52 Brilliant Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Ideas

Bachelorette Parties
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Bachelorette Parties October 07, 2019 52 Brilliant Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning a wedding is exciting. It is also exhausting, stressful, and often overwhelming. The to-do list is often longer than your wedding dress and the days until your wedding day seem to come too fast. That is why, when it comes to the bachelorette party, we leave it in the hands of our maid of honor. If your maid of honor is struggling to come up with the perfect bridal shower theme, pass along this list of 52 bachelorette party and bridal shower ideas. From color schemes to party themes to unique outings, you and your maid of honor are guaranteed to find the perfect idea on this extensive list.

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Black and White — This classic look never gets old. A simple black and white theme can add a lot of class to any bridal shower. From tablecloths to cookies, go all out with this theme to get the full effect.

All White — Or skip the black and go all white! It might sound bland, but once you put it all together your all-white shower will be elegant and gorgeous. Plus, what better way to honor the bride than to have everything draped in white?

Vibrant and Chic — If you are more of a color-friendly personality, skip the black and white and opt for bright, vibrant colors instead. This will make your bachelorette party or bridal shower really pop.

Watercolor — Picking softer colors and opting for a watercolor palette will add a unique touch of elegance to your party. You can even have a watercolor-only dress code to keep the theme consistent.

Kaleidoscope of Colors — One way to go beyond the colors is to have a kaleidoscope party. It has all the pop of a vibrant theme with the added aesthetic of geometric shapes.

Something Blue — For a traditional party, host a something blue shower. Keep to a blue and white color scheme and make sure everyone wears something blue!

Charity Shower — If you are interested in having a non-traditional bridal shower, host a charity shower. Instead of bringing gifts for the bride, guests bring food, clothing, or even cash to donate to a cause specified in the invite.

Winter Wonderland — This theme is perfect for brides planning a winter wedding. Whites, silvers, and golds create a sophisticated atmosphere and trust us when we say snowflake cutouts will add a beautiful touch to your decor.

Cowgirl Party — If all this elegance isn’t your style, opt for a country bachelorette party instead. Don the cowgirl hats and boots and cry YEE-HAW for this theme. We recommend hiring someone to teach your guests line dancing to add to the fun.

Farm Style — A more subtle way to go country is to have a farm style party. Milk jugs, wildflowers, and farm-fresh cuisine will make your farm theme a huge success.

Classy Barbecue — One option for a co-ed party is to host a classy barbecue. Ribs, pulled pork, and sliders are all great menu options. This is a perfect theme for a casual, summer party.

Clam Bake — Another casual options that the guys and gals will go nuts over is a clam bake. It may not be the ideal event for wearing white, but everyone is sure to go home with a full stomach and a smile on their face.

Ice Cream Social — For classic shower fun, host an ice cream social. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a delicious bowl of ice cream? Prepare an entire ice cream bar for your guests to enjoy.

Pancake Breakfast — Has there ever been a bad pancake brunch? Set up a topping bar and let your guests make the pancake of their dreams. It’s a fun way to gather for some pre-wedding indulgence.

Mimosa Bar — While a mimosa bar is a great addition to any bachelorette, we think it is especially perfect to pair with the pancake brunch. We were shocked to realize how many ways your can prepare a mimosa!

Champagne Tasting — Or you could skip the juice and head straight to the champagne. A champagne tasting is not only delicious, but the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming wedding day.

Whiskey Tasting — If champagne isn’t your style, then whiskey might be more your speed. A whiskey tasting is a fun and unique way to bring your guests together.

Biergarten — This is another one that works as a co-ed celebration. Of course we recommend going beyond the beer and going all out with the theme so step into Vienna!

Wine and Cheese — A more traditional way to incorporate alcohol into your party theme is to have a wine and cheese event. This time-tested party is always a crowd pleaser.

Bartending Lesson — Want a truly booze-tastic celebration? Hire a local bartender to come and teach your guests how to mix their own cocktails. This unique idea will keep your guests talking for years to come.

Cooking Lesson — While on the topic of lesson based bachelorette parties, let’s talk about cooking lesson parties. Whether you host them in your home or go to a cooking school, these classes are a great way to keep your guests active the entire time. Plus you wind up with loads of delicious food!

Flower Arranging Lesson — To keep your party wedding-themed, consider a flower-arranging lesson. Most of your guests probably don’t even know this exists (we didn’t), so they’re sure to get a kick out of this unique idea.

Yoga — For the active, mindful brides, a yoga-themed bridal shower is perfect. Hire a yoga teacher to come lead your guests in a class and get your zen on before the big day.

Luxury Spa — Another way to relax and restore before your wedding day is to bring your bridesmaids to a luxury spa. Massages, steam rooms, and poolside cocktails are the perfect way to unwind.

Vintage Pool Party — While fun, luxury spas are expensive. Why not opt for a pool party instead? Add vintage decor to make your bridal pool party to make it stand out from the traditional pool party your guests are used to.

Travel Theme — For those brides that are on an airplane more often than not, a travel themed bachelorette party would be perfect. You can go with a broad travel theme featuring globes, vintage suitcases, and similar decor or you can feature the destination of the honeymoon as your theme.

Parisian — Get even more specific with your global theme and feature classic Parisian style. Macarons, vintage bicycles, baguettes, wine, and cheese will bring Paris to your bridal shower. Because nothing says romance like Paris.

