Where To Eat Near The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Jesse Sussman

Marketing Associate

Looking for where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles?

You’re probably either already at the museum with a grumbling stomach, or you’re planning a trip and want the lowdown on the best eats in town. Maybe you’re bringing your company on tour with us and want to grab a bite afterward.

Either way, our renegade tours need fuel, and LA has some amazing food to prepare or recharge after your museum adventure.

We’ve spent years in and around the museum and have the full scoop on the best places to fill your gullet before/after/in-between an awesome trip to the Getty. Check below for the full list!

Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles 


On this page you’ll find a handpicked list of restaurants categorized as quick eats, bang for your buck, delicious sitdown, brunch & coffee, vegan & juice, drinks, and splurge. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Here’s our current shortlist for favorite food spots near the Getty:



Poke Me — Cash in on the poke craze at this Chipotle-style restaurant. Mix and match for your perfect bowl. Healthy, tons of variety, large portions, affordable and filling!   

Roast Deli — High quality meats, filling sandwiches and huuuge portions at this neighborhood deli. The French dip is out of this world. For extra quickness, order on the beyond menu app for pick up! 

California Pita — Quick, fresh Mediterranean food super close to the Getty. A great option to grab some quick, delicious grub on the fly. I mean, just look at the picture below.


Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
It’s not cheating if it’s with food.



Koguryo Korean BBQ — Fresh meats and veggies grilled right in front of you. Good value: you get a LOT of food for what you pay. Heads up: parking is valet only. 

Manny’s Pizzeria  — Unpretentious pizza joint away from the hustle and bustle. The minestrone will make your head spin. They make the pizza fresh, so it can take a while. 

La Brea Ramen Bar — We’ll let the below picture do most of the talking. A bowl of ramen will run you somewhere between $9 and $11. Quality lunch specials from 11:30am-5pm Monday thru Friday. 


Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
Ramen, you’ve come so far since college.



Bandera — The best upscale BBQ in town. Lively atmosphere with mouthwatering entrees. Try the chicken and ribs. Good date spot. Reservations recommended. 

SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa — The sushi here is so fresh that it melts in your mouth. The place is pretty small and gets super busy around 7:30pm, so try to avoid that timeframe if possible, unless you’re OK with waiting. Lunch prices turn to dinner prices at 3:30pm.

Il Piccolo Verde — Authentic Italian with a cozy atmosphere. Some say it’s got the best pizza in LA. Others call their cioppino the “world’s best”. Plenty of parking outside, outdoor seating on the patio.


Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
No, you’re not just seeing things.



Farmshop — An indoor gourmet market on one side and a sit down restaurant on the other. Their weekend brunch gets crowded FAST, so grab a reservation before heading over. We could write a thesis about the baba ghanoush.

Amandine Patisserie Cafe — Cute, unpretentious brunch spot with insane pastries. Like, you might need to carry a bucket with you because your mouth will be watering all over the place. Well-priced. Shaded outdoor patio seating also available, customers only parking lot in the back.

Espresso Profetta — In a world that’s been taken over by coffee chains, Espresso Profetta is a lovely mom and pop shop with delicious gourmet brew. Heads up: this place gets pretty busy, no outlets in the seating area.


Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
Hi, I’m just wondering, do you offer a meal plan? Yes, I’m serious.



Native Foods — A casual vegan/vegetarian joint with a cozy atmosphere, good selection, and competitive prices. No meat on the menu, but the vegan substitutes taste enough like the real thing to satisfy even the most ravenous carnivores among us.

sweetgreen — Super tasty, large, fresh salads. Open until 10pm, unlike most of the health-conscious places nearby. Heads up: they don’t accept cash! You can only use the sweetgreen app or card. One Yelper says “Sweetgreen is on a path towards world salad domination!”

Juice Crafters — These juices aren’t cheap, but they’re top notch. Place is small so this more like a grab’n’go than a hang’n’chill. 


Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
Vegan paradise.



Bar Toscana —  An intimate, upscale cocktail bar with a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. They’ve also got real Italian food on the menu. Pricey. A good date spot. 

TAKUMA Santa Monica SAKE & IZAKAYA — Sake anyone? Many call this a “hidden gem” for good reason. You can get a great Japanese meal with your sake too — it’s served tapas style, so you’ll probabaly want to load up on a few dishes. Great service and prices for what you get. Reservations recommended.

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar — Large beer selection, great cocktails, and tasty burgers. I mean, just look at the picture below. Our knees are getting weak just looking at it. 


Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.



Restaurant At The Getty Center — This one’s inside the museum! Absolutely gorgeous views of Santa Monica. Quaint atmosphere, great service, delicious food. If you’re looking to splurge, you’ve found your spot. 

Katsuya Brentwood — Super trendy, lounge-like sushi spot. The ambience and decor are lovely. This is fine dining, and everyone’s dressed to the nines! You don’t need a reservation for lunch, but you’ll want to place for one for dinner. 

Toscana — You ready to splurge? Toscana is a staple in the Brentwood dining scene. Fresh, upscale Italian fare in a lively setting with a warm vibe. Reservations are a must.


Where to eat near the Getty Museum in Los Angeles
Hubba hubba.

Alright, now that food’s covered — ready to grab tickets for an unforgettable tour at the Getty Museum? We guarantee you’ll have an amazing time. See you there! 

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