18 Fun Team Building Activities In Baltimore, MD

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Team Building Resources April 24, 2024 18 Fun Team Building Activities In Baltimore, MD

You found our list of the best team building activities in Baltimore, Maryland.

Team building activities in Baltimore are experiences that improve collaboration and boost participants’ morale. Examples include Pierpoint Restaurant booking classes, glass blowing at Corradetti Glassblowing, and rock climbing at Life Bright Health and Fitness. The purpose of these ideas is to highlight the most fun experiences teams can have in Baltimore to achieve their team building goals.

These activities are similar to indoor team building ideas and team building exercises for small groups. The ideas include things to do with coworkers outside of work.

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Here we go!

List of team building activities in Baltimore

If your team members are fans of culture, art, and tasty seafood, then you cannot go wrong with organizing your next team building experience in Baltimore. From getting produce at 32nd Street Farmers Market to playing golf at Carroll Park, here are the best team building activities for groups in the city.

1. Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse

Red Emma Bookstore Coffeehouse is a worker-cooperative bookstore and event center in Baltimore. This site is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a few books with your work buddies.

The bookstore has an interesting collection of books from authors like Innosanto Nagara, Lester K. Spence, and D. Watkins. In addition, the cafe offers a variety of vegan-friendly food and refreshing beverages at reasonable prices. The dining area is also quite spacious and great for corporate private gatherings.

The cafe hosts multiple events in Baltimore yearly, such as book swaps, discussions, and workshops. You can check out the events calendar to plan your visit simultaneously with one of these events.

Learn more about Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse.

2. Inner Harbour Ice Rink

The Inner Harbour Ice Rink is an excellent hangout spot for teams, especially during the holidays. The center typically opens in November through January. If you have a large group, then you can buy out the space, which can accommodate up to 120 skaters.

Various skating packages are available, depending on your team’s budget. The tickets are usually valid for the entire day. So, when you leave the venue and return that same day, you can still access the facility without getting another ticket. You can also access rental skates and one-time lockers for an extra fee.

Learn more about the Inner Harbor Ice Rink.

3. 32nd Street Farmers Market

Visiting the 32nd Street farmers market is one of the most fun team building activities in Baltimore. This activity is a great way to support local farmers and small business owners in the city. The market opens all year round on Saturdays and organizes several entertaining events yearly.

This destination offers fresh, locally grown produce at affordable prices. Plus, you can experience a taste of Baltimore’s favorite refreshments during your visit, including baked goodies and soups. You can also engage with local vendors and learn more about their products and services. Examples of vendors include Black Rock Orchards, Demitri Olive Oil, and Mt. Royal Soaps.

Learn more about 32nd Street Farmers Market.

4. Rye Baltimore Cocktail Classes

Rye Baltimore cocktail classes are among the best team building events in Baltimore. The classes are available in two options with varying prices. In “The Classic” experience, you will learn about the fundamentals of spirit mixing. The event also features instructions for making delicious cocktails.

The “Garden to Glass” class focuses more on how plants influence cocktails. An expert mixologist will share recipes for creating great-tasting cocktails with these plants. The experience will last for around 60 to 90 minutes. Payment for any of the classes covers complimentary small bites for guests. Also, each lesson requires a minimum of six guests to hold. Rye Baltimore can tailor the event to accommodate your group size and needs.

Learn more about Rye Baltimore Cocktail Classes.

5. Pride of Baltimore Trip

If you want to explore Baltimore from the water area, then consider booking a trip aboard the Pride of Baltimore II. This sailing ship is an intriguing replica of the 19th-century Baltimore Clipper. You can make a group reservation for a general or private deck tour to explore the ship’s features.

If your team seeks a more adventurous experience, then you can book a day sail. During this journey, the captain will entertain your group with stories of the historic Pride. Your team members will also help maintain and navigate the ship.

You can bring your own beverage and snacks or request refreshments when booking. Additionally, Pride II is available for private events and overnight sailing. Each of the ship’s three cabins can accommodate up to six guests.

Learn more about Pride of Baltimore.

6. Pierpoint Restaurant Classes

Pierpoint Restaurant offers hands-on cooking classes ideal for team building experiences in Baltimore. You should plan to spend around three hours in the class. The kitchen shares amazing recipes from cuisines globally, including Italy, India, and Asia. However, the specific recipes your team will learn depend on the class you reserve. For instance, during the Maryland-themed class, your menu will include recipes for Maryland fried chicken and smoked crab cakes.

