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Our Renegade Museum Tours are consistently ranked among the top things to do in New York City, Washington, DC and San Francisco, California -- with a combined 1500+ 5 star reviews. And these tours are a fun, unconventional way to explore the best museums in the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery of Art and the de Young Fine Arts Museum of SF. Private tours are available at other museums and our VIP concierge can help you plan a customized event.

Every tour has the same sassy spirit, but no two tours are alike -- your guide will customize the tour on the fly based on their favorite pieces, galleries you want to learn more about, and our special formula for fighting Museum Fatigue. You can expect stories about the art and artists that are borderline scandalous -- details that the museum staff would never share with you because they might lose their jobs. You can expect games and activities in the galleries that give you new energy to explore, and frankly just something to laugh and smile about. We take a reverently-irreverent approach to art touring, with discovery games like “Buy, Burn or Steal”, and “High School Yearbook”. You can also expect fun photo challenges with real prizes.

For many tourists and locals our day time tours are a fun thing to do in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia & Washington, D.C.. But we also have niche tours for special groups, including VIP Nights, Classy Bachelorette Parties, Little Hackers for groups with young children, and Badass Bitches of the Met where we celebrate the women behind the art. When you come on tour with Museum Hack you are investing in an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. And that is backed by our 110% guarantee -- if you don’t have the best f***ing time of your life, we will refund all of your money, plus a little extra (we will even eat the museum admission fees).

Upgrade Your Teamwork in 2 Hours

Team Building Activities in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia & Washington, D.C.

Our museum tours are fun, interactive activities for company team building. And these tours are optimized from the bottom up for strengthening your team, improving communication and collaboration, and recharging your people to do their best work. Companies that have done team building activities with us include some of the world’s best employers, including Google, Facebook, Etsy, Spotify, Yelp, Adobe, KPMG, J.P. Morgan, Lego, the New Yorker and 250+ more. But team building isn’t just for employees, it’s for all stakeholders -- including investors, contractors and clients.

If you’ve discovered a museum via one of Museum Hack’s public tours, you will recognize the same unconventional approach in our team building activities. We tell stories that are relevant to your business and industry, e.g., we have a Finance Bros tour for guests from Wall Street -- it’s all about the money, but we can customize even more deeply than that to match your company’s values, mission and more. If your company is in the tech industry, we can tell you about the 13th Century Islamic iPhone or the original no-tech Tinder. If your company is into sports, we have a tour that includes one of the most expensive baseball cards in history. Heck, if you like dairy we even have a yogurt tour, including stories about Genghis Khan’s descendants and the true holy food. Basically, if you have a theme then we have a tour for you.

But while stories are a great way to bond your team together (and give your peeps something to talk about at the office other than, “so any plans this weekend?”), the greatest benefit comes from our team building games and activities. Some companies prefer team-versions of the activities we do on our general tours, including “Matchmaker Matchmaker” and “Museum Clue”. Other companies opt to add a photo scavenger hunt to their tour, which is a proven way to get your team working together and snapping lots of fun photos. If you prefer something offsite, we also host Hacky Hours where our guides become party hosts that get everyone buzzing. When you team build with Museum Hack, we guarantee EVERYONE will have a great time.

Attract New Audiences to Your Museum

Workshops and Consulting Available Worldwide

Your museum has a challenge: an aging population of visitors and donors means you need to adapt and change to attract new audiences to your galleries. Even if you are one of the few museums that caught this trend early on, it’s still an uphill battle -- today’s audiences have completely different expectations than their parents and grandparents. They want experiences. They want memories. They want something to tell their friends about.

Museum Hack is known for our Renegade Museum Tours, which include sassy stories, juicy gossip, activities in the galleries and fun photos with the art. We’ve attracted thousands of millennials and other groups to the museums we operate at by speaking their language and engaging on the channels that work for them. Our guests have given us 1500+ 5 star reviews and made Museum Hack one of the “top things to do” for NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia & Washington, D.C. on sites like TripAdvisor. None of that is to brag -- we had an unfair advantage. At Museum Hack we don’t come from the museum world and we don’t have art history backgrounds. We came into museums with fresh eyes, and never stopped asking the question, “how do we make this more interesting?” We’ve taken elements from all over, including theatre, tech startups, and leading edge business practices to develop a new approach to museum tours.

Now for the important part. We’ve fine-tuned our approach over thousands of tours, and by investing over $1 million of our own money in research and development. Now we have a proven formula for attracting and engaging new audiences, and we want to share this formula with you via consulting and workshops. At Museum Hack we believe that every museum can be the best museum -- and frankly, that museums are f***ing awesome! If you are interested in what we are doing, get in touch for a chat about how we can help you skyrocket attendance. Our phone policy is no pressure and it’s not sales-y at all -- we just want to help you.

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