19 Online Murder Mystery Games (Free + Paid)

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Team Building Resources November 27, 2023 19 Online Murder Mystery Games (Free + Paid)

Here is our list of the best online murder mystery games.

Online murder mystery games are virtual activities where participants role-play a murder story to uncover the killer. Examples include MURDLE, You Can Only Die Once, and National Cook Offed. The purpose of these activities is to promote problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and team building skills through an interactive activity. Plus, murder mystery games are a great time to dress up, play a character, and unwind!

These ideas are similar to examples of online games for large groups, online game night ideas, and online minute to win it games.

This list includes:

  • online crime solving games
  • murder mystery apps
  • printable murder mystery games
  • short online murder mystery games
  • online group murder mystery games

Let’s get started!

List of online murder mystery games

From crime solving to detective investigations, there are many different types of murder mystery games to play virtually. Here are our top virtual murder mysteries to enjoy with your remote team.


Teams who absolutely love murder mysteries should check out MURDLE because it updates every single day! G.T. Garber spearheads this project. Garber uses MORIARTY, a proprietary algorithm, to plan each murder. The puzzles increase in difficulty throughout the week. Saturday is the hardest puzzle, while Sunday is the largest one. The puzzles only require good notetaking and investigative skills!

Players start by flipping over the cards. Cards reveal information about suspects, weapons, and locations. Below the cards, readers will find a list of clues and evidence. As players go through the evidence, they can use the scorecard on the side to keep track of theories. In the end, participants guess who, how, and where the murder took place. Best of all, fans can buy books that contain over 100 murdles each and feature a story to connect them all!

Check out MURDLE.

2. Roller Disco Disaster

Fans of the ’70s will have a blast during Roller Disco Disaster! This game sends your team back in time to the local roller disco spot, Death by Disco. A perpetrator takes this name too literally, though, and shoots a police officer during a fire alarm. Your team must work together to find the identity of the shooter and solve the crime!

This game set comes with guides for 14 characters, a host, a detective, ballots, and costumes. Plus, the kit includes audio playback files, evidence files, and even invitations! The game works on any conferencing software, and the activity length depends on the number of players.

Check out Roller Disco Disaster.

3. You Only Die Once

Teams can become James Bond heroes with You Only Die Once. This murder mystery takes place at the end of the Cold War. Evil masterminds and intelligence agencies alike gather to discuss a truce. However, before talks can begin, the body of Roger Damsels is discovered. Players must determine whether spies or villains were responsible for this MI6 agent’s death.

When searching for printable murder mystery games, Red Herring Games is a great choice. The firm offers this mystery for six to 20 players. For an additional fee, you can hire one of the firm’s hosts to run the game for you. This set features character booklets, invitations and envelopes, full instructions with a hosting guide, and theme and recipe suggestions. Plus, the inspector script is available as an MP3 file or video.

Check out You Only Die Once.

4. The Detective Club Murder

This free murder mystery game is a unique take on this activity. Ruth Ware has penned several mystery novels, including The Woman in Cabin 10 and The Lying Game. For a fun way for readers to interact with her books, Ware has created a free murder mystery game on her website.

Players in The Detective Club Murder are all members of an elite crime-writing group. The club meets up for their 50th anniversary, but writer Sir Aubrey St Clair gets stabbed in his study. Teams must work together to find the culprit, as it could be any one of them!

The site features character packs for each player, a host pack for leaders, and a set of murder mystery badges. Further, Ware recorded several video introductions to help set the scene. With eight possible endings, teams will love discovering the truth of The Detective Club Murder!

Check out The Detective Club Murder.

5. Cold Case Inc.

For a more unique take on online crime solving games, consider Cold Case Inc. This firm creates in-depth fictional cold cases that teams can solve together. Packages include crime scene photos, witness statements, audio recordings, and video footage.

Here are the available games to choose from:

  • The Stonewood Mystery: This case follows the murder of Emily Williams, a teenager from a small English village.
  • A Summer to Die For: Construction company owner Neil Collins is murdered, and players have to investigate a large list of suspects.
  • The Elite Grand Enigma: Isabella Novakova, a renowned socialite, dies under mysterious circumstances.

Games include plenty of suspects, clues, and red herrings to keep players on their toes!

Check out Cold Case Inc.

6. 5 Minute Mystery

If your team is interested in short online murder mystery games, then consider checking out 5 Minute Mystery! This site publishes two new mysteries per week, so there are always new murders to solve. Teams will find clues, search for solutions, and solve the case!

One example of an available mystery is The Missing Dagger. In this case, lifelong friends from junior high discuss a deadly and beautiful jewel-encrusted dagger.

