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How It Works

Museum Hack guides are expert at telling amazing stories. We’ve developed our craft by telling 100,000+ stories at museums around the world. Guests on these tours liked our stories so much they invited us to give Storytelling Workshops at their companies, and then remotely. We’ve helped corporate groups learn to communicate better, give their sales team training to add to their toolkit and boost employee and client loyalty by telling their corporate story.

Group of employees doing virtual team building activities via a storytelling workshop

We start with the 5 Elements of a Hack, real world examples, and games like Story Shortening to teach the foundations of a great story. Then we give every team member an opportunity to practice telling stories of their own, and provide instant feedback to help them improve quickly. We also add fun games & stretch breaks to keep everyone energized and focused on learning. The entire event is about two hours, and takes place in a virtual conference room that we provide.

A group of professionals having a great time!

We lead 450+ client events each year. We are top 10 on Trip Advisor and have hundreds of 5 star reviews from groups like Google, Facebook, Etsy, Spotify, Adobe, KPMG, Lego, Chipotle, and Johnson & Johnson.

Museum Hack
5.0 378 based on 378 ratings.

“Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the event immensely. Museum guides were informative, energetic, knowledgeable, and super personable. I’d highly recommend the Museum Hack to others, and we are beyond grateful for the service you guys provided during our team offsite.”


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