Last updated: February 01, 2024

NYC Team Building Activities at the Best Museums

Perfect For Corporate Events, Company Outings & Team Bonding in NYC

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How It Works

Museum Hack leads corporate team building activities in NYC at the city’s best museum: the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a little quirky, for example we talk about the Mona Lisa of Chinese Horse Pictures, and always sassy (there are a lot of affairs in history…)

Guests doing team building activities in NYC at the Metroplitan Museum of Art.

New York team building activities and corporate events are optimized to turn co-workers into team-workers and include fun stories, team activities, group photos and icebreaker questions. Plus, we can customize the tour to match your company values and industry (we can talk about ancient medicine, innovations in technology, extraordinary levels of service in the Roman Empire, whatever!)

Benefits of team building events with us include:

  • Shared VIP experience that brings people closer together.
  • An unexpectedly great time exploring the museum’s halls in new ways.
  • Learn about communication, teamwork and leadership from the best examples in history.
  • World class guides that train for three months before ever leading team events.
Corporate events in NYC start with a big cheer.

We lead 450+ corporate team building activities & corporate events each year. We are top 10 on TripAdvisor and have hundreds of 5 star reviews from organizations in NYC like Google, Facebook, Etsy, Spotify, Adobe, KPMG, Lego, Chipotle and Johnson & Johnson.

Museum Hack
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“My Museum Hack guides were wonderful at taking our ideas and messages and crafting specific stories that really resonated with our group. I was very impressed – what they were able to find left us laughing, engaging and inspired.”


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