Stories From The Museum… and Beyond! 📖

We delight in discovering the strange, mysterious, sexy, untold stories behind the people, places, and things we think we know everything about. Read along with us as we chase down amazing stories from around the world.

The Enchantress of Numbers

Ada Lovelace, daughter of famed British poet Lord Byron, was a force to be reckoned with herself. Why? Well, she’s considered to have written the language for the world’s first computer program… all the way back in the 1800s.

The Princes in the Tower

In 1483, two English princes were imprisoned in the Tower of London by their notorious uncle, Richard III, and never seen again. We still don’t know what happened. (Spoiler alert: probably murder.)

Sound Smart At Parties: Beer

Thousands of years before your college bro bought his home brew kit off Amazon, people in Mesopotamia were praying to Ninkasi, the goddess of brewing. Here are 10 facts you need to know about beer.

Dance Until You Die!

Long before Winifred Sanderson told the partygoers of Salem, MA, to “Dance! Dance until you die!” a small town in the Holy Roman Empire was consumed by a serious, if strange, affliction: its citizens were struck by a dancing plague.