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We made this page to show you that Museum Hack provides a world class service; it includes statistics, media features, testimonials from happy clients and in depth case studies about their results.

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We are an NYC based company with 60+ team members across the country (and around the world!)

In 2013 we started offering unconventional public tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Guests asked if they could bring their colleagues on tour, and so we created a new kind of team building experience from the ground up. Tours include stories connecting your company values to the art, fun games & activities and optional drinks.

Today we offer a range of experiences in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Philadelphia.

Let's look at Museum Hack by the numbers...

500+ Happy Corporate Clients 🎉

Some of the organizations we've worked with:

3500+ 5 Star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Mastercard said... “It was just amazing. I received such great feedback from the group. The only thing is we wish there was more time – will have to book an all day excursion next time.”

Hamilton Thies & Lorch said... “So great, Hannah was fantastic!!! Thanks so much for the quick corralling. Made for a great offsite experience.”

SocialCode said... “We received very positive feedback from all the employees – everyone loved the concept and our tours. It was a good mix of commentary and activities for us. Thank you.”

Marketry said... “It was terrific from beginning to end. Our guides were great – funny and informative. Our clients loved it and felt like it was almost over too soon. They wanted to hear more! We’ll definitely do this again in other cities. Thanks for all of your help.”

Google said... “The hack was great!! Ben and Zak were great guides and everyone said they had a great time! I liked that it was a good amount of time, not too long, and the scavenger hunt was more fun that I would have thought! Also enjoying having a drink beforehand, then mingling after with food was a great idea. People enjoyed having that social element as well! Thanks so much for a great event! Many of the folks from other countries were super impressed and loved how unique the experience was for a corporate activity!”

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Here are some quick videos from your team building hosts new family.

Okay, time for the case studies... 💼️

Decker Communications

30 Sales People in San Francisco

"Event organizers were intrigued by our ability to work Decker’s company values, visions, and goals into an afternoon at the museum."

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200 Programmers in New York City

"Our creative team set to work to develop an hour-long interactive scavenger hunt through the city’s streets where the conference was held. The hunt included a photo-taking challenge in addition to looking for specific objects."

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3 Nutritionists in New York City

"Dannon reached out to Museum Hack to talk about hosting a bespoke team building tour focused entirely on the history of their company’s best known product."

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Solar City

60 Managers in Philadelphia

"The team would be in the city for meetings and wanted to do something fun at the end of a long day. The meetings were set to take place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so they called us to see what fun we could help them drum up inside the galleries."

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International Software Company

30 Engineers in San Francisco

"Company leaders reached out to us a few weeks earlier, hoping to plan a fun event outside the office that incorporated company values and goals, and encouraged team members to work together, all while still having a super good time."

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12 Guests in New York City

"UNICEF’s idea was to create an experience for their own guests, potential donors, and individuals from different foundations, including the Bill Gates Foundation. They wanted to bring these folks together to do something new, cool, and a little atypical as they got to know one another and the work that UNICEF does."

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7 Employees in San Francisco

"Not only did we treat this group to our un-highlights tour, revealing all of the best, hidden, and sometimes scandalous secrets and crazy objects in the museum, but we ran several customized team building activities designed to optimize our time with the group for maximum bonding."

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9 Pet Lovers in New York City

"BarkBox loved the way we were able to customize one of the most famous museums in the world to their specific company needs and interests. Our methods of storytelling and engagement had captured their attention and they wanted to know if we could do something similar for them outside the museum."

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20 Elite Yelpers in Washington, D.C.

"We led the Yelp Elite group on a museum adventure that included the fascinating stories behind the art and artists, juicy gossip about the National Gallery, fun activities like 'Buy, Burn, Steal', and lots of fun photos."

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15 Employees in New York City

"Shiseido had a specific goal in mind for their team building adventure: they wanted to focus on 'individual strengths contributing to the whole.' In other words, how could Shiseido’s company embrace what makes each employee unique in order to benefit the team as a whole?"

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20 Digital Marketers in New York City

"Beyond is a digital marketing agency based in New York City. They wanted a fun, relaxing team building tour for their group of almost two dozen employees one night after work."

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7 Leaders in Education in New York City

"Knewton reached out in the past about a team building tour with us and we believed that our methods of sparking excitement in museumgoers would align seamlessly with their company’s goal of increasing passion for learning."

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