Scavenger Hunts

Corporate Team Scavenger Hunts

Bring your company on a Museum Hack adventure in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia & Washington, D.C.

Our classic, flagship scavenger hunt reveals the secrets of specific locations via entertaining questions that showcase the skills of everyone on the team. We host scavenger hunts in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. You’ll experience the following:

  • Team Building

    Our hunts help your team work to achieve a clear goal together (in a fun, sneaky way). The creativity and collaboration they experience in the museum will continue back in the office.

  • Company Values

    We develop and heavily customize hunts that help teams like yours (re)discover and cultivate shared goals and company values.

  • Buy, Steal or Burn?

    Find the hidden side of your colleagues’ personalities as they share about pieces of art that they would pick to “Buy, Steal or Burn”.

  • Photo Challenges

    Reenact scenes and mimic portraits as you unlock clues (and memories) with your team. Plus we can hire a professional photographer to capture the memories of the tour for employee newsletters, social media, & for laughter later!

Scavenger Hunts NYC

We adapt each of our activities to fit your team size, culture, and need.

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The Experience

Your co-workers will have the opportunity to explore and bask in all the unique history, art, and fun challenges with Museum Hack's unique scavenger hunt.

We love people who don’t like (or don’t know) museums. Your team doesn’t need to know their art history (or even the difference between Monet and Manet) to join in.

Every Museum Hack experience is geared towards seeing old things in new ways. Our Scavenger Hunts challenge your team to think quickly, move fast, and be accurate. We explain everything so that your entire team can be engaged. Clear instructions and a fun prize will get everyone working and laughing together.

Your Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt provides:

Energetic Atmosphere

Get coworkers involved with fun, fast-paced, high-energy activities

Encourage Teamwork

Make it easy to communicate, think and laugh together.

Fresh Discoveries

See the hidden, awesome, amazing places in the Met that most visitors rarely get to see

Creative Connections

Establish new connections and levels of trust that spark new ideas

Strategic Offsite Location

Maximize your time out of the office

Improve Engagement

Let new and veteran employees get to know each other

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"I heard about this group from a Googler on the Creative Lab team, who had recently taken a Museum Hack tour at The Met with her team and RAVED about it. I now understand why. I took my team this week as I felt we were over-indexing on work and under-indexing on fun."

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“We would recommend these team building tours 100043.348294%! The team had a truly awesome time with you guys at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. No negative feedback at all!”

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"Everyone had fun, everyone learned something, it was a success all around. I think Museum Hack does amazing, wonderful work, and that the company is lucky to have such amazing people working for it."

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“We went on a scavenger hunt with a group of our interns, and we had such a great time, thank you! Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgable. Definitely enjoyed our time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Museum Hack. Thanks again!”

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"We laughed, we got dirty, we ran, we bonded. Thank you museum hack for making this day a terrific team building exercise! And what a unique way to visit the Met!"

Results and Outcome

Beyond the fun and excitement of exploring the BEST museum in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago or Washington D.C., you’ll see and experience a more creative and cohesive workforce.

After a day of art-filled decision-making challenges, seeing each other in a brand new setting and displaying aspects of their selves that typically don’t come out in the office environment, your employees will form bonds that translate into higher productivity and a lot more shared values.

The museum scavenger hunt from Museum Hack gives your company a fun, exciting, intelligent and interactive adventure outside of the office.

What Is the Prize? How Long Does It Take?

The Prize will be revealed on the day of your hunt. Or we can customize it based on your team goals or company values. Each hunt can last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your available time and needs.

What Should We Wear?

Leave your tie or 6-inch heels at your desk. You'll want the entire team to wear comfortable clothes and shoes — you'll want to be ready to compete.

What Should We Expect? How Do We Start?

We meet your team in the great hall, check them in super fast, then split them up into smaller teams that compete against each other. Each team will have a list of clues and photo challenges to complete as fast as they can. Team members will be assigned a role (like navigator, scribe, photographer) and be sent into the museum to find creative and collaborative solutions to the clues!

If you choose our standard option, a Museum Hack guide will be available, but the experience for your group is largely independent. Talk to us if you'd like more interaction and guidance on the scavenger hunt.

Want more info on schedules and pricing?

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P.S: We aren't sales-y, this is just a chance to get to know each other a little better.