23 Team Night Out Ideas for Group Bonding

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Team Building Resources November 20, 2023 23 Team Night Out Ideas for Group Bonding

Here is our list of the best team night out ideas.

Team night out ideas are games and activities that employees can play while spending the night out of the office with their colleagues. Examples include wine-blending workshops, movie nights, and mystery potluck dinners. The purpose of these activities is to promote camaraderie and boost confidence. Team games at night also encourage employees to relax their minds and collaborate with their coworkers in a fun environment.

Team night out ideas are similar to fun activities for groups and fun team outing ideas. Spending time together outside of the office is a great team building tip to increase productivity and boost your team’s happiness.

This list includes:

  • team building night out ideas
  • work team night out ideas
  • Christmas team night out ideas
  • company night out ideas

Here we go!

List of team night out ideas

Spending the night out with coworkers is a great idea to ensure team building and enjoy the day. Such activities are essential to promote a relaxed working environment so employees can stay fresh and happy at work. Here is our list of some of the best team building night out ideas.

1. Evening Hot Springs Retreat

To help employees relax, organize an evening hot springs retreat for the team. To start, research local hot springs facilities that offer evening hours. Next up, arrange transportation and ensure the venue provides a peaceful environment. In this laid-back atmosphere, team members can unwind, enjoy the warm waters, and have casual conversations. Consider providing snacks or refreshments to enhance the experience. This retreat allows the team to relax and connect outside the usual work setting.

2. Night Photography Walk

Photography is a great pastime, and you can encourage creativity with a night photography walk! The best places for this walk are well-lit cities or parks. Ensure team members have cameras or smartphones with good low-light capabilities. Then, choose a route with interesting nighttime scenery. During the walk, encourage teams to capture unique perspectives and share their photos. In this casual and enjoyable atmosphere, team members can discuss photography tips and techniques. This activity promotes creativity and provides a relaxed setting for team bonding.

Check out these tips on taking great nighttime photos.

3. Wine-Blending Workshop

A local vineyard or winery is the perfect location for a wine-blending workshop. The venue might be able to provide a brief educational session on wine blending. Otherwise, teams can watch YouTube videos on the best ways to blend wines. When starting this activity, ensure there are different wine varieties available for tasting. Then, divide the team into small groups and challenge them to create their own wine blends. As teams experiment with flavors, encourage collaboration and discussion. This hands-on activity offers a blend of education and enjoyment, allowing team members to learn about wine while fostering a sense of camaraderie.

4. Stargazing Session

You do not need much to host a stargazing session for your team, and it can be a simple way to relax.

Here is how to hold a stargazing session:

  1. Find a clear, open area away from city lights, like a park or a quiet outdoor space.
  2. Bring blankets or camping chairs for teams to sit comfortably.
  3. Consider having a knowledgeable individual or a telescope to help point out constellations or planets.
  4. Relax and enjoy nature.

To make the experience cozy, encourage team members to bring warm clothes and snacks. These elements create a relaxed environment where team members can share stories or ask questions about what they see in the night sky. Overall, the key is to keep stargazing easygoing and enjoyable, allowing teams to appreciate the stars.

5. Ghost Tour Exploration

For a spooky team night out, consider a ghost tour. First, choose a local historical area known for its eerie tales. Then, book a guided tour for the team, where a knowledgeable guide shares ghost stories and local legends. Participants will walk through dim streets, visit haunted spots, and enjoy the mysterious atmosphere. Team members can share their thoughts and reactions during the tour, creating a unique and engaging experience. Ghost tours are a fun way to explore local history and build team camaraderie in a different setting.

6. Mystery Potluck Dinner

The Mystery Potluck Dinner is a fun blend of food and teamwork. To organize this experience, ask participants to make their signature dishes at home. Teams will bring the food into the office, and folks will try the dishes without knowing the ingredients. Participants will then try to guess the ingredients and vote for their favorite meals. Those who guess the most correct ingredients win prizes! Also, give out a prize for the dish that wins the most votes for team favorites. This twist on a culinary classic adds an element of surprise to this team building experience.

Important Note: Before hosting this activity, be sure to ask team members about food allergies or aversions so the dishes avoid these ingredients.

7. DIY Sushi Rolling Night

To organize a workplace DIY sushi night, start by gathering the essentials. A great sushi spread includes sushi rice, seaweed sheets, fresh vegetables, and various types of fish or other proteins. Then, set up an area with bamboo rolling mats, bowls of water for wetting hands, and small plates for each participant. Participants will need clear instructions on assembling sushi rolls. Instructions should detail spreading rice on the seaweed, adding fillings, and rolling it together. You can encourage creativity by offering a variety of ingredients. Consider having a demonstration at the beginning to show the basic steps. Be sure to keep the workspace clean and organized, and have fun as members create their own unique sushi rolls. Finally, enjoy the delicious results together as a team!

