How We Designed Two Custom Last-Minute Scavenger Hunts To Bring Some Fun Into Long Days of Meetings

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It’s no secret: we love scavenger hunts.

We think they’re an awesome way to highlight cool pieces in the museum while still being a pretty great tool for subtle team building. Our scavenger hunts are super customizable, making them the perfect candidate for an event that’ll check all the boxes on your team building needs and wants list.

This year, we were lucky enough to create two brand-new custom scavenger hunts in two locations we’d never offered tours in before.

Solar City's team gets ready to compete.
Solar City’s team gets ready to compete.

Solar City, a large energy company, reached out earlier in the summer about their company’s upcoming trip to Philadelphia. The team would be in the city for meetings and wanted to do something fun at the end of a long day. The meetings were set to take place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so they called us to see what fun we could help them drum up inside the galleries.

A Custom Scavenger Hunt Comes Together

While we have yet to launch team building tours in Philadelphia, we were super excited to create a new, custom scavenger hunt at the museum for Solar City’s team of more than 60 employees.

The team rests after a super early start to the day designing a customer scavenger hunt.
The team rests after a super early start to the day designing a customer scavenger hunt.

The morning of the tour, we sent a team to Philadelphia to explore the museum and write a scavenger hunt on-site. The guides took the basic framework of our hunts and customized the clues and stories for specifically Solar City. Each guide hacked a piece in the museum so the entire experience wasn’t only about finding clues and taking awesome photos, but had a more in-depth element as well.

Solar City’s team had such an awesome time at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with us that they called a month later to see if we could do the same thing in Hartford, Connecticut at the Wadsworth Atheneum.  

A Second Scavenger Hunt In A New Museum

Our team had never put together a tour or scavenger hunt at the Wadsworth Atheneum before, but we were up to the last-minute challenge once again!

This time, the event was for Solar City’s super competitive sales team, and the goal of the scavenger hunt was to really get the creative and competitive juices flowing. Our team traveled to Connecticut before the hunt to explore all the cool pieces in the museum and put together another custom scavenger hunt specifically for Solar City. The team of 45 employees had a fantastic time racing through this brand-new-to-us museum, competing to solve the clues and win awesome prizes.

Solar City loved their second custom scavenger hunt! Check out the video of their experience:

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