20+ Best Team Building Activities in Las Vegas

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Team Building Resources November 27, 2022 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a list of the best corporate event ideas in Las Vegas, then we’re so glad you’ve found us here at Team Building Activities Las Vegas! No matter where you are in your team outing planning, our goal is to make the process smoother, easier, and more straightforward so there’s less guesswork and more team bonding.

At Team Building Activities Las Vegas, we believe in the magic of a great corporate event, but we also know that not all team building activities are created equal. We know you’re busy and taking the time to vet all of the different companies offering team outings in Las Vegas is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you.

All of the companies on our list are here for a specific reason. We’ve evaluated the businesses providing team building activities in Las Vegas to find the best team building activities, the most fun team building activities, team building scavenger hunts, corporate events with food, and the most unusual team building activities in Las Vegas. Each company has been evaluated based on several key factors: fun, effectiveness, innovation, and price.

Read on for our top suggestions for the best team building activities in Vegas.

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is the best team building activity in Las Vegas.
Do you have the skills to make the best chips and guac in your office?

Your team will have a guac’in good time at The Great Guac Off, our top pick for the best team building activity in Vegas! The Great Guac Off scores top marks across the board: this team outing is fun, unique, reasonably priced, and promotes several key factors for team building, like collaboration, competition, and communication. Your team will have a great time competing to crown the office guac champ, will enjoy the fruits of their labor with delicious chips and guac, and can compete in mini challenges and trivia. Upgrade your event to include catering, snacks, and BYOB.

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2. ScavBoss

Few team activities are as popular for team building than scavenger hunts, and ScavBoss goes a step beyond the normal and provides a team building experience unlike any other. ScavBoss offers a few different types of scavenger hunts, including a pre-planned Las Vegas hunt, a custom scavenger hunt optimized for team building that can be built around a particular location or even your company values, and our favorite: The Impossible Hunt, which is intentionally designed to be impossible to solve. No matter which option you choose for your next team outing, you’ll get a corporate event that’s fun, challenging, engaging, and insightful.

3. Gingerbread Wars

Reading this in February? Don’t skip this blurb just because the holidays are over! It’s never too early to look for great company holiday party ideas and with limited availability from October through December, it’s worth giving Gingerbread Wars a call any time of year to lock in your event. Gingerbread Wars is a fun, unique team building activity centered around a gingerbread house making competition. Your team members will build a killer gingerbread house, play holiday games, and come together for a holiday party that’ll have everyone counting down until next year when you can do it again! Snacks, catering, and BYOB are all possible. Host your Gingerbread Wars at your office, at the off-site location of your choice, or at Gingerbread Wars’ Las Vegas HQ. It’s time to get merry!

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4. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is the ultimate in unusual team outings in Las Vegas; it also scored top marks in our different categories of evaluation (price, fun, innovation, effectiveness, etc). Launchy Birds is a clever, unique concept at a great price for a team building activity. Launchy Birds’ events are fun, unique, and collaborative. Your team will use construct and deconstruct game mechanics and strategies to build towers and fortresses; then, employees compete to knock those towers down. This team event is competitive, hilarious, and fast-paced; bonus: it can be held anywhere with any group size, making it a great choice for team building for large groups.

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5. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon is an adventurous and fun site for your next corporate team building activity in Las Vegas. Choose from the different biking or hiking trails in the area, or decide to cruise the beautiful scenic loop that’s meant to be driven. You could even go crazy and rock climb together if your team enjoys that sort of adventurous undertaking! Red Rock Canyon can be as relaxing or as crazy of a team outing as you make it.

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6. Wreck Room

Ever wanted to smash something and not have to worry about the consequences? At Wreck Room, you can! Wreck Room is a team outing that might be a good choice for teams that have been particularly stressed out recently. Allow your coworkers to take out frustrations on Wreck Room’s assorted items, like dishes, bowls, printers, and more. Wreck Room will provide all the tools needed to get destructive. Pricing starts at $55 per person for the basic corporate event package.

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7. Movie night

Do you want an easy to plan team event for your next company outing? Look no further than a visit to the cinema! There are some really cool movie theaters in the Vegas area (as well as plenty of average theaters that’ll get the job done). Rent the entire theater or just simply go online and book as many tickets as you need, and you’ll have a relaxing, simple, and affordable team building event ready to go.

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8. Dig This

It’s a childhood dream come to life for many of your coworkers. Dig This gives your employees the chance to operate a bunch of cool construction equipment. Your group will be split into two teams, who are then tasked with designing a handful of challenges (biggest hole, tallest structure, etc.) for both teams to compete in using things like excavators and bulldozers. Dig This is a unique team building activity in Las Vegas that promotes collaboration, communication, teamwork, and friendly competition.

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9. Las Vegas Distillery

Visit the Las Vegas Distillery to enjoy the only spot in Nevada where bourbon is made. Choose from an informal guided tour or book one of the distillery’s custom corporate events packages. A sample team building activity includes learning how to barrel and bottle bourbon. Guests will even be able to bring a bottle of Nevada’s prized bourbon home with them after your team event. All group sizes are welcome, big and small.