To play games on this site, team members need to create free accounts. Then, folks can join or create leagues. Best of all, players can even write and submit their own stories to the site! 5 Minute Mystery even has a leaderboard to keep track of top players.

Check out 5 Minute Mystery.

7. Pirates, Plunder, and Murder

Employees can put on their eye patches and peg legs during this swashbuckling adventure! Pirates, Plunder, and Murder takes place in 1715 at Port Plunder. A group of pirates and captives crash land at the port while following a treasure map to the Kraken’s Crown. Pirates soon find their captain, Billy Blood, stabbed with a cutlass. Plus, the treasure map is missing. Teams must solve both mysteries before Hook-Handed Hal comes looking for the map!

Teams of six to 14 can play this game together. The kit includes host instructions, character booklets, and themed party invitations. Plus, the set has plenty of clues to keep players on their toes! Consider this mystery for an adventure on the high seas.

Check out Pirates, Plunder, and Murder.

8. The Greatest Murder

This circus-themed murder will keep teams on their toes! In this adventure, players are circus workers who are celebrating the end of a successful show. As performers party, tensions rise, and several arguments break out. By the end of the night, one of the Burnam brothers turns up dead. Players must decide who the killer is and whether or not that particular Burnam was the real target!

Games last from one and a half to three and a half hours, and up to 20 players can join in. With this kit, hosts even get to play along! The downloadable set features a host guide, detective audio files, and evidence packs. Also, hosts will receive character booklets, game ballots, costume suggestions, and game invitations.

Check out The Greatest Murder.

9. Murder At Madgrove Manor

This murder mystery combines with an escape room for the ultimate team building fun! In this double murder, Augustus Madgrove and his wife Edna were killed at a grand party they were hosting. Only the highest society members were invited to the party, leaving townspeople on edge about the killer’s identity. Detectives discover crytpic clues in nine different rooms that they hope lead to the murderer.

Players must solve the puzzles in each of the nine rooms to escape. Plus, the game features a final puzzle that reveals the killer! Players can join from any device, and the game even offers a digital notepad. Teams can simply join from a single link and solve the mystery!

Check out Murder At Madgrove Manor.

10. The Disappearance of Kitty Wake

In this two-crime mystery, a murder takes place in Fawnton that inspires detectives to reopen the missing persons case of Kitty Wake. Players must look at evidence from ten years ago and today in order to see if the two cases are connected. Additionally, participants must question suspects, and the questions asked will change what they learn.

This story spans four in-game days, so teams can either play the entire game in one sitting or space it out. Players can work together over Zoom and see which of the six suspects committed the modern-day murder!

Check out The Disappearance of Kitty Wake.

11. National Cook Offed

Food fanatics will love checking out these cooking-contest themed mystery! In this story, controversial judge Henry Chester arrives at the finale of a cooking show. His history of rude comments and reviews has caught up to him, and one of the suspects silences Chester for good. Players must decide whether the killer is a jealous co-judge, former show contestant, or even a crew member.

Players will have access to suspect interview recordings, case evidence, hidden clues, and added puzzles. Hosts can also check out the final solution in a password-protected file. Teams can stir up some mystery in the kitchen with this kit!

Check out National Cook Offed.

12. Blood, Gold & A Night of Jazz

If you want to surprise your team with a murder mystery that is shocking, unpredictable, and exciting, then you should play Blood, Gold & A Night of Jazz. The story takes place in a tech mogul’s home, where a horrible murder was committed. As part of the game, each player receives a specific character and backstory. Then, team members act out their roles and work together to uncover the killer’s identity.

This game accommodates groups of 4 to 14 players. Plus, each game comes with visual guides, graphics, and instructions that make gameplay simple, even for beginners.

Check out Blood, Gold & A Night of Jazz.

13. Black Noir Murder Escape

One of the best online group murder mystery games is Black Noir Murder Escape. In this story, your team solves a public figure’s murder. All players in this game take on the role of Private Investigator Mr. Jones.

Black Noir’s gameplay is different from other murder mystery experiences. Instead of having each player join the game from their own computer, one participant takes control. The lead player’s responsibility is to open the game in their browser and share their screen on Zoom for the rest of the group to see. The lead player takes cues from teammates and moves through the story as the whole team works together to complete challenges.

Black Noir Murder Escape is best suited for groups of three to five players. If you have a larger team, then we suggest moving smaller groups into breakout rooms.

Check out Black Noir Murder Escape.

