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Museum Tours You’ll Love 🏛❤️

Museum Hack leads renegade tours of the world’s best museums! We do art tours, history tours, city tours and more. Tours are available in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Our museum tour guides are experts in the obscure and collectors of amazing hidden stories about the art, objects, artifacts and museum itself (many of which the museum staff isn’t allowed to share.. shhh!).

What Exactly is a “Renegade” Museum Tour?

Remember your school field trip to the museum?

Yeah. This is nothing like that.

Our museum tours are high-energy, lots of fun and perfect for museum lovers and skeptics alike. We will show you a side of the museum (and art, history, science, etc.) you’ve never seen before!

Museum Hack tours are always small groups

Here’s what to expect on your Museum Hack tour:

  • Hidden insights. Sometimes the most interesting information isn’t on the museum plaques, like the guy who single-handedly revolutionized taxidermy. He also survived being trampled by elephants in the field and once wrestled a leopard to death, in self-defence, with his bare hands (Un-Highlights Tour @ The American Museum of Natural History).
  • Subversive stories. Did you know… the 19th-century lesbian painter Rosa Bonheur got a special dispensation to wear pants so that she could paint horses? We’ve also got the goss on how the CIA secretly funded Jackson Pollock to fight the communist menace (Un-Highlights Tour @The Metropolitan Museum of Art).
  • A world of gossip. Does art ever get stolen? Of course! Does the museum want you to know about it… umm, NO! There are all sorts of crazy stories behind the stolen art and the museum, and we share these on tour (Un-Highlights Tour @The Art Institute of Chicago).
  • New games! Engage with museum in a whole new way. We’ve developed games in the galleries that help you see the art and objects the way we do — with reverent irreverence. You’ll also experience pro-level tableau vivant, which is like selfies but better.
  • 10/10 photos. You look awesome in a museum. We know the best spots, with cool background and perfect lighting so you and your friends can take some great photos. #memories

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