Things to do in San Francisco

The Essential Guide (2022)

You've found our list of the best things to do in San Francisco. This list is insanely comprehensive, and includes not only the top things to do in San Francisco but also the best kept secrets and hidden gems too.

You'll find the entire list below, which we've organized into categories like:

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Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco is home to countless attractions, including landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39, as well as instagrammable places and hidden gems like Lombard Street and the Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

In this section, you will find a short list of the top sights and San Francisco attractions, together with highlights and pro tips for visiting each one.

Famous San Francisco Landmarks

There are dozens of famous landmarks in San Francisco, many of which have been featured in movies and shows.

We've listed a few of the best landmarks below, which should definitely be on your list of places to visit in San Francisco.

Most Instagrammable Places in San Francisco

Instagram isn't just for showing off pictures of your fancy french toast, it's also a great platform to share photos of your trip to San Francisco.

Not every location or backdrop is created equal, which is why we've listed the most instrammable places in San Francisco below. BTW, these double as unique places to photograph too.

Hidden Gems in San Francisco

Visiting the most famous places in San Francisco is both fun and advisable; there are reasons these attractions are so popular and on nearly everyone's list of places to visit.

However, we recommend you also make time to explore the San Francisco hidden gems and best kept secrets; these are the kind of unique experiences you will remember.

San Francisco Tours

One of the best ways to see San Francisco is to take a guided tour.

This tour could be a bus tour, walking tour, food tour or otherwise; the point is to go with an expert San Francisco guide that knows the best places to visit, unique things to do, and amazing facts you would otherwise miss.

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Bus Tours in San Francisco

A great way to see more of San Francisco is to take a fun and educational bus tour.

Bus tours provide both transportation around San Francisco, and also an audio tour or live travel guide to share cool facts about the city's famous landmarks, neighborhoods and people.

San Francisco Walking Tours

If you are visiting San Francisco in the spring, summer or fall, then a walking tour is a great way to see more of the city.

Since the barrier to entry is low, there are many options for walking tours in San Francisco.

We've narrowed these options down to the best tours below.

Food Tours in San Francisco

San Francisco is a great city for foodies because of the vibrant culinary scene; some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world are here.

If you'd like a "tasting menu" approach to a specific theme, like pizza, dumplings or sushi, then a San Francisco food tour may be a great fit.

These food tours are also quite flexible, which makes them a fun thing to do both for tourists and locals, as well as for dates, attending alone or with your family.

Shows in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to some of the greatest musical and theatrical productions in the world, plus more that tour here.

From must-see shows to plays and musicals, to the opera, concerts and more, San Francisco appreciates the arts.

Must-See Shows in San Francisco

If you are looking for the best must-see shows in San Francisco, then your search is nearly over.

Below, we've listed a few of the top must-see shows, as well as shows that are well reviewed in the media and by the general public.

Plays & Musicals in San Francisco

Some of the best theatre in San Francisco is actually plays and musicals (sometimes known as Off Broadway Shows), because there is a brilliant variety of creatity, acting and writing styles.

Here are a few of the top plays and musicals in San Francisco that you should check out.

Food in San Francisco

San Francisco has a huge culinary scene that makes it perfect for foodies and other grub-aficionados.

A lot of lists include popular and trendy restaurants, and we went a step further to also include dessert spots and food trucks.

Our goal was to share fun places to eat in San Francisco, most of which won't break the bank and a few that are pretty famous.

You are going to love these San Francisco eats!

Restaurants in San Francisco

At last count, there are something like 400 million restaurants in San Francisco.

jk, jk, but really, there are A LOT of San Francisco restaurants and it can be hard to know which places to eat at.

We've highlighted some of the top restaurants in San Francisco to shorten your list.

Dessert in San Francisco

If you go to sit down restaurants then we almost always suggest you skip dessert.

Why? Because San Francisco is home to countless businesses that specialize in desserts.

You can get world class ice cream, pie, cupcakes, cookies and more. You just have to know where to look for the best places to eat.

San Francisco Food Trucks

Welcome to 2022, where some of the best food in San Francisco comes on wheels.

The San Francisco food truck scene is heating up, with new food concepts appearing regularly.

We've listed a few of the best food trucks below to give you a taste of what San Francisco has to offer.

San Francisco Nightlife

San Francisco is known for having a pretty dope nightlife scene.

From comedy clubs, to bars and clubs, the following are some of the best things to do in San Francisco tonight.

Comedy Clubs San Francisco

Some of the best comics in the world live in San Francisco or visit here, and you can see them at one of the top comedy clubs around the city.

If you are into nightlife, but tired of the bar and club scene, then going to a comedy club may be just what you need.

Bars in San Francisco

Whether you are looking to get sloshed (bad idea) or just have a quiet adult-beverage with friends, San Francisco has the bar for you.

We've listed a few of the best bars in San Francisco below, which generally means the location, prices and atmosphere are good.

Clubs in San Francisco

Like 50, you may want to spend some of your time in da club.

You won't be disappointed, San Francisco has some of the best clubs on Earth and we've included the top choices below.

San Francisco Hotels

Looking for the best places to stay in San Francisco?

Or even just any place to stay?

There are many sites that specialize in accommodation, and we can't compete with those listings, but we can show you a few of the best hotels in San Francisco.

Luxury Hotels in San Francisco

If budget isn't a concern, then you may want to stay at one of these luxury hotels in San Francisco.

Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

There are some very cool boutique hotels in San Francisco, which are a nice change from the mainstream hotels.

If you want to find some unique places to stay, then this is the section for you.

Budget Hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco is not a cheap place to stay in, however you can find some deals on hotels if you look for them.

To help with your search, we've listed a few of the best budget hotels in San Francisco.

Cultural Things to do in San Francisco

Sure, you could come to San Francisco for a weekend of jello shots and debauchery, but you could also come for the cultural experiences.

Visiting parks, museums, historical sites and libraries is a great way to earn an appreciaiton for a city and San Francisco is no exception.

San Francisco Parks

With the exception of winter months, San Francisco is a great city for spending time outdoors.

Parks are an obvious inclusion on the list of places to visit both for tourists and locals, and we've listed some of the best parks in San Francisco below.

San Francisco Museums

Have you heard the news? Museums are f***ing awesome!

We have a full list of museums in San Francisco, but here are a few of the best museums that you should definitely check out.

Historic Sites in San Francisco

Some of the world's most important history happened in San Francisco, and it would be unfortunate for you to miss it.

Here is our list of the best historic sites in San Francisco.

San Francisco Libraries

Books are probably the greatest invention humanity has produced in our duration as a species.

Especially Asimov's non-fiction, for example: Asimov's Chronology of the World and the similar Chronology of Science and Discovery.

And you know where there are a lot of books? Libraries. And these books are free to read, which is pretty f***ing awesome!

San Francisco Neighborhoods

While it may not be obvious in shows and movies, San Francisco is actually a very geographically diverse city.

Explore the various neighborhoods to find more of the top sights, best kept secrets and hidden gems in San Francisco.

San Francisco Shopping

If you love shopping then San Francisco has what you need.

Here are some options for the best shopping in San Francisco.

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