Team Building in Los Angeles

The Hottest Company Activity in Los Angeles

Explore the world's BEST museums with renegade tour guides.

Museum Hack helps you enhance team bonding and unity among your employees with a fun, non-traditional museum adventure. Our tour guides are trained and vetted to teach your employees how to connect, conquer communication fatigue, and spur creativity.

The Ultimate Team Bonding Adventure

The Museum Experience Recreated

Experience the finest museums in Los Angeles with stimulating team building events hosted by Museum Hack.  Designed to bond, enlighten and encourage, our events transform the way employees work together at today’s companies.

Discover Teamwork and Artwork

Not just artwork but an inspiring art experience. Designed to motivate, promote creativity, encourage socialization, and foster camaraderie. Each corporate event is geared to showcase your companies values, interests and uniqueness.  Our customers say we provide consistent, exciting, and relevant experiences for everyone on the team. 

Training, Teamwork, Storytelling

Like staring at artwork silently in judgement? Then these museum tours are not for you.  Our guides riddle off facts, cipher figures, and keep everyone engaged through games, icebreakers, and the juiciest gossip this side of the The Louvre.

Unique For Your Company

Every new company we work with is an opportunity for us to blow them away with a very special experience for their employees. Some pick us for our ability to create highly customized museum tours built specifically for them. Examples include Healthcare Through the Ages (for a biotech VC firm), Technology Through Time (for a group of engineers from a major search engine), and American Art (for an American jewelry company). Our tours can incorporate your company values, mission statement, diversity training, and culture. Looking to bond a new team? We can help train them and share the ethos of what makes your company inspiring.

Company Team Building With Museum Hack Los Angeles
Team Building Cheer During A Museum Hack Tour


We won't spoil you will all our fun museum activities (suspense!), but here are just a few of the things we do:

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Scavenger Hunts

Great exploration for large groups and fun for rivalries. Work together to win.

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Team Unity

All of our guides are trained in best practices for corporate groups. Everyone is included.

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Customize Me

Contact us to learn about food and alcohol options that can be added. Happy to take requests.

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Team Training

We use our museum tours to train people in unique and effective ways by using art and the museum.

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Hear The Museum

Museum's aren't just meant to be seen, you can hear them too with our surprise musical performance.

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Photo Challenges

Use your phones to take tackle our photo challenges. It will keep your team engaged while we move.