools and expertise to create a new experience from the ground up that matches your museum, mission and values.

Our Team

Tasia Duske, CEO

Tasia is top-boss at Museum Hack and oversees all operations. She is a fierce advocate for women in leadership, joyful management and practicing your warrior 1 on the F train. Tasia's early career was in clinical psychology, and when she realized that companies need warm love and support too, she moved to "organization therapy." Step 1 was building company culture and team satisfaction at Marriott, and then Tasia joined Museum Hack as staff manager, then chief of staff and now super boss CEO.

Tasia Duske, CEO of Museum Hack

Guides & Operations

Museum Hack is made up of renegade tour guides who are star entertainers, performers, academics and nerds, plus a whiz-bang team of marketing, sales and operations professionals. From A-Ali to Z-Zak, investigate the MH family tree below.

Ali Ciuffini

Tour Guide

    Ally LaBriola

    Media Relations

      Anna Bianco

      NYC City Lead + Guide

        Baxter Gaston

        LA City Lead + Tour Guide

          Meet Bex Odorisio

          Bex Odorisio

          Tour Guide

            Brooke Friday

            Tour Guide

              Bryce Weinert

              Operations Manager

                Carly Hill

                Marketing Manager

                  Caroline Wolfson

                  DC City Lead + Tour Guide

                    Casi Richie

                    Client Advisor

                      Colin Hanson

                      Chicago Lead + Guide

                        Elizabeth Urbanczyk

                        Tour Guide

                          Emily Hoff

                          Tour Guide

                            Frank Hartley

                            Tour Guide

                              Meet Harry Einhorn

                              Harry Einhorn

                              Tour Guide

                                Jackie Madejski

                                Tour Guide

                                  Jen Browne

                                  Tour Guide

                                    Jessamyn Fitzpatrick

                                    Tour Guide

                                      Jim Deeth

                                      Tour Guide

                                        Julian Vercoutere

                                        SF City Lead + Tour Guide

                                          Kate Villa

                                          Tour Guide

                                            Meet Kelly Reidy

                                            Kelly Reidy

                                            Tour Guide

                                              Kevin Hurley

                                              Tour Guide

                                                Kevin Townley

                                                Tour Guide

                                                  Kiernan McGowan

                                                  Tour Guide

                                                    Kris Buxton

                                                    Tour Guide

                                                      Kristina Geddes

                                                      Tour Guide

                                                        Meet Lia Tamborra

                                                        Lia Tamborra

                                                        Tour Guide

                                                          Lindsay Head

                                                          Tour Guide

                                                            Marielle Howell

                                                            Sales Manager

                                                              Mark Campbell

                                                              Tour Guide

                                                                Marly DiFruscio

                                                                Internal Ops Specialist

                                                                  Michael Alexis

                                                                  Business Development

                                                                    Michelle Carra

                                                                    Client Advisor

                                                                      Molly Clements

                                                                      Tour Guide

                                                                        Monisha Dadlani

                                                                        Tour Guide

                                                                          Sam Blain

                                                                          Tour Guide

                                                                            Sam Warnke

                                                                            Culture + Ops Manager

                                                                              Sara Turner

                                                                              Tour Guide

                                                                                Sarah McEneaney

                                                                                Tour Guide

                                                                                  Tasia Duske