Here is a sushi-making kit you can buy for this event.

8. Walking Food Tour

Organizing a walking food tour is a great way to spend the night while enjoying food with coworkers and trying our new cuisines.

Here is how to host a walking food tour:

  1. Make a list of nearby restaurants you want to visit and walk to each one.
  2. At the restaurant, teams can learn about the types of foods available.
  3. The chefs can also share insights into the cooking process and history of food.
  4. Then, employees can sit and eat unique dishes.

It is better to include new and unique restaurants on the list that offer a wide range of cuisines. That way, employees can discover new dishes and learn about the cultural histories associated with food.

9. Sunset Hike and Picnic

A workplace sunset hike and picnic is a great team outing! To start, choose a scenic hiking trail with the right difficulty for all participants. Especially since you will be carrying food, it is probably best to pick a simple hike. Then, share the details with the team, including a meeting point, trail information, and what to bring. Folks should pack their favorite picnic foods and essentials, such as fruit salad and blankets. Consider arranging transportation if the trail is not easily accessible from the workplace. Once on the hike, find a spot with a good view for the picnic. Then, folks can have a comfortable spot to sit, eat, and enjoy the sunset! Overall, sunset hikes and picnics are a simple and enjoyable way to combine outdoor activities, team bonding, and relaxation.

10. DIY Tie-Dye Party

A workplace DIY tie-dye party is a fun and creative experience. Each participant needs a plain, light-colored item to tie-dye, such as a T-shirt or tote bag. Next, set up stations with various tie-dye colors, rubber bands, and gloves. You can print out some instructions on different tie-dye techniques, such as spirals, crumples, or stripes. Teams can try different combos of colors and swirls to create fun patterns. After the tie-dyeing session, set up an area to rinse and dry the dyed items. Also, consider providing snacks and refreshments to keep the atmosphere festive. Tie-dye parties are a fantastic way for colleagues to collaborate and get creative!

11. Murder Mystery Game

A murder mystery game followed by dinner is a great problem-solving and team building activity for teams. You can ask a professional to host a murder mystery game after an office dinner. During this game, actors will come on the stage and act out the story’s plot. When one actor dies in the end, teams will work together to understand the story behind the murder. Then, players will investigate the crime scene and find the culprit. A murder mystery game promotes collaboration as players communicate to solve mysteries and find solutions.

Check out some online murder mystery games.

12. Dessert Night

Tasting new sweets while communicating with coworkers is a great idea to spend the night. This activity is among the best Christmas team night out ideas since treats are one of the best parts of the holidays.

Here is how to host a dessert night:

  1. Ask employees to bring their favorite desserts to the party.
  2. Teams can talk about their favorite memories with the treats.
  3. Have folks bring recipe cards to share with their colleagues.

You will be surprised by how much employees will have to share about their favorite desserts. Such activities can also serve as great conversation starters. After the discussion, coworkers will sit together and enjoy the treats.

13. Moonlit Kayaking Adventure

If you are looking for unique team night out ideas, then plan a moonlit kayaking adventure for the team. First, choose a location with calm waters and arrange for kayak rentals. Be sure safety measures are in place, including life jackets and proper instructions. For the best views, schedule the adventure for a clear night with a visible moon. Teams will work together to paddle, enjoying the atmosphere. Team members can share their experiences and reflections after the kayaking adventure, encouraging open communication.

14. Bowling

Bowling with coworkers is a fun recreational activity! Most alleys offer a great nighttime experience through glow-in-the-dark settings. You can play the game individually or in teams. All teams will compete against each other by showing their skills. Also, players waiting for their turn will hype up their teammates. Players or teams with the most points at the end of the night win.

15. Bonfire

A bonfire is among the best company night out ideas.

Here is how to host a bonfire for your company:

  1. Choose a suitable venue, like a beach or a desert.
  2. Make arrangements, like setting up chairs and arranging wood.
  3. Welcome the guests, and let them sit together.
  4. Start the bonfire, and encourage all members to participate.
  5. Play music and dance.
  6. End the bonfire with a delicious dinner.

Be sure to host this activity safely. It is important not to build the bonfire too large and to have fire extinguishers nearby if needed.

Here are some fun virtual bonfire activities for teams.

