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Team Building Resources November 10, 2023 18 Best Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

The thought of participating in company team building activities can often evoke eye rolls, dread, and resentment among your employees. We here at the Los Angeles branch of Team Building Activities are here to change that.

Done right, team building has proven to be effective in boosting employee engagement and job satisfaction. Plus, the right corporate events are fun — and will have your team looking forward to the next company outing.

Los Angeles is home to hundreds of top companies with equally great employees, so it’s no surprise the City of Angels is a hotbed for fun corporate events and team building activities.

We’ve researched and vetted the different company team building events in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the surrounding area to put together this list of the best of the best team building activities.

Below, you’ll find a list of our top recommendations for the best team outings, team bonding options, company outing ideas, fun group activities for adults, and corporate event ideas in Southern California.

Ready to plan the best company off-site your team has ever had?

1. Museum Hack

Museum Hack is tops in company team building activities and corporate event ideas in Los Angeles.
This museum tour will impress your coworkers, even the ones who claim to hate museums.

Museum Hack is our top choice for corporate team building activities in Los Angeles. These company events are optimized to guarantee a team outing that is the most fun you’ll ever have in a museum (and maybe the most fun you’ll ever have team building, too)!

Here is what you can expect:

  • knowledgeable hosts and expert storytellers
  • icebreakers, photo ops, and picture challenges
  • amazing museum info and artifacts

Museum Hack’s guides specialize in relating objects from the Getty’s extensive collection of awesome objects and works of art to your company’s mission and core values. These team experiences are customizable to your company’s unique needs. The company once even ran a custom yogurt-themed museum tour for Dannon! Add on a post-tour wine reception and or storytelling workshop to turn your employees into experts in crafting incredible stories to resonate with your business clients.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off leads company team building activities in Los Angeles
Mashing avocdaos = one of the best company team building activities in Los Angeles!

What do you get when you mix delicious mashed-up avocados and kicka** corporate team building activities? That would be the Great Guac Off! The Great Guac Off has cooked up the perfect team building recipe: a dash of fun games, a sprinkle of avocado puns, a pinch of trivia, and a heaping spoonful of friendly guacamole-making competition.

Teams will experience the following:

  • 90 minutes with world-class hosts
  • avocado-themed icebreakers, mini-games, and trivia
  • premium guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to change up the recipes
  • a high-energy avocado mash-off and judging round

This VIP avocado party can be hosted at your office, a conference center, or at one of the official Guac Off sites throughout LA, Long Beach, or Santa Monica. The Great Guac Off is a great option for companies looking for team building for large groups, as there’s no limit on group size.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Gingerbread Games

Gingerbread Wars is a great team building activity for company holiday parties.
It’s a merry team building activity!

Gingerbread Games is one of the best team building activities in Los Angeles and the perfect way to wrap up your year with a great company holiday party that doubles as sneaky team building and bonding.

During your corporate event, you’ll do the following:

  • spend 90 minutes with festive hosts
  • compete in holiday trivia and other small challenges
  • face off in an epic gingerbread house-building competition
  • win prizes, eat, drink, and be merry

Gingerbread Games can be hosted at your offices, the location of your choice, or at one of the company’s Los Angeles team building locations. Make your holiday party an all-in-one event with festive snacks, cookies, and a professional photographer.

Note: Gingerbread Games only takes reservations for dates through the holiday season (but elves answer the phone year-round), so it’s a good idea to book your company holiday party early.

Learn more about Gingerbread Games.

4. Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is a one-of-a-kind wellness experience. The hot springs have been around for hundreds of years. Visitors can enjoy an extensive list of activities, from spa treatments like body massages and facials to a dip in the hot springs. Club Mud is a mud pool filled with California red clay to help cleanse the skin. The mineral baths are around 104 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for a 20-minute soak.

After the mineral soak, folks can head to other pools, like lounge pools and cold-plunge pools. Glen Ivy even has a secret cave treatment with multiple pool temperatures. In addition, the spa has a huge list of spa treatments available. After a relaxing day, teams can shop at the resident stores or stop by the restaurants for a refreshing bite to eat. For a relaxing afternoon with your team, consider stopping by!

