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How We Team Build With Our Own Employees: A Philly Retreat!

It’s no secret: we think team building is awesome. 

We love helping companies plan the perfect event: something that fits with their corporate culture that involves company values, interests, and goals, while still bringing employees together in a super fun way.

Sometimes, though, we forget that it’s just as important for our team to connect with each other. Recently, we realized our company was well overdue for some team building and bonding of our own, so we planned an employee retreat to Philadelphia to remind ourselves why we love what we do and to make sure we’re living the team building life. 

Museum Hack staff enjoying Philly!
Museum Hack staff enjoying Philly!

Bringing The Amazing Race To Company Team Building 

The retreat began amid a cloud of mystery. Only a few staff members knew what waited for them when the team met in Madison Square Park on the first morning of the retreat. The night before, the group received a text message with a few covert details: we split our employees into teams, assigned team leads, and revealed the morning’s meeting spot. Most employees showed up with a backpack, knowing they’d be heading out of town for a few days, but unsure as to where they’d be going and what they’d be doing. 

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5 Women from History You Need at Your Bachelorette Party

Imagine your perfect bachelorette party. Are there elaborate outfits, champagne cocktails, crazy games? The magic of the modern bachelorette party is that you can do anything you want. Have a party or don’t have a party. Keep it classy or keep it crazy. The options have become endless.

Now, the real question. If you could invite one woman from history to celebrate along with your BFFs, who would it be? Think of the women as your bachelorette party fairy godmother. So, choose wisely. Just in case you need some help picking your historical bestie, we’ve put together a list of 5 epic women that we know would make your party unforgettable. Think: cheetahs on leashes, lush fancy gowns, live snake necklaces. These are just a few of the rewards you’ll reap from inviting these bad ass women to your bachelorette party.  

The Bold Queen: Cleopatra (69 BC-30 BC)

Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners, 1887, Alexandre Cabanel
Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners, 1887, Alexandre Cabanel

Cleopatra may be an obvious choice but we’ve selected the Ptolemaic Queen for one very important reason: Her beauty routine was hardcore af. From milk and honey baths to green grape facials, it’s a pre-party beauty routine fit for a queen.  We imagine Cleopatra wouldn’t let you leave the house without some killer makeup and a outfit to boot. The Egyptian Queen was also extremely intelligent and tactical. Both gifts could come in handy on a crazy and mysterious girls’ night out.

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5 Reasons Why Getting Your Team Out of the Office is Good For Business

It’s no secret that being cooped up in an office or huddled in a cubicle can impact everything from an employee’s mental state to their work ethic – especially if they see more of their desk than the park just outside the window. Just like energetic grammar school kids need recess, your team needs frequent changes to their office environment.  Mix things up. Let your team ditch the desk for the day. We promise you’ll see a difference in work ethic and team morale just by getting out of the office.

From inspiring creativity to encouraging team bonding, getting out of the office is one way businesses battle group fatigue.  We’ve pulled together 5 awesome reasons to help you understand why getting outside is good for business.

A team enjoys some time together outside the office.

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10 More Icebreaker Questions for Building Strong Teams


 If you enjoyed our list of 10 icebreaker questions last month, then you’re in for a treat. There so many more where those came from! Icebreakers can be scary but we believe that a great icebreaker question can do wonders for your teams. Icebreakers are perfect to use before a weekly meeting or training to boost creativity and get energy flowing. Think of them as mini-team building exercises in disguise. Plus, they’re free and an awesome activity that doesn’t require a lot of planning.

We’ve picked 10 more icebreaker questions to help jumpstart team bonding in a comfortable, relaxed, and very no-stress way. These perfectly designed icebreakers will encourage your teams to bond but also to share. Get your teams to share something meaningful but without the pressure!

A team gets ready to work together.

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Meet the Team: Alexis Tylor, Team Lead for Inbound Sales

Meet Alexis!

Alexis is the Team Lead for Inbound Sales and is an awesome member of our remote team! Read on to learn how she landed at Museum Hack after her former company shut down in the middle of the night and why she thinks a night locked in the museum would be super cool.


