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Ethan Angelica and Dustin Growick
Join Ethan Angelica, Dustin Growick, and the rest of our Audience Development team to learn our secrets of successful audience engagement!

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How We Helped Supercharge One Company’s Annual Conference

Even the best laid plans can go awry.

It can be tricky when things change on a dime and don’t go quite as planned. At Museum Hack, we know situations can take an unexpected turn, and we pride ourselves on thinking fast on our feet and coming up with new ways to make the best of any situation.

Earlier this summer, a few members of our staff had the opportunity to flex their improv muscles in a big way when they traveled to sunny Miami Beach to work on an annual conference for a global data analytic company. Company execs were familiar with our work and wanted to bring us to help spice up their annual company-wide conference. Our guides had previously led team building workshops for some of their offices and they knew we could engage their clients in new, interesting ways. We led hour-long tours for their guests at the conference’s host hotel, telling stories about the hotel’s amazing history, revealing disaster tales, and giving guests tips and tricks for getting the most out of the conference.

Although they didn’t know who we were when we arrived, many guests quickly learned who we were, and jumped at the chance to participate in our activities.
Although they didn’t know who we were when we arrived, many guests quickly learned who we were, and jumped at the chance to participate in our activities.

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How to Generate Buzz and Attract Millennials to Your Event (Case Study: Hennepin History Museum)

Are you looking to increase the “buzz” around your next event?  Have you considered using Facebook advertising?

Hennepin History Museum is an awesome institution celebrating the history of Minneapolis in unique, engaging ways.  The museum is also experiencing massive growth, having doubled their attendance and bottom line within one year.  We recently worked with Hennepin History Museum to brainstorm new ways of attracting millennials, and they were so happy with the results that they engaged us to help market their July event, After Hours at the Museum: Bees!

Hennepin History Museum Bee Night logo

On average, Hennepin’s events attract about thirty attendees.  The audience development team  wanted to increase attendance at their event, using this buzzing good time to engage new guests with their awesome collections.  Hennepin was also celebrating their newest residents: bees!  Perched on the roof of the Hennepin History Museum, the beehives were the perfect opportunity to introduce the museum to new audiences. 

Hennepin History Museum called Museum Hack to help increase attendance, and we knew the perfect solution.  Working with the museum staff, we utilized hyper-targeted Facebook advertising to reach millennials in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and make their event a success.  Read on to find out how our Audience Development Agency made After Hours at the Museum: Bees a buzzing success!

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7 Productivity Hacks for Top Notch Remote Teams

Texting, chatting, wikipedia-wormholes, Pokemon Go…workplace distractions aren’t rare. Add remote work to the mix and keeping your employees on track can feel like a feat fit only for Hercules. But the truth is, the tools available for keeping remote workers focused and happy are endless. Whether you have a few remote workers or your employees are spread out across several time zones, each one of these productivity hacks is sure to keep even the longest distance employees engaged. Think of us as your own personal Athena, and let these hacks guide you and your employees to a more efficient way of remote working.

Embrace the Smartphone “Problem”

Via Pixabay

Many employers see smartphones as the biggest threat to productivity in the workplace. But for remote workers, the smartphone can be a critical tool for staying on track. There are a bunch of great apps out there that offer everything from messaging to project organization.

Looking to boost communication within your remote teams? Try Slack. This messaging app, which also has a desktop version, makes team communication easy and streamlined. While group emails can be difficult to organize, Slack is great for quick questions or brainstorming ideas. Think of it as the grown up version of MSN Messenger or AIM.

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Upgrade Your Museum Career in 2017 with Audience Engagement Boot Camp

Would you love to jam with us in NYC and learn our proven methods for engaging audiences?

Join us in 2017 to develop unique skills that are proven to bring in new audiences and increase institutional relevance, led by the experts in millennial engagement — us!

Our Audience Engagement Boot Camps for museum professionals are three days of intense training where you’ll learn our tips and tricks for passionately engaging audiences, infusing new life into programs, and hacking museum collections. You’ll also get to explore the juicy gossip and hidden backstories at two of the most famous museums in the world: the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History!

You’ll join museum professionals from around the world and become a “Hacker in Training” — learning and practicing our methods and brainstorming ideas for your museum.  You’ll top it off by presenting two Hack-style tours to guests at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, followed by celebratory coffee!

Ready to join?

Apply to Bootcamp With This Form


Boot Campers at American Museum of Natural History in April 2016

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Discussing Guides, Games, and Gossip at the Harn Museum of Art

Looking to introduce your staff to Museum Hack?  Curious how modern engagement techniques can benefit your museum?

Our company founder and CEO, Nick Gray, recently spoke to staff and community stakeholders at the Harn Museum of Art.  During his presentation, Nick introduced what Museum Hack is and how our methods can attract and engage new audiences with museums.

Nick Gray, founder and CEO of Museum Hack, speaking at the Harn Museum of Art

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Upgrade Your Leadership Skills In One Day With An Intensive Leadership Bootcamp

“I know that Museum Hack doesn’t just encourage people to fit into the Museum Hack mold so much as it encourages people to be the most interesting versions of themselves. That was very important to me in a workshop.”

Leadership isn’t one size fits all.

There are many ways to be a leader – some good and same bad – but we firmly believe that great leaders don’t have to be cut from the same cloth. At Museum Hack, we embrace different methods of leadership and want to enhance individual styles in our brand-new intensive leadership bootcamps.

Our guides lead a workshop.

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How We Story-Hacked A European Town

Cool stories are everywhere.

Museum Hack began because of our belief in the magic of storytelling and our willingness to dive deep to uncover the hidden, amazing tales that are beginning to be discovered if only someone would look for them.

We’ve used stories to craft our museum tours, put together incredible team building events, and teach companies how to use our techniques to boost their business and improve their onboarding processes. We’ve story-hacked conferences and entire brands, and created scavenger hunts on city streets and in historic New York City stores.

But never before had we done what we did last month: we hacked an entire European town.

A European town.

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How to Empower Staff with New Ideas for Audience Engagement (Case Study: Museums of Mississauga)

Does your heritage site want to revitalize your current programming and attract new audiences?

The Museums of Mississauga are a collection of heritage buildings that showcase the early settler experience and life in nineteenth century Canada.  Among them is the Bradley Museum, which features three historic homes that bring together the stories of several pioneer families.  The Museums of Mississauga were seeking new ways to engage audiences and empower staff with fresh ideas and tools.  They called Museum Hack!

Mississauga Museums

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Walking in the Footsteps of Gods (Case Study: Gods and Mortals at the Onassis Cultural Center NY)

Museum exhibits are doorways to discovery.  The stories presented within them can be windows to deep engagement and spark a lifelong love for history, art, and culture in all who view them.

Onassis Cutural Center Gods and Mortals exhibit banner

The Onassis Cultural Center NY recently hosted an amazing exhibition entitled, Gods and Mortals at Olympus: Ancient Dion, City of Zeus.  With over 90 artworks and artifacts dating from the 10th century BCE to 4th century CE, this exhibition explored the relationship between daily life and the gods in the ancient city of Dion.  Dion, also known as the City of Zeus, was built on the slopes of Mount Olympus – literally on the doorstep to some of the most enduring gods of Western civilization.  Even more amazing, most of these artifacts had never been seen in the United States before, presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many visitors.

Onassis wanted to increase audience engagement with the exhibit through tours that used a unique vibe to attract new audiences.  They called Museum Hack to add to their repertoire of docent-led programs.  It was time for Museum Hack to bring ancient Dion back to life.

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