16. Beach Tour

Organizing a tour to a nearby beach is a fun outdoor activity to take members out of the busy city routine. On the beach tour, all employees will pack their essential items, like food and sleeping bags, and go to the beach to spend the night. You can also hold a bonfire and cook a barbecue for the whole crew. During a beach tour, teams can stargaze, swim, kayak, and play icebreakers. The peaceful environment of the beach can make employees relax. When tired from playing games, folks can sleep in their sleeping bags.

17. Movie Night

Hosting a movie night for your employees is among the best work team night out ideas. You can arrange a movie night to celebrate holidays or simply bring the team together with a fun event.

Here is how to host a movie night for your team:

  1. Have team members vote on which movie they want to watch.
  2. Set up a projector and arrange comfortable seating.
  3. Decorate the venue according to the movie theme.
  4. Hand out popcorn and snacks for participants to enjoy while watching the movie.
  5. In the end, ask all members to share their reviews.

A movie night will help employees relax their minds after a long day.

18. Comedy Show

Hosting a comedy show at night will help your employees relax after a tiring day and get a dose of laughter. A local stand-up comedy show will suit small teams. The employees can go and sit together and enjoy the environment full of laughter. For larger companies, you can even host a private event where a professional comedian will lead the show. Such events are also customizable, and you can adjust the time and date according to your employees’ preferences.

19. Nighttime Sailing Adventure

For a thrilling nighttime adventure, coordinate a nighttime sailing outing for the team! You can work with a local sailing provider that offers evening charters. Then, ensure the team can access proper sailing gear and safety equipment. A relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere onboard allows team members to unwind and appreciate the nighttime scenery. Be sure to encourage collaboration as teams explore the waters together. This sailing adventure offers a unique and peaceful team bonding setting outside of the typical work environment.

20. Glow Yoga

Glow Yoga turns a traditional yoga session into a bright and energizing experience. Your team can head to a local park or even just go outside of the office for this experience. During this activity, team members do yoga poses and stretches while wearing glow-in-the-dark accessories. You can also decorate the surroundings with glow-in-the-dark yard decorations, such as lanterns or mushrooms. Further, you can find plenty of glowing Halloween decorations, which are perfect for the spooky season! This unique team night out activity promotes physical well-being and encourages a sense of unity.

21. Museum Tour

A museum tour at night can be a fun and exciting experience for teams. You can take your team to a nearby museum, and a guide will take the members to different areas and share the cultural history associated with the displayed items. Arranging museum tours for teams can help employees gain more knowledge about the cultural heritage of past civilizations.

Museum Hack offers the best museum tours around!

22. Escape Room

Teams taking on escape rooms at night is a cool and exciting way to work together. Doing this activity at night adds a bit of mystery and fun to the experience. Folks can meet at a local escape room and work together to solve the clues. Team members will need to communicate well, use their problem-solving skills, and maybe even laugh a bit when things get tricky. Plus, this activity is a chance to see how colleagues handle challenges in a relaxed and entertaining setting. After the game, discuss the experience, celebrate teamwork, and cherish the shared moments, win or lose.

23. Cocktail Party

A cocktail party can be a fun night out idea for teams that love to have drinks while sharing their experiences.

Here is how to host a cocktail party:

  1. Arrange tables and cocktail kits.
  2. Ask a professional bartender to host the event and guide members through making different cocktails.
  3. Teams will sit together, sip the drinks, and give their reviews.
  4. Pair the drinks with light snacks.

After the event, employees will learn about different cocktails, their brewing methods, and the history associated with the drinks.


Team night out ideas should comprise fun games and activities that can lift employees’ moods and encourage interaction. Such events are a great team building source, allowing employees to take a break from work while bonding with their coworkers. Companies should regularly arrange night outs for groups, as such ideas are necessary for employee productivity and a relaxed work environment.

Next up, check out these lists of virtual game night ideas and team social ideas.

FAQ: Team night out ideas

Here are answers to questions about team night out ideas.

What are team night out ideas?

Team night out ideas are activities for team outings that take place at night. For example, groups plan to explore different areas, go on tours, or play games at night outside of work. Such activities boost confidence and promote camaraderie among members.

What are some good night out ideas for teams?

Here are some good night out ideas for teams:

  • DIY tie-dye party
  • Movie night
  • Walking food tour

You can incorporate these events and activities into your night out to make it more fun and engaging for the group. These games also encourage coworkers to participate to build bonds and get to know each other better.

How do you plan a team night out?

Here are some tips for planning a team night out:

  • Conduct a survey asking employees how they want to spend the night. The options can include tours and event ideas.
  • Decide an event, date, and time that suits all employees.
  • Make all necessary arrangements a few days before.
  • Incorporate icebreakers and fun games.
  • Conduct the night out event as planned.

Planning a team night out requires mutual collaboration so all employees can participate and enjoy the event to the fullest.

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