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How To Keep Team Building Activities Fun and Fresh

Team building – we know it’s important, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what activity is right for your group. Coming up with the perfect activity that’ll keep your employees entertained can be tough, or, if you do enough team building, it can be just as challenging to keep producing fresh ideas to keep your employees engaged and excited.

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Fun Finance Facts: Engaging Young Professionals at the Museum of American Finance

Many museums are looking for effective ways to engage the next generation of museum patrons.  This generation is different because they want museum experiences that are made to feel like VIP adventures.  So how can museums with niche collections attract and engage young professionals?

It’s a challenge that the Museum of American Finance faces.  As the United States’s only independent public museum dedicated to American finance and financial history, the Museum of American Finance’s collections feature awesome stories not found anywhere else.  Yet such a specific collection also poses a challenge to getting new audiences in the door. 

Museum of American Finance staff knew they wanted to attract young professionals, particularly from the New York City financial sector, and showcase their collections in a way that would establish this new audience as regular visitors and potential patrons.  They called Museum Hack to produce and market a VIP experience that would engage young professionals and showcase the amazing stories in their collections.

Zak Martellucci and Anna at the Museum of American Finance

In mid-July 2016, we produced the Museum Hack: Wall Street Edition experience.  This one-night museum adventure was full of mind-blowing finance facts, awesome missions, and the juicy gossip of America’s banking system and its founding father, told in Museum Hack’s signature style.

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NYC: Host Your Own Team Building Olympics In The Museum

Yogurt. Dogs. Technology. Beauty. Sports.

While these five things may not seem like they have much to do with each other at first glance, there’s one key thing that unites them.

They all have a rich, incredible history hidden in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

We’ve spent hours discovering the best-kept secrets of the museum’s halls. We put together a custom tour on the history of yogurt for Dannon, gathered the best stories about dogs in the Met for BarkBox, crafted a technology through time tour for Google, and dug up amazing medieval and modern beauty practices for Elizabeth Arden.

Recently, we decided to turn our attention to sports.

The inaugural archery competition at the First Ever Museum Hack Team Building Olympics.
The inaugural archery competition at the First Ever Museum Hack Team Building Olympics.

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Why is Museum Hack Talking About Leadership?

What do an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, a Chinese pirate, and an English queen have to do with leadership? Funnily enough, quite a lot. If you are a modern leader or a new leader striving for greatness, join us for Leadership Bootcamp and find out how history can help you refine your skills!

What is Leadership Bootcamp? At Museum Hack, we believe that honing your own individual leadership styles, improving self-awareness, and cultivating critical leadership skills are the keys to making great leaders. That’s why we crafted Leadership Bootcamp, a one-day intensive workshop focused on leadership training inspired by the Museum Hack methodologies of persuasion and challenging the system. We take inspiration from old masters and show you how we actively disrupt a museum experience to inspire you to disrupt your own.

To delve deeper into the basics of our leadership training and help you get to know the workshop, we sat down with Kate Downey, our Creative Lead and Project Champion, who has been working on Leadership Bootcamp from the start. Keep reading to get a glimpse into the birth of Leadership Bootcamp, the highlights of the most recent workshop, and how a training session like this can help transform your leaders.

Kate leading a workshop.
Kate leading a workshop.

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“An incredible experience!”: Full Report from Our July 2016 Boot Camp

Museum Hack specializes in professional development that helps museum professionals not only better engage with visitors, but also re-discover the joy and adventure that they are surrounded by every single day in their museums.  We help museum professionals develop skills that foster new, deeper relationships with visitors and celebrate the true heart of every museum: its staff and stories.

As crafters of unforgettable museum experiences, we know that people come first.  Our Boot Camps invite museum professionals to not only discover what visitors will love, but also what they as guides and curators love.  We empower professionals with the skills they need to turn their favorite objects and spaces into awesome stories that showcase their personal passion and their museum’s unique collections.  By encouraging professionals to embrace passion and fun, we open the doors for staff to become fully invested in their institutions and connect with their audience in truly human ways.

Diana Montano during Audience Engagement Boot Camp 2016
Fearless facilitator, Diana Montano, is clearly very ready for our new crop of Boot Campers!

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TED Love: The Museum as Super Collider

We love TED Talks.  The ideas and passions for museums that shine through them inspire us.  Many of these ideas reveal new ways of seeing museums, including ones that resonate with our audiences.

We recently came across Julia Marciari-Alexander’s talk at TEDxBaltimore on how museums are like super colliders for society.  As “big things,” super colliders are designed to create collisions that help us discover the fundamental building blocks of life and the universe.  Can museums do the same thing?  Do the big ideas of museums help us discover small things about ourselves?

Julia Marciari-Alexander, Director of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.
Julia Marciari-Alexander is pictured in the Roman exhibit of The Ancient World exhibits at the Walters Art Museum.  Image courtesy Algerina Perna/Baltimore Sun.

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A Summer Proposal at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a naturally romantic place, making it the perfect backdrop for a fantastic proposal.

Proposal tours at the Met are one of our favorite events to plan and we especially loved working on a recent summertime proposal at the museum.

A few weeks ago, Tony reached out to us, hoping we could help make the moment he asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him extra special. We were happy to work with Tony and quickly paired him up with the tour guide who would be there for him every step of the way.

Tony and Natali celebrate their engagement on the Met's rooftop!
Tony and Natali celebrate their engagement on the Met’s rooftop!

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Custom Company Team Building Tours At A Historic NYC Landmark

The Fraunces Tavern is a really, really cool spot for team building in New York City. It’s an American Revolution icon with a rich history. To take a walk through the museum today is to take a walk in the footsteps of George Washington during the American Revolution.

It’s a legendary building in New York City’s own backyard and it makes for an amazing evening at the museum with your staff.

As with our team building tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, we can completely customize our events at the Fraunces Tavern to company values and expectations. Emphasizing communication in the workplace? Our games and activities will help promote that. Focused on meeting deadlines and growing together as a team? We can plan an entire event around those principles. Or maybe your group just needs to blow off some steam and have a great time; we can do that, too.

Fraunces Tavern team building

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