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7 Productivity Hacks for Top Notch Remote Teams

Texting, chatting, wikipedia-wormholes, Pokemon Go…workplace distractions aren’t rare. Add remote work to the mix and keeping your employees on track can feel like a feat fit only for Hercules. But the truth is, the tools available for keeping remote workers focused and happy are endless. Whether you have a few remote workers or your employees Keep Reading

Upgrade Your Museum Career in 2017 with Audience Engagement Boot Camp

Would you love to jam with us in NYC and learn our proven methods for engaging audiences? Join us in 2017 to develop unique skills that are proven to bring in new audiences and increase institutional relevance, led by the experts in millennial engagement — us! Our Audience Engagement Boot Camps for museum professionals are Keep Reading

Discussing Guides, Games, and Gossip at the Harn Museum of Art

Looking to introduce your staff to Museum Hack?  Curious how modern engagement techniques can benefit your museum? Our company founder and CEO, Nick Gray, recently spoke to staff and community stakeholders at the Harn Museum of Art.  During his presentation, Nick introduced what Museum Hack is and how our methods can attract and engage new Keep Reading

How We Story-Hacked A European Town

Cool stories are everywhere. Museum Hack began because of our belief in the magic of storytelling and our willingness to dive deep to uncover the hidden, amazing tales that are beginning to be discovered if only someone would look for them. We’ve used stories to craft our museum tours, put together incredible team building events, Keep Reading