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Museum Hack does company team building at D.C. museums: the National Gallery of Art, National Portrait Gallery, etc. It’s a little quirky, e.g., we talk about the Mona Lisa of Chinese Horse Pictures, and always sassy (there are a lot of affairs in history…)

A group at the National Gallery of Art for a tour with Museum Hack

Tours are optimized to turn co-workers into team-workers, and include fun activities, group photos and ice breakers. Plus, we customize the route for your team building event to match your company values and industry (we can talk about ancient health care, tech innovations, extraordinary levels of service in the Roman Empire, whatever!)

Hands in! Guests on a team building tour at the museum start their tour with a fun cheer.

We led 540 company team building tours in 2017 alone. We are top 10 on Trip Advisor and have hundreds of 5 star reviews from groups like Google, Facebook, Etsy, Spotify, Adobe, KPMG, Lego, Chipotle, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

Museum Hack
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“Evan was AMAZING! Really, really talented and engaging lead. You beat me to writing (I sent to Evan directly already), but just wanted to extend a huge thanks for accommodating us so late in the game. We had a wonderful time and something more meaningful than the usual food/drinking activity.”


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