You can look forward to learning up to eight recipes during your class. The activity is available as a shared or private lesson, depending on the experience your group seeks. In the end, your team can enjoy the prepared meal onsite and take leftovers home.

Learn more about Pierpoint Restaurant.

7. Corradetti Glassblowing Class

You can make your next corporate team building event memorable by learning more about glass blowing at Corradetti Glassblowing. The center hosts interactive workshops that run for six hours. This training is available in “Beginners Glass Blowing” and “Next Steps” options to fit different participants’ skill levels.

During the beginners’ class, the instructor will teach your team how to handle glassblowing tools and mold basic shapes. The “Next Steps” class is more advanced, focusing on how to add details to your work. You can book a private session for a personalized experience if your group has at least four members.

Learn more about Corradetti Glassblowing Class.

8. Downtown Sailing Center

Downtown Sailing Center training for adults is one of the most fun group activities in Baltimore. The center has several instructors with reliable experience teaching the art of sailing. You can book a private lesson if you want to share the experience with your group members. A boat can accommodate up to three passengers. Thus, your group will require more boats if you have a larger team.

The private training usually runs for at least two hours. However, the center recommends a three-hour booking to get the best from the experience. If your group wants more than a sailing lesson, then you can have the center organize a special group event. This four-hour experience includes a training session and friendly contests.

A plus for this center is that the sailing experience is fully accessible to disabled participants. An adaptive sailing program takes place on Saturdays to coach and help disabled guests enjoy the sailing experience to the fullest.

Learn more about Downtown Sailing Center.

9. Art of Balance Wellness Spa

Conveniently located at Ritz Carlton’s Residence, Art of Balance Wellness Spa is one of the best places where you and your teammates can share a relaxing experience in Baltimore. The offered services range from massages to HydraFacials to chemical peels. The services can last for 50 minutes or longer. Your teammates can also customize the experience, allowing the therapist to focus on certain problem areas.

Additionally, the spa offers a wide range of wellness therapies, including

  • Acupuncture
  • Life coaching
  • Weight management
  • Halotherapy

Art of Balance Wellness Spa has an excellent customer rating and friendly staff to give your team an amazing experience.

Learn more about Art of Balance Wellness Spa.

10. Everyman Theater

Watching a play with your team at Everyman Theater is one of the best Baltimore team building ideas. The best part is the theater will help you tailor your viewing experience based on your team’s needs. Also, discounts are available for group reservations. The venue’s stage features talented professionals performing all year round.

A full-service bar is onsite to supply your team with refreshments during the show. Also, you can easily locate dining areas within walking distance of the theater. Everyman Theater organizes improv classes you and your teammates can take together to build your acting skills.

Learn more about Everyman Theater.

11. Lemonade Selfie Museum

Taking group pictures at Lemonade Selfie Museum is among the most interactive corporate team building activities in Baltimore. Located in the Mount Vernon neighborhood, this selfie museum has several rooms with unique props to give life to your group photos.

You can take as many pictures as you want during your stay. Also, the selfie museum is within walking distance of several restaurants and bars. Therefore, you can easily extend your visit to include a team lunch nearby. In addition, the venue organizes a monthly “Tech Talk and Tequilas” event open to guests. You can also rent the space for your work events.

Learn more about Lemonade Selfie Museum.

12. Baltimore Clayworks Classes

Baltimore Clayworks is a non-profit that organizes fun pottery classes in the city. You can choose from several lesson options. For instance, the three-hour general pottery class is ideal for participants with no experience in wheel throwing. An expert will teach your group to center clay and throw pottery bowls. If your teammates are already familiar with the art’s basics, then you can opt for the intermediate classes, which consist of five sessions.

The center also offers hand-building classes for participants interested in learning how to create 3D sculptures. Whether your team members are beginners or experts in pottery making, you will have a great experience learning together at Baltimore Clayworks.

Learn more about Baltimore Clayworks Classes.

13. Moo Moo Cows

If you are searching for the best team building activities for small groups in Baltimore, then consider visiting Moo Moo Cows. The creamery is popular for serving up to 30 ice cream flavors in the Federal Hill neighborhood. The menu features a flavor for dietary requirements, including gluten free and vegan.

The creamery also takes pride in locally sourcing the sweet treats from a trusted dairy farm. Plus, Moo Moo Cows color-codes each item on the menu to make ordering easier for customers. For instance, items written in yellow signify that the ice cream contains nuts, while red means the treat is vegan friendly. The popular flavors you can try include Creamsicle, Cotton Candy, and Fluff-a-Nutter. Moo Moo Cows also offers various toppings to suit different taste buds.

