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Spooky, Scary, and Silly TED Talks for Museum Professionals

We love this time of year – when Halloween is just around the corner, and thoughts of ghosts and skeletons and costumes supersede such silly notions of pumpkin lattes and sweater weather. We get serious about scary – whether it’s nerding out over historic ghost stories or dressing up for the part, these TED Talks resonate with our love of science and storytelling and all things spooky.  


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A Race To Find The Killer: How We Put Together A Custom Murder Mystery Team Building Event In SF

There’s a dead body inside the museum – and the killer is lurking somewhere among the art. 

At least, that’s the scenario we laid out for a group of 30 employees from an international software company earlier this year when they joined us for an awesome afternoon of team building in San Francisco.

Company leaders reached out to us a few weeks earlier, hoping to plan a fun event outside the office that incorporated company values and goals, and encouraged team members to work together, all while still having a super good time. They were especially intrigued by the idea of a murder mystery tour, and that’s how our two-hour interactive scavenger hunt and competition to find the killer was born!

A smaller team tries to solve a clue inside the museum.
A smaller team tries to solve a clue inside the museum.

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4 Ways to Recharge Your Teams

Thinking about new and innovative ways to supercharge your teams can be overwhelming. From team building adventures to attempting to change company culture, the list of things to do can often scare us away from actually doing anything. That’s why we put together this quick list of simple and easy ways you can help invigorate and recharge your teams. These micro-activities and simple changes are great ways to help inject new life into the office.  

Embrace Flexibility Where You Can

Via Pixabay
Via Pixabay

Super strict work hours and schedules are slowly becoming a practice of the past. Many companies are reimagining  the “normal” work day to help employees manage stress, work loads, and self care. It’s been proven that introducing flexibility into your company’s best practices can result in boosted team morale and productivity. We’re not telling you to go and tell your employees to work from home for the rest of time. But w do like the idea of taking simple steps towards embracing flexibility, especially if you want to invigorate your teams.  Getting out of the office can supercharge creativity and a new environment, well, that gets teams excited!

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10 Paintings to Inspire Your Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties can be stressful affairs to plan. The creativity and coordination they take can be a bit overwhelming, whether you’re the maid of honor or the bride-to-be. Lucky for all you future brides and besties, we have some major inspiration for you. From nights with Neflix to partying into dawn, these paintings are the perfect bachelorette party inspiration. There should be a little something for everyone in these colorful masterpieces. Let the art do the talking and get ready for a serious creativity boost.

Three Women, Fernand Léger

Three Women, Fernand Léger (1921-22)
Three Women, Fernand Léger (1921-22)

Who says you have to go out on your bachelorette party? If a night in with Netflix is your idea of the perfect evening, go for it. Sip coffee, champagne, or cava with your friends. Play Cards Against Humanity. Play Risk. Eat junk food and turn your bachelorette party into the most relaxed pre-wedding event ever.

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Reimagining the adult museum experience (Parks Canada Bellevue House Case Study)

Bellevue House has a rich history in Kingston, Ontario, and it’s one of the area’s top tourist destinations. A National Historic Site of Canada now owned by Parks Canada, Bellevue House commemorates Sir John Macdonald as the nation’s first Prime Minister and is one of the most famous Canadian examples of Italian Villa architecture.

Bellevue House is super popular among visitors to Kingston. Guests can enjoy videos, take pictures with a life-size cutout of Sir John, and explore the house where the nation’s first prime minister once lived during the 1800s.

But even though the House is considered a must-see in Kingston, staff knew they had an opportunity to take the guest experience to the next level. They wanted to completely reimagine adult engagement at the historic site and knew that our style of audience development would work well for them.

Earlier this fall, we sent two VIP staff members to Canada to spend four nights in Kingston as they helped Bellevue House staff reinvent the adult museum experience at this awesome historic site.


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Team Building Inspiration from 3 of the World’s Most Famous Teams

When learning a skill people often look to masters of the craft for inspiration and guidance. Learning how to make frescos? You’re studying Michelangelo and Raphael. Writing the great American novel? We bet you’re reading William Faulkner or Toni Morrison. Crafts like these are developed and honed through practice and dedication. Here at Museum Hack we believe these elements are true for team building as well. It helps to think about team building as an investment – one that requires devotion and dedication, but not in a scary way! It’s an investment in the sense that you need to be devoted to your teams and dedicated to making them successful.  

We’ve rounded up team building tips from the world’s most famous teams. From Cirque du Soleil to the United States Postal Service, these epic teams have mastered the art of teamwork.  

Let’s take a look at how some of the world’s most famous teams do team building!

Cooperation: The Cirque du Soleil

A photo of the Cirque Du Soleil
Photo by Marina Da Glória

There is no denying the fact that the Cirque du Soleil is one of the most prestigious, efficient and magical teams out there. A brand built on the sum of its team members, The Cirque du Soleil must function as one or face disaster.

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Meet Cailee: Sales Representative at Museum Hack

Meet Cailee! Cailee joined the Museum Hack team earlier this year and is one of our rockstar sales representatives! Read on to find why she loves planning awesome museum bachelorette parties and why she thinks life as a traveling bird would be pretty sweet. 


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A Case for Extroverts in Museums

As firm believers in the Myers-Briggs typologies (everybody who works here takes ‘em!), we at Museum Hack like to view the strengths and preferences of our audience as assets to the museum-going experience. There are 16 personalities that make-up the traditional Myers-Briggs models, and finding out which one you are makes for great fun in assessing your interactions with others.

Today, we’re gonna focus on extroverts.

The Museum Hack team
We believe museums should be spaces that spark conversations, encourage inspiration, and allow people to have a little fun.

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