Bachelorette Parties

Badass women? Check. Wine? Check. The best butts in the museum? Check. Our museum bachelorette tours are classy, sassy, and anything but traditional. Check out some of the amazing custom bachelorette parties we’ve put together in museums across the US.

4 Tips For Styling Your Museum Wedding

We might be (okay, we definitely are) biased, but we think museums are the best venues for weddings! Our friends at The Black Tux give four tips for styling a museum wedding.

Minds at Work: 7 of History’s Smartest Power Couples

Opposites may attract, but great minds think alike — or at least that’s the case with some of history’s greatest intellectual power couples! We’ve compiled a list of 7 of history’s brainiest bedfellows. Read on and see how you and your partner stack up! Mary Leakey and Louis Leakey The

The Lip-Lock List: Top 10 Kisses in Art History

Throughout history, there’s little that does as much to evoke romantic imagery in art as the kiss. Whether innocent or amorous, a kiss makes obvious the feelings of affection between the subjects in a work. Whether in a painting, sculpture, or photograph, we’ve rounded rounded up ten of our all-time

Marissa’s Amazing San Francisco Bachelorette Party

Last summer, we hosted Marissa and several of her friends for an amazing San Francisco bachelorette party! The afternoon kicked off with a fun, unconventional tour of the de Young, where our tour guide revealed the best gossip and scandalous stories behind the art. We led a fabulous photo challenge

4 Historic Female Friendships that are Total #SquadGoals

There are countless recollections of history’s greatest bromances, but female friendship isn’t always one of the most well-documented topics in history. We’ve rounded up four of history’s greatest female friendships that’ll give you some serious squad envy.

The Baddest Bachelorette Party in History

Your bachelorette party is pretty much the only time you’ll be top bitch at a party that you can just unapologetically not share until your funeral, so you might as well stock it with the best of the best. Some people decide who they want to have to their ideal