20+ Best Team Building Activities in Philadelphia

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Team Building Resources November 27, 2022 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Philadelphia

We believe investing in team building activities is the number one way to create stronger, more cohesive teams, and happier and more loyal employees.

We’re passionate about connecting teams with the best Philadelphia team building activities, corporate events, and company outing ideas. You won’t find any drab trust falls and cheesy games that feel like a waste of time on this list!

Without further ado, here are the best team building activities, corporate event ideas, team outings, and team bonding events in Philadelphia, Camden, Levittown, Upper Darby, and Cherry Hill.

1. Museum Hack

Museum Hack is tops in team building activities in Philadelphia.
Museum Hack: the most fun you’ll ever have in a museum.

Museum Hack offers some of the best team building activities in Philadelphia. If you still aren’t 100% sold on the idea of team building, then this is hands down the company to check out. Museum Hack has turned their super successful renegade museum tours for people who don’t like museums into world class team building experiences. Every corporate event is packed with fun activities for employees like mini games and photo challenges. These activities are designed to get your team interacting and engaging with both each other and the museum’s collection. Your expert guide will fill you in on the sassy behind the scenes stories of the art, artifacts, artists, and museum itself. Museum Hack will also customize your tour content to match your industry, goals, and values. Your team will laugh, learn, and have the best time you never thought possible on a team outing.

More info here.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is an innovative addition to the team building activities industry.
The Great Guac Off has the right ingredients for your next team outing.

The Great Guac Off is one part competitive guacamole making competition and two parts super fun company team building activities. The Great Guac Off’s fun corporate events promote communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, and more. Here’s how it works: Your team will be split up into smaller teams and tasked with completing a series of mini company team building activities like trivia, punacado, and more. This corporate event will (of course) culminate in  a high energy and lots of fun guacamole making competition. At the end, everyone will participate in the final taste test, a winner will be chosen, and cool prizes will be handed out. The Great Guac Off’s team building activity can be held at your office or at one of the various TGGO locations in Philadelphia. Bonus: We like this option for team building for large groups in Philadelphia, since there’s no limit to the number of people you can bring to your corporate event.

More info here.

3. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a great alternative to your traditional company holiday party. It is also a great opportunity to combine fun end of the year celebrations with team building. We believe you should never miss an opportunity to bond with your team, and that includes your annual holiday gathering. Each corporate event with Gingerbread Wars is packed with fun activities for employees, holiday trivia, and an epic gingerbread showdown with a competition to see which group can build the office’s best gingerbread house. Snacks, catering, and BYOB are all optional additions to ramp up your team event. Gingerbread Wars’ facilitators will even come decorate your office (or the Philadelphia Gingerbread Wars team building location, if that’s where you choose to host your team outing) before the festivities get underway. Gingerbread Wars’ fun corporate events work well with any size group.

More info here.

4. Pick a tourist activity and do it together

Because you work near Philadelphia, you’re already at a huge advantage: you’re in an incredible city with tons of fun things to do. Why not pick a cool historic tourist activity and do it together as a team? It can be easy to forget to take advantage of the cool things Philadelphia offers. When was the last time you checked out the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall? Book a tour or take a walk of these sites, then head out for lunch or dinner after at a cool local spot.

5.  Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds hosts cool new Philadelphia team building activities. Four phrases to describe Launchy Birds’ corporate events are wildly chaotic, high energy, very competitive and tons of fun. Launchy Birds uses “construct and destruct” game mechanics and strategy to encourage team bonding around shared goals. What does a Launchy Birds team outing look like? Each team will be given weird objects and is tasked with building a sturdy castle. Then, all the teams will be given odd items (plus a catapult) and attempt to destroy and knock down the other castles. The goal, of course, is to build the last castle standing. Afterward, points will be awarded, a winner chosen, and cool prizes given out to everyone. Launchy Birds can come to your office, the location of your choice, or you can visit Launchy Birds’ Philadelphia location. All group sizes are welcome.

More info here.