Learn more about Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

5. Shatto 39 Lanes

Shatto 39 Lanes is a premier bowling center featuring 39 lanes. The center offers plenty of entertainment options, including bowling, billiards, and an arcade. Plus, the alley has a variety of bowling leagues, such as the Tuesday Night Bowling League and the long-running Wednesday Mix4 and Wednesday Pins leagues. For teams who love playing pool, this venue is perfect, featuring over six pool tables. Gamers will love the mix of classic pinball cabinets and modern Halo games. The space also has a full-service bar and restaurant to spice up any outing. Bowling makes for a great company outing!

Learn more about Shatto 39 Lanes.

6. Sherman Oaks Castle Park

Sherman Oaks Castle Park is an entertainment center that offers a variety of engaging activities. Visitors can start their experience by enjoying a round of mini-golf. Then, folks can head over to the arcade to play some new and classic games. Finally, the park offers a batting cage, which has speeds ranging from 40 to 80 mph. Sherman Oaks Castle Park is also an ideal venue for special events, great for family gatherings, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

Learn more about Sherman Oaks Castle Park.

7. Ice Cream Party

On a budget? Pressed for time? Hosting something as seemingly small and simple as an ice cream party can have a major impact on your team’s morale. An ice cream party is pretty straightforward. Grab the classic staples like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams, and then go wild with the toppings – marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, walnuts, gummy bears, fruit loops (anything you can think of). Have your team members make individual ice cream bowls and then host a competition to see who made the best one.

Check out some of the best ice cream shops in LA.

8. Red Herring Treasure Hunts

Red Herring Treasure Hunts works with you to create a custom treasure hunt with fun activities for employees based on your individual team bonding goals and needs. These company treasure hunts can begin and end at the location of your choice, accommodate team building for large groups, be as competitive or collaborative as you like, vary in degrees of difficulty, and last for an hour or two (or you can team build for a full week!). Customizable options and flexibility make Red Herring Treasure Hunts a good option for fun corporate events in Los Angeles.

Learn more about Red Herring Treasure Hunts.

9. Fulcrum Adventures

Fulcrum Adventures’ company motto is “Do. Risk. Grow.” says it all. Fulcrum Adventures has been in business for more than two decades and specializes in team building activities in Los Angeles, ranging from high ropes challenge courses to Corporate Survivor to adventure team building retreats. These team events are all about personal and professional growth via adventure and stepping outside your comfort zone. Fulcrum Adventures’ fun, high-impact team building options can also be customized to best meet your company’s unique needs and goals. Fulcrum Adventures offers an option for active teams who believe risks and challenges are the jumping-off point for growth.

Learn more about Fulcrum Adventures.

10. Company Meetup

Corporate team building activities don’t have to be confined to just your own team. Think outside the box (and your team) and host a meetup. The major benefit to hosting your own meetup is that you get to invite everyone who makes your business so awesome, from your customers, to your suppliers, to the local community, and the families of your employees. Meetups are a great way to connect people who may not otherwise cross paths, which helps create new friendships, boost creativity, and promote inclusion. The best part is the actual corporate event possibilities are endless; you have the power to customize your meetup to be as simple or as extra as you want with food, games, activities, and more.

Check out some great meeting venues in LA.

11. Another Side of Los Angeles Tours

Another Side Of Los Angeles Tours will take your team on a fun adventure and show you team building in LA like you’ve never seen it before. The company’s team building events include a segway tour of Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, scavenger hunts, amazing chases, private wine tours in Malibu, hiking tours, and more. All of the corporate team building events are designed to promote collaboration and communication through fun activities for employees as well as assess team members’ individual strengths and develop a plan to combat weaknesses. All of Another Side of Los Angeles Tours’ company team building activities can be customized to your individual business needs and accommodate any group size.

Learn more about Another Side of Los Angeles Tours.