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10. Visit the Grand Canyon

This next item on our list of the best team building activities in Las Vegas certainly requires a bit of a lengthier commitment, but is impressive in nature. The Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, is a short trip from Vegas. Book your team event to the Grand Canyon and you’ll enjoy Vegas Strip pick-up and drop-off and will be able to spend a few hours exploring the Grand Canyon, Route 66, and Hoover Dam, among other cool landmarks in the area.

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11. Impact Archery

Archery is becoming a common choice for team building activities in Las Vegas. Impact Archery offers expert instruction in shooting bows and arrows; following a coaching session, your team members will be tasked with heading into the arena to compete in an archery competition. This team event is competitive, encourages learning a new skill, and showcases your team members’ strengths and weaknesses in a situation where they may not be 100% comfortable right off the bat.

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12. Bubble Soccer Las Vegas

Have you ever played Bubble Soccer? If not, then you might be in for a treat. Bubble Soccer is a wild variation of one of the most popular sports in the world. Your team members will dress in their own bubble suit before being split into two groups. Now, it’s time to play soccer while dressed up as a bubble! The suits help to add a fun dimension to the team event, while also limiting the abilities of any athletic superstars on your team. Bubble Soccer is fun, engaging, and silly, making it a good choice for a fun company outing in Vegas.

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13. The Mob Museum

You don’t need us to tell you that Las Vegas is one of the most tourist friendly destinations not only in the country, but in the world. Vegas has so many cool things to do, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick out a fun tourist activity to do together as a team. Chances are, you don’t spend enough time exploring your home’s fun activities the way visitors would; checking out the sights of Vegas together can be a fun team bonding experience. Why not book some tickets to visit the Mob Museum and learn more about the way organized crime shaped the entire development of Las Vegas? Make reservations at a nearby restaurant for food and drinks after to complete your company outing.

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14. Visit the Strip

In keeping with our theme of exploring Vegas through the eyes of a tourist; what could be more Vegas than an afternoon on the Strip? Pick a fun activity to do together as a team, whether that’s climbing up the Eiffel Tower, zipping around the roller coaster at New York, New York, catching a show in one of the hotels, or even taking a group photo in front of the welcome sign. There are no shortage of fun group activities for adults on the Strip; it’s just a matter of picking which one you want to explore for your next team event!

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15. Lip Smacking Foodie Tours

Do you like to eat? We’ve got good news for the foodies on your team! Vegas is home to some of the best food in the country; take advantage of this and book a food tour for your next team building activity. Lip Smacking Foodie Tours takes visitors on tours highlighting the wide range of different food available in Sin City. Your tour will feature visits with top chefs, custom tasting menus, and more. This food tour of Vegas offers a very VIP vibe for your employees.

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16. Host a blind food tasting competition

This is an easy DIY team building activity you can do anywhere. First, head to the grocery store and buy a variety of different items (be sure to consider any food allergies or dietary preferences first). Think pickles, vegetables, fruits, maybe one or two types of potato chips, candy, etc. Then, divide your team into smaller groups who must work together to guess what each blind tasting item is. The team with the most points at the end wins a small prize.

17. Apocalypse Vegas

Apocalypse Vegas offers a unique take on escape rooms and VR corporate events that have started to pop up more often lately. Apocalypse Vegas lets your team members live out their survivalist fantasies; your groups will get to experience a zombie invasion and must work together to kill zombies and survive in this new post-apocalyptic world. Your corporate event with Apocalypse Vegas includes professional instruction on breaching, tactical room clearing, communication, teamwork, and more. This is a fun and effective team building activity in Las Vegas.

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18. Give back to the local Vegas community

Use your next planned team outing to do some good for your local community. There are many organizations and worthwhile causes in Vegas that could use your team’s support. What does this look like as a team building event? There are several options that might work for your business. Consider volunteering in a food pantry, cleaning up trash, hosting a clothing or food drive, partnering with Habitat for Humanity, or going to Build-A-Bear together and then bringing the stuffed animals to a local children’s hospital. The ideas for charitable team building events are endless — and so is the impact this kind of team outing can have on your community and your employees.

19. Bust out the board games

Board games are almost always a good time, but sometimes it can be tough to carve out the time to sit down and enjoy a round of Monopoly (seriously, does anyone ever finish a game of Monopoly)? Set aside an afternoon to let your coworkers escape from their desks (make sure you give enough advance notice so no one is caught off-guard with a to-do list a mile long) and enjoy playing some fun classic board games together. Ask your team members to volunteer to bring in a few games from home, then order catering or just grab a bunch of snacks to complete your in-office team event.

The Final Word About Team Building Activities in Las Vegas

Our hope is that now you have a better idea about what kinds of team building activities and corporate events in Las Vegas are possible after reading through our list! If you’re not sure what team event to book first, then we’d recommend giving ScavBoss and The Great Guac Off a call! Both of these company events are fun, effective, well-priced, engaging, and challenging. We’d be willing to bet that your team members will have a great time at either of these two team building events in Vegas.

If you need further help planning your next company outing, then don’t hesitate to send us an email. We’d love to help!

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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