Stories From The Museum…and Beyond!

We delight in discovering the strange, mysterious, sexy, untold stories behind the people, places, and things we think we know everything about. Read along with us as we chase down amazing stories from around the world.

The Failure of Charles Messier

French astronomer Charles Messier spent his whole life trying to find comets. In the end, he didn’t find one. He found thirteen.

Why Does This Thing Point North?

Why do compasses point north? What’s up with static electricity? How do magnets work? Does Earth have a soul? All questions point to one Englishman: William Gilbert.

From Vacca to Vaccination

For over 10,000 years, smallpox decimated human populations. Until Edward Jenner found the cure in cow udders.

The Revolution of Queen Boudica

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It didn’t fall in a day, either – over centuries, cracks appeared that would eventually splinter the empire’s carefully laid foundation. One of those cracks was a powerful Celtic Queen named Boudica.