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Kids In Art Playing Games That Definitely Make Sense And I Would Totally Play Now

Art history is just like us! People hang out around fountains, everyone loves pictures of themselves, and children play dumb games. We’re not so different after all. (Except for Bella. SHUT UP BELLA YOU ARE A DOG TODAY.)

These are all games that people in art play that I think would be fun to play too. We’ll let the people in the art explain the rules of the game to you.

The Children of Nathan Starr

“Alright everyone. Now hold up your hairbrushes. Lilly is going to hold up an enormous needle and try to poke all your eyes out but don’t let her. Okay yeah perfect Saturday afternoon activity, I’m just going to read now, have fun.”

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Angel Speagle Promoted To Accounting Coordinator

We’re so excited to announce the promotion of Angel Speagle to Accounting Coordinator! Angel will take on the responsibility of Museum Hack’s first real accounting position. As our former Team Lead for Customer Service, Angel worked heavily on our invoicing systems and is now the perfect person to take on the company’s new Accounting Coordinator role.


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Is Your Workplace Making You Unhappy?

Workplace depression is hard to combat. With so many external factors weighing in on people’s emotions, the root cause of stress can be hard to pinpoint. But unhappiness at work is all too common with a staggering 52.3% of Americans reporting dissatisfaction or unhappiness with their jobs. For a country that thrives on opportunity and growth, this number is disappointing.  

Hoping to shed light on the subject of workplace happiness, a Danish study zeroes in on the contributing factors to workplace depression. “The boss, not the workload, causes workplace depression” written by Kristian Sjøgren for Science Nordic, takes on this Danish study. What Sjøgren finds in surprising: workplace depression may not grow out of stacks of paper and too many emails but could be a result of unhappy work environment and management techniques.

From difficult bosses to high-tension work environment, unhappiness in the workplace may not actually stem from overwhelming or stressful workloads. We’ve broken down the article and the Danish study to help give you some insight into the all too common issues of workplace depression.  


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Alexander Hamilton: An Artist’s Muse

Throughout his lifetime, Alexander Hamilton was a prolific writer, war hero, prominent lawyer, the founder of the New York Post, the founder of the Coast Guard, and the First Secretary of the Treasury. Up until recently, the many accomplishments of this Founding Father were often forgotten. In fact, the United States treasury department recently considered taking his face off the ten dollar bill.

Thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony Award-winning Broadway show, Hamilton: An American Musical, Alexander is once again getting a moment in the spotlight. Miranda isn’t the only artist who drew inspiration from this complicated statesman. Here’s a look at some of the artwork immortalizing Alexander Hamilton alongside some lyrics from Miranda’s amazing show.

Alexander Hamilton statue

“Look around, look around at how

Lucky we are to be alive right now!

History is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be

in the greatest city in the world!”

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (Song: “The Schuyler Sisters”)

After immigrating from the West Indies, Alexander Hamilton established his new home in New York City. This Carl H. Conrads sculpture depicts Alexander Hamilton dressed in Colonial-era clothing. Today, it can be found along Central Park’s East Drive at 83rd Street.

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Teaching Teachers: A San Francisco Storytelling Workshop

We love helping people who don’t really love museums have a great time on a museum tour with us. Our mission is to help our audience feel more comfortable in these amazing spaces by engaging with them. We talk about their interests, tell crazy stories, and entertain them through our sassy, irreverent presentation style with the hope of reinventing their perception of museum spaces. Often, this fresh perspective comes as a surprise to our audience and they want to learn more about our methods. That’s where our storytelling workshops come in!

Earlier this year, a group of teachers wanted to learn about the way we engage our audiences, so they set up a team building tour and storytelling workshop in San Francisco to uncover the secrets we use to turn museum skeptics into museum believers. 

Museum Hack team building tours are great ways for groups of all sizes to gain a fresh perspective on the museum experience.
Museum Hack team building tours are great ways for groups of all sizes to gain a fresh perspective on the museum experience.

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