6. Women in Leadership by Museum Hack

Women in Leadership tours are fun corporate events created by the team building pros at Museum Hack. These corporate events are accessible to all genders and employees of any leadership level. If your team needs some motivation and inspiration, then we think this is the team outing for you. Each tour dives deep into the stories of history’s greatest female leaders and artists. Your tour also includes fun activities, group photos, and meaningful discussions. Museum Hack can customize the museum route and content to match your company’s unique values and industry. Tours are optimized to inspire and empower leaders of all levels, including your senior executives and young stars.

More info here.

7. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling is, by a long shot, the best skill in any employee’s tool belt. Seriously, whether you work in leadership, marketing, sales, customer support, HR, or a different department, learning how to be a master storyteller is a powerful skill. Stories are, in essence, how we communicate, and stories are the most powerful way to motivate and create bonds with others. These storytelling workshops are designed to be both fun and educational. Your team will learn a foolproof formula to telling the best stories and practice this new skill in the form of fun games and challenges. Your team will have a great time and walk away from this event as master storytellers — a tangible skill to put into practice at work right away. This corporate event will upgrade your team’s performance almost instantaneously.

More info here.

8. Zoo Hack

When was the last time you went to the zoo? Was it on a school field trip? If so, then it’s time to check it out again with Zoo Hack. Zoo Hack runs unconventional team building tours at the Philadelphia Zoo packed full of fun group activities for adults and corporate team building activities. Your team outing will include interactive games and activities alongside renegade stories about the animals and habitats you won’t hear anywhere else. Zoo Hack uses carefully crafted icebreakers, games, and team building activities to make sure your team connects in a genuine way that continues when you get back to the office. Zoo Hack’s team building tours are entertaining, fun, and educational.

9. North Bowl

Bowling is tried and true as far as company team building activities go. Bowling is familiar and often nostalgic, and we’ll bet everyone on your team already knows how to do it. A friendly game of bowling offers the right amount of fun and competition for a team outing that’s not meant to be hard hitting. Bowling is easy to plan and doesn’t require a team building company, so it’s a good option for a more casual team event. If you’re looking for a more impactful team building activity, we still recommend choosing one of the top team building pros on our list. If bowling sounds right up your alley (see what we did there?), then North Bowl in Philadelphia is a good option, especially if you’re looking for team building for large groups, since North Bowl will let you rent out the alley to host a private party.

More info here.

10. Escape the Room Philadelphia

Escape the Room Philly offers escape room company team building activities and fun activities for employees in Philadelphia. The concept of escape rooms is quite simple: you and your team are locked in a room and you’ve got to figure out how to escape in less than 60 minutes. What happens during that hour is what builds stronger teams. During your corporate event, your team will be tasked with solving a series of difficult clues and puzzles in order to escape. Employees will have to learn quickly how to a) listen and communicate clearly and efficiently, b) problem solve as a unit under pressure, and c) think outside the box.

More info here.

11. ComedySportz Philadelphia

ComedySportz Philadelphia uses improv techniques and a series of fun group activities for adults to create top notch company team building activities in Philadelphia. Improv can help improve individual and team communication, collaboration, problem solving, and creative thinking skills. We know standing up in front of your coworkers and doing improv might sound terrifying, but don’t worry; the facilitators are experts at creating a safe and relaxed space for everyone to feel at ease. This special company event allows coworkers to connect with each other in ways employees would likely never have the opportunity to during your everyday office setting.

More info here.

12. Arnold’s Family Fun Center

Arnold’s Family Fun Center hosts fun corporate events for the young at heart. Arnold’s is home to classic and beloved childhood games. You’ll find things like laser tag, go kart racing, and bowling. Spend a few hours playing, laughing, and having fun with your team outside the office. Arnold’s offers Philadelphia team building activities that include a private dining room with on-site catering menu, an open bar, and a theater room with A/V hookups and seats for 150 people. Arnold’s also offers specialized packages for the following company events: Team Building Activity, Product Roll Out, Holiday Party or Employee Recognition, and more.

More info here.