14. Prom Nightmare

Prom Nightmare is a murder mystery game that takes place at a high school prom. Each character in the story has an interesting and unique storyline, which keeps players on their toes. Be sure to encourage team members to dress in their best prom attire for your event.

This game accommodates up to 14 players. Each package includes audio files, detective guides, templates, and invitations to help you efficiently plan your event. If you want to transport your team members back in time to relive their high school years, then Prom Nightmare is the best choice.

Learn more about Prom Nightmare.

15. Night of Mystery

Night of Mystery is home to a wide range of murder mystery games and templates. You can search the website for a thrilling and unique theme that best suits your team.

Themes available on Night of Mystery include:

  • Murder in Sin City
  • Trailer Park Tragedy
  • A Clueless Murder
  • Murder of a Millionaire
  • Lights, Camera, MURDER
  • Murder in Margaritaland
  • Murder at the Deadwood Saloon
  • Murder Off the Field

Once you choose a theme, download the PDF and familiarize yourself with the plot, roles, and directions. Then, set up a Zoom meeting and solve the mystery alongside your teammates.

Learn more about Night of Mystery.

16. Broadway Murder Mysteries

Broadway Murder Mysteries is a unique murder mystery experience focused on theater and acting. This platform offers 20 game templates and themes to suit any team. A playwright pens each story, and voice actors perform the lines, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the game. Although most stories include 4 to 20 main characters, additional players are welcome to join the game as detectives.

Explore Broadway Murder Mysteries.

17. Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries

Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries offers six murder mystery game themes that accommodate 6 to 12 players. With different cases to choose from, you will surely find a story that your team will enjoy.

Themes available on the platform include:

  • Murder in the West Wing
  • Mafia
  • Western
  • Space Smugglers
  • That Show About Love
  • Superheroes

The best part about Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries is that each game has a dedicated host to guide your team, answer questions, and moderate the activity.

Explore Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries.

18. My Mystery Party

My Mystery Party is home to a vast selection of murder mystery games. Be sure to browse through the options before choosing a game for you and your team. Once you choose a storyline and begin your game, an experienced staff member can answer any of your questions and provide assistance during your game.

My Mystery Party offers over 100 murder mystery themes for all ages. With games that accommodate up to 300 players, you will surely find the perfect option for your team. The best part about this platform is that you can instantly download your game of choice for your virtual event.

Explore My Mystery Party.

19. Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Teams interested in murder mystery apps should check out Suspects: Mystery Mansion. Up to nine players go to a mansion to solve a murder mystery. However, the killer is still in the group and is trying to stop the investigation! Players will do different tasks to investigate the crimes. Between rounds, players will have discussions to see if they can identify the killer. Then, members will vote to remove a player from the mansion. If players accidentally remove an innocent guest, though, then the killers are closer to winning the game! This game combines collaboration and communication in a fun and exciting app.

Check out Suspects: Mystery Mansion on Android and Apple.


Online murder mystery games allow teammates to spend time with each other while engaging in a fun social activity. As part of this game, team members work together to solve a mystery and find the killer. Murder mystery games are ideal if you are looking to enhance team building and bonding among your employees. Plus, teammates can play together without leaving their homes.

You can host virtual murder mysteries on a variety of platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. The best part about remote murder mystery games is that this activity promotes important skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Next, check out our lists of online group tours, virtual offsite ideas, and online games to play on Zoom.

FAQ: Online murder mystery games

Here are answers to common questions about online murder mystery games.

What are online murder mystery games?

Online murder mystery games are role-playing games where players act as detectives to solve a crime. Your team can play these games virtually on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. You can find many game options available online, from free game templates to fully hosted events.

What are some good free online murder mystery games?

Although many online murder mysteries are for sale, many free options are available online.

Some of the best free online murder mystery games include:

  • Suspects: Mystery Mansion
  • 5 Minute Mystery
  • The Detective Club Murder

If you are looking for free virtual murder mystery games to play with your team, then we recommend researching different versions online until you find a template your team members will enjoy.

How do I play online murder mystery games?

Before you begin your online murder mystery game, decide if you want to lead the game yourself or work with an outside company to host the event.

If you choose to enlist the help of experienced professionals, then do your research to choose a game that your team will enjoy. For example, you should explore different options, schedule a date and time, and follow any instructions to make your event a success. This option allows you to book a fully hosted murder mystery game online, which takes the burden of planning off your shoulders.

If you decide to lead the activity yourself, then you can research game templates online. Be sure to choose a template that is simple enough to lead on your own. Once you choose a template, read all materials, assign roles to each player, and practice your presentation. Then, set a date and time, create an online meeting, and share the meeting link with team members.

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