We Create Custom Events for Museums to Attract & Engage Audiences

How It Works

Museum Hack develops custom events for museums, zoos, gardens, aquariums and other cultural institutions. Our events are proven to attract and engage audiences, and have even generated significant media attention. They are also just really darn fun.

Guests on an Escape the Museum experience.

To create your event, a senior Renegade Guide will visit your institution and do deep research into your museum and collection. We will work with your staff to create a world class guest experience, and can also provide marketing and logistical support for running a successful event. Example customizations include VIP Evening Events, Patron Appreciation and Escape the Museum. If you have something else in mind we can help turn you vision into an exciting reality.

A large group of young guests at a custom event we created at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

We’ve worked with museums around the world, including Canada, Australia, Norway, Korea and across the United States. We are on a mission to re-image adult museum experiences, and we’d love to help you create a custom event

Museum Hack
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“I had a fantastic time and returned to my job re-energized and ready to bring Museum Hack techniques into our little museum!”

Abby M.

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