Fiesta — If you would rather have a brighter celebration, opt for a fiesta theme. Put out a taco bar and keep the tequila flowing to make sure your fiesta is a total success.

Outdoor Luncheon — One easy way to get a classy setting with little to no effort is to host your bridal shower outside. An outdoor luncheon is the perfect idea for a casual and intimate shower for a smaller group of guests.

Glamping — Keep the outdoor theme going all night long with a luxury camping trip. This will give you plenty of time to unwind and relax with your bridesmaids leading up to your wedding day.

Weekend in the Woods — Go all out with the overnight idea and rent a cabin for the weekend. Spending that time with your bridesmaids away from everything is the perfect way to enjoy a laid back weekend with your favorite girls.

Beach Party — If woods aren’t your thing, head to the beach. Whether it is a beachfront meal or a weekend in a beach house, oceanside is always a good idea.

Mermaid Party — Bring out your inner mermaid (we all have one) by hosting a mermaid theme party. Glitter and under the sea theme come together to make a party to remember.

Nautical Theme — Keep the ocean theme going and bring the beach to you with a nautical theme. We can’t all rent a beach house for a weekend, but we can all host a navy and white nautical party with a delicious seafood menu.

Desert Party — While it may not be as traditional as a beach theme, desert parties are incredibly popular right now. Swap roses for succulents and serve some southwestern fare to make it complete.

Wildflower — The color scheme of a wildflower party is similar to that of a desert party, but the style is a little bit daintier. Wildflowers make gorgeous centerpieces and it is the perfect look for a bridal shower.

Garden Party — Go all out with your garden party. We don’t just mean have a party in the garden… We mean have a full garden party. Feature floral liqueurs, food from the garden, and potted desserts.

Tea Party — Another option for an intimate celebration is to host a traditional tea party. Cook up some finger sandwiches, brew your best teas, and invite your guests to come in their most stunning tea party attire. White gloves encouraged.

Alice in Wonderland — If you want to have a tea party, but don’t want to stick to the traditional style, consider an Alice in Wonderland bridal shower. This theme allows you to have fun coming up with quirky decorations and provides a simple way to make your bachelorette party stand out.

Circus Theme — This theme is another funky way to make your bridal shower one-of-a-kind. Circus decor really pops and there are tons of circus snacks you could serve your guests. We also recommend including fun circus games to keep your guests busy.   

Fair Theme — Those who like the circus idea will love the fair theme. We all love those old school fair games, so why not have some at your bachelorette party? Of course, popcorn and fried delicacies are a must.

Boudoir Party — If you are more interested in a girls only theme, you might like hosting a boudoir party. You can rent a private dressing room for the day, enjoy playing dress up, and even try out some new looks for the wedding.

Perfume Bar — While a perfume bar is a nice touch to any bridal shower, we think it is especially perfect for the boudoir party. You can have different scents for your guests to try or even let them mix scents for themselves.

Princess Party — There are plenty of brides who want to feel like a princess on their wedding day. Why not start early and have a princess themed bachelorette party? Don the tiaras and poofy dresses and make this day all about feeling like royalty.

Burlesque — One way to embrace the fact that this is your last time being a bachelorette is to host a burlesque party. Feather boas and red light bulbs add to the fun. You could even have an instructor come teach you and your guests a few sexy dance moves.  

Rockabilly Party — Go retro with a rockabilly party. Put out a dress code, serve up some retro bottled coke, and put your best records on for this theme. All ages will have a blast at this bachelorette party.

Gatsby Gala — No matter how much time has passed, the 1920s continues to be in style. Through a classic 1920s bash ala Gatsby to make your bachelorette party truly spectacular.

Slumber Party — We all loved slumber parties when we were young and your bridesmaids are sure to love having a slumber party again today. Paint your nails while you talk about boy drama for one last time before you are a married woman.

Downton Abbey — This popular television show rose to the top quickly and offers a fun theme for your bridal shower. If Downton Abbey is not your thing, pick your favorite television show and adopt that theme instead.

Kate Spade Inspired — For a classy bridal shower with a subtle theme, go with a Kate Spade inspired style. This means lots of glitter, lots of stripes, and an overall sense of sophisticated and girly.

Bohemian Bash — Bohemian style has become very popular and a bohemian bridal shower is “in” right now. Opt for bold patterns and flowy fabrics when decorating for your boho bachelorette party.

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Museum Tour — If you want to plan a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party that will be truly unforgettable, plan a museum tour with Museum Hack. It might not be your first instinct when you think of what to do for a bridal shower, but this fun and fabulous event will put all other bridal showers to shame.

Now that you have the perfect theme for your bachelorette party, it is time to get planning. Whether you are looking for money saving tips for planning a bridal shower on a budget or trying to figure out what kinds of bridal shower favors you should buy, there are plenty of resources available. We recommend checking out The House of Bachelorette for all your decoration and party favor needs. One way to make your bridal shower fun is to incorporate lots of bridal shower games and keep your guests active. We also recommend following a planning checklist so that your planning experience can be stress free. Of course you won’t have to do any of the planning if you leave it to Museum Hack! We would be honored to help you celebrate your big day and have tons of pre-wedding fun in store for bachelorettes who come to our museum tours. Whether or not you choose to celebrate with us, we are thrilled to offer you our congratulations on the engagement and hope that you have a fantastic bachelorette party!

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