12. Rockreation Los Angeles

Rockreation Los Angeles is an experienced team building facilitator. Rockreation’s corporate events are designed to enhance communication skills, work through workplace challenges, or simply bring new teams together. The Los Angeles team building activities packages include Corporate Climb Time, in which you can reserve a two-hour team outing to climb rock walls, relax, and have a great time together. You can upgrade Corporate Climb Time with a light team building package to experience several team building activities designed to promote team bonding among employees or a full team building package, which offers 60-90 minutes of rock climbing time and 90 to 120 minutes of team building exercises.

Learn more about Rockreation Los Angeles.

13. Avital Tours

Avital Tours creates hands-on, fun team building activities centered around food. You and your team can choose from two different team building activities: a private dining experience with a four-course meal where each course is served at a different restaurant chosen for its unique storytelling abilities.  Add the hands-on upgrade to this team building experience, which allows your team to create a key element, like a mixology lesson, making your team’s own dessert, or possibly searing sushi with a blowtorch. Different restaurant options include Venice Beach, Jonathan Gold, tacos, cocktails, downtown LA, and Koreatown. Avital Tours is a good option for smaller teams as the company can accommodate a group of as few as eight guests.

Learn more about Avital Tours.

14. The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

Escape rooms are all the rage in the team building world because they can be a fun and challenging team building activity for employees if done right. At The Basement in Los Angeles, you’ll find four different escape room options with different challenges and stories. Each room comes with options for additional upgrades depending on your team’s specific goals. The upgrades include enhancing communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and organization. The main event is followed up with a final company outing debrief and analysis of the team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a shout-out to the MVPs of the day.

Learn more about The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience.

15. Hotel Palomar

The Hotel Palomar in Beverly Hills is a great venue to host your next team outing. Booking this space for your next event means you’ll have access to a cool game room that comes complete with shuffleboard, darts, skeeball, board games, and a pool table. Add on the bar or screening area for an all-inclusive corporate event in LA. This is a good option for a more relaxed and less structured team bonding experience. Your employees have the freedom to relax, chat, have a drink, and play games together, and forget the stress of the office. If you want to add an element of structured team building, hire an awesome facilitator, like the pros at Museum Hack, to ensure your group gets the most out of your company outing.

Learn more about Hotel Palomar.

16. Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Dinner

Who doesn’t love dinner and a show? Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Dinner in Los Angeles takes this concept to the next level with a murder mystery dinner crafted for team bonding. Keith & Margo’s CSI Team Building event is sure to get your team working together and problem-solving in new ways. During this three-hour, double murder mystery, your team will solve clues, question suspects, and take part in realistic police work while enjoying a good meal together. Does your team have what it takes to catch the killers before time runs out?

Learn more about Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Dinner.

17. Six Taste Food Tours

Six Taste Food Tours lets your coworkers sample the best food in LA, learn about the area’s history and culture, and bond at the same time. Six Taste offers a location and neighborhood to suit any group looking for a good team building activity (and delicious food!) in Los Angeles. Locations include downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Koreatown, the arts district, Hollywood, Glendale, and more. Six Taste Food Tours also has a team outing option to explore the Michelin Guide star recipients in the area. Each of these fun group activities for adults features four to seven samples and can range in price to suit a variety of budgets.

Learn more about Six Taste Food Tours.

18. Improv for the People

Improv for the People is a unique team building experience In Los Angeles. Did you know improv has the power to boost communication, creativity, and team bonding that will be taken back into the workplace? Improv for the People team building events in Los Angeles are designed to get your team to connect with each other in a fun way outside the office. It also enables you to see sides of co-workers’ personalities that may not shine as often in a corporate environment. During your company event, you’ll be encouraged to take informed risks, challenged to embrace mistakes, and forced to sharpen your listening skills. Improv for the People has hosted corporate events for companies that include MGM Grand, Kaiser Permanente, and Genentech.

Learn more about Improv for the People.

Final Thoughts

Your company team building activities in Los Angeles should be as unique and awesome as you, your team and your business. If you didn’t find the right fit on this list, then send us a message! We’d love to talk with you about your specific company needs in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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