Learn more about Moo Moo Cows.

14. Carroll Park Golf Course

Playing a game at Carroll Park Golf Course with your group is one of the best corporate team building activities in Baltimore. The course features nine holes and spaces you can use for a team meeting onsite.

If your team members are beginners in golfing, then consider booking a private lesson to enhance the experience. A dedicated instructor will customize the lesson to your group’s needs. Also, you get to choose the instructor who will coach your team. In addition, your teammates will enjoy free access to properly fitted golf clubs during the training session. After the lesson, you and your colleagues can test your skills by challenging yourselves to a golf tournament.

Learn more about Carroll Park Golf Course.

15. KSM Candle Co. Workshop

KSM Candle Co. organizes fun candle-making workshops in Baltimore. The 90-minute experience usually takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. You can participate in this interactive workshop regardless of your experience level in candle making. Also, the KSM Candle Co. will provide the needed supplies and paraben-free essential oils for the experience. Besides being fun, the company ensures guests do not use any toxic ingredients during the process.

During the class, you will learn more about pairing fragrances, caring for candles, and the benefits of soy wax. The course runs as a BYOB. Notably, the company partners with a neighboring restaurant willing to supply your group with beverages and glasses.

Learn more about the KSM Candle Co. Workshop.

16. Lifebridge Health and Fitness

Rock climbing at Life Bright Health and Fitness is one of the best team building activities in Baltimore. Your team can choose any of the three climbing routes varying in difficulty level. If you prefer an expert-led experience, then signing up for a group fitness class will be a great idea. Depending on your group’s interest, the class can focus on yoga, Zumba, TRX, and over 100 other exercise options.

You can book a private training if you have a small group with three to eight members. The activity covers corrected exercises, flexible workouts, and post-physical therapy. Besides, your team will work with a dedicated trainer to design a fitness plan that works for you. The experience usually includes several sessions lasting 30 or 60 minutes.

Learn more about LifeBridge Health and Fitness.

17. Spirits of Mt. Vernon

Spirits of Mt. Vernon is a favorite spot for many locals in Baltimore. The bar offers high-quality kosher wines, craft beer, and a good liquor selection. This destination also has lovely decor and a welcoming environment to facilitate your team building experience.

Spirits of Mt. Vernon is dog friendly and will happily welcome your team member’s canine companions. You can also book a tasting service at the venue to enhance your group outing experience. Even without using the tasting facility, you and your colleagues can count on the bar’s friendly staff to recommend great beverage options that suit your tastes.

Learn more about Spirits of Mt. Vernon.

18. Gba Cocktails and Friends Mixology Class

Hosted by Gorgitenders Bartending Academy, Gba Cocktails and Friends Mixology Class is one of the best team building activities in Baltimore. The workshop is beginner friendly and runs for two hours. You can book the class as a private session or a shared experience with other groups.

The booking fee covers a charcuterie board, complimentary drink, instructions, and the needed supplies for your session. An expert mixologist will teach your group recipes for making five craft cocktails during the class. You will also learn more techniques to improve your mixing and pouring skills. Furthermore, the academy offers free admission for individuals assisting participants with disabilities.

Learn more about Gba Cocktails and Friends Mixology Class.

Final Thoughts

Known as the “Charm City,” Baltimore is blessed with historic sites and fun destinations you and your team can explore. From engaging in workshops to sailing across the waters, the city offers different activities that can create a positive experience for teams. Also, Baltimore is rich in culture, art, good food, and craft beverages that will make your experience worthwhile. You can easily find budget-friendly activities to meet your specific needs. So, when next you plan a team retreat in Baltimore, be sure to stop by one of these destinations for an unforgettable experience with your colleagues.

Next, check out these ideas for fun work parties. We also have guides on how to recharge your team and have fun at work.

FAQ: Team building activities in Baltimore

Here are answers to questions about team building activities in Baltimore.

What are team building activities in Baltimore?

Team building activities in Baltimore are various experiences and events groups can attend within the city. Baltimore is home to fun destinations offering workshops, training, and well-decorated spaces you can use for your group retreat. Regardless of your group size, you and your teammates can enjoy many activities, from tours to cruises to culinary classes.

What are some good Baltimore team building activities?

Good activities teams can do in Baltimore include watching a play at Everyman Theater, sailing aboard the Pride of Baltimore II, and playing a game at Carroll Park Golf Course. These events are great for creating lasting memories and bonding with your colleagues.

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