We Develop & Record Entertaining, Engaging & Educational Audio Tours For Cultural Institutions

How It Works

Museum Hack researches, writes and records custom audio tours for museums, zoos, aquariums, gardens and other cultural institutions. These recordings are professional, polished and built from the ground up to be an engaging experience for your visitors.

Guests doing a photo challenge with their smart phones.

A senior Renegade Guide will create your audio tour by researching your collection, developing custom tour stops and working with your staff to make sure the content aligns with your museum, mission and values. You can choose between “script only” or a professionally recorded final product.

A fun experience at the museum.

We work with museums around the world to create engaging visitor experiences. We’ve helped museums in Australia, Canada, Norway, Korea and throughout the US. We’d love to work with your institution to develop a world class audio experience for your visitors.

Museum Hack
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“I had a fantastic time and returned to my job re-energized and ready to bring Museum Hack techniques into our little museum!”

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