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Monday Funday: We Love Dan Cretu

Dan Cretu is one of our favorite artists and he’s pretty Instagram famous. A little about Cretu: He’s from Bucharest, Romania, and does everything from food art to eco art and photography to art mashups. You can check out his Instagram here or his website here for more of his amazing stuff. Here are our Keep Reading

What if famous paintings had Tinder?

Many of the artists of old had rather storied love lives, and now it’s your turn to imagine the lives their subjects might have led. For each of these 5 paintings, select what you think they would have sent as their opening line on Tinder, Grindr, Bumble or the like and then compare your votes Keep Reading

Monday Funday: 10 of Our Favorite Art Memes

You know we LOVE classical art memes. We’ve collected some of our favorite memes related to art and art history. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Oh, and Happy Monday!

Celebrating Some Our Favorite Female Artists

Happy Monday! Women’s History Month might have come to a close last week, but we thought we’d continue the celebration of awesome women a little longer. We asked some of our team members to pick a female artist they LOVE and tell us why. Cheers to these – and all! – bold, fierce, wonderful, and Keep Reading

Monday Funday: We’re Back With More Art GIFs!

Happy Monday! Let’s set the week off right with round two of our favorite art-inspired and art-related gifs! If you missed our first installment, you check them out here. Have a great week ahead! 

Picasso On The Birds & The Bees

Son, I think it’s time for us to have the talk about the birds and the bees and the third eyes. You’re going to start liking girls, or guys, soon. So let’s talk about what that means. Women are beautiful. They are full of curves and angles and blobbies and teardrop shapes and rods and Keep Reading

Fun Friday: Texts from the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently made most of their photographed collection public domain. So naturally, we immediately went into meme-making mode and paired some of our favorite works with some Texts From Last Night.

Stop Whispering In My Ear You Drunk Cherub

Please note this piece was written by our tour guide, Kate Villa, in the style of a Museum Hack experience. Cherubs give good advice. Seriously. And also they’re just really nice tiny angels! Who doesn’t want one of those. Well. Me. Because I’m pretty sure my cherub is kinda the worst. You know when you’re Keep Reading

“Dost Thou Cometh Hither Oft?”: Top 10 Shakespearean Pick-Up Lines

Love him or loathe him, there’s no denying that William Shakespeare had a way with words. Widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets, and poems have captured the hearts of lovebirds (and the lovelorn) around the world since the late 1500s. This Valentine’s Day, let the Bard be your Keep Reading

10 Tweets About Working in a Museum

Museums are awesome to visit, but what does it look like behind the scenes? For one, there’s always that one visitor that needs to be reminded of the rules. Please, don’t! #museum #art #painting @museum_life — Museo Imaginario (@museoimaginario) November 25, 2016