13. iFLY

Indoor skydiving at iFLY is a unique team bonding opportunity and provides cool company team building activities in Philadelphia. Thanks to an indoor tunnel that mimics the rush of the wind, your team members will experience the thrills of skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane. This thrilling and adrenaline packed corporate event is sure to bond your team on a new and deeper level. iFLY also has additional amenities to compliment any company outing, including an on-site meeting room, A/V hook-ups, and catering options.

More info here.

14. Painting with a Twist

Painting parties have quickly become one of the most popular fun group activities for adults and a great option for team bonding, too. Painting with a Twist offers private painting parties, corporate events, and team outings. This corporate activity is a great way for your team to connect outside the office and get creative energy flowing. You don’t have to be a skilled painter to have fun at these types of corporate events; just the right playful attitude (and a glass of wine) go a long way. During your team event, you’ll be taught by a local artist who will show you how to paint the chosen scene. All supplies are included in your price, from brushes to easels to smocks. Bonus: the studio is BYOB, so you can choose to bring outside food and beverages to your event.

More info here.

15. Host A Meetup

Hosting a meetup is one of our favorite ways to thank and connect everyone (yes, we said everyone!) who contributes to your business. Bring your entire network together (think vendors, suppliers, employees’ families, and your local community) for an awesome afternoon of food, fun, games, and relaxation. You can hold your meetup at your office or a favorite local spot like a park, cafe, or bar. Your meetup can be as simple or involved as you want it to be. No matter what you choose, don’t overlook planning a few small interactive activities to get your guests networking and creating new authentic relationships. We like icebreakers, mini scavenger hunts, and photo challenges for meetup-style events.

16. SPIN

Teams who play together stay together (and form stronger close knit bonds). A few hours at SPIN Philadelphia is one of the best company outing ideas in Philadelphia. SPIN is home to ping pong tables, snacks, drinks, a great happy hour, and super cool vibe. SPIN is the perfect place to take a small team for an afterwork happy hour or to rent out the space for a large private team event. With options for tables, a lounge, a private VIP bar, and on-site catering and drinks, SPIN has everything you need to plan fun corporate events.

More info here.

17. Urban Axes

Axe throwing has quickly become a popular group activity for adults. Urban Axes, located in both Kensington and South Philadelphia, has taken this unique activity and modified it for team bonding. During your team event, you’ll participate in company team building activities and axe throwing games. You’ll earn points along the way, blow off some steam, and earn cool prizes, like a trophy for the champion and company swag to go home with. Urban Axes is a great option for a variety of teams, including team building for large groups, as the location can host groups ranging in size from a minimum of six to more than 100.

More info here.

18. Trivia

Trivia is a simple, yet fun and effective team building activity that’s easy to put together. You can create your own custom trivia with fun questions about your coworkers, company, and more for a DIY team building activity in Philadelphia. Trivia is a cost effective option for company team building activities, but if you don’t want to do the planning and questions yourself, The Big Quiz is a good option for team outings. The Big Quiz will design custom trivia games for your groups and teams ranging from five to 500 people. The Big Quiz will host your event at a location of your choosing, including but not limited to, your office or a bar.

More info here.

19. Ice Cream Social

We love the idea of sprinkling small moments of team bonding into your everyday in-office routines. Why not shake up your next big team meeting with an ice cream social or burrito bar? If you don’t regularly host fun food at your meetings, then this is a great way to show some appreciation to your employees and allow them to bond and relax together either before or after you get down to business. This is a cost-effective way to come together as a team without having to leave the office, and your team will appreciate your effort.

Ready to choose your own top team building activities in Philadelphia?

As you can see, corporate team building activities can come in a variety of sizes and shapes — and that’s a great thing because team building is not one size fits all.

Research shows there are endless benefits of team building, including better communication, increased creativity, stronger problem solving skills, and an overall boost in morale.

Have questions about planning the perfect team building events in Philadelphia, Camden, Levittown, Upper Darby, and Cherry Hill areas? Not sure which of these awesome options is the best Philadelphia team building activity? Get in touch! We’d love to help you plan.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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