20+ Best Corporate Team Building Activities in Fort Worth

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Team Building Resources April 25, 2024 20+ Best Corporate Team Building Activities in Fort Worth

Choosing the best corporate team building activities for your business can be tricky. There are tons of companies in the Fort Worth area offering team building services, and figuring out which are legit, which are effective, and which fit your budget can be a full-time job in and of itself. That’s where we come in.

At Team Building Activities Fort Worth, we don’t think it should be hard to settle on which corporate events are a good fit for your business. Below, we’ve put together a list of the top companies offering team building activities in Fort Worth TX. We’ve even included remote team building activities and options for DIY team building activities, budget team building activities, and everything in between.

Ready to discover the best team building activities in Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Grapevine, Weatherford, Granbury, Azle, Benbrook, Burleson, and Mansfeld? Let’s get to it!

1. The Great Guac Off™

The Great Guac Off offers fun corporate team building activities.
Guac on!

We’re kicking our list off with the best team building activity Fort Worth has to offer, and that’s The Great Guac Off. This team outing is exactly what it sounds like: a fun guacamole making competition that doubles as a team bonding event. The Great Guac Off kicks off with group icebreakers and team building activities before launching into a guac competition designed to crown the best guacamole maker in the office. While the standard event includes everything you’ll need for an awesome afternoon of team bonding, upgrades include catering, snacks, drinks, BYOB, and extra event time. Locations include your office, a Fort Worth venue of your choice, or the local Guac Off HQ. All group sizes can be accommodated.

More info here.

2. Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling workshops are a fun option for team building that includes learning a new skill together; that’s a double win!

On the surface, a storytelling workshop probably sounds like it belongs on a list of team building for professional development, and that’s true, but we’ve included it so highly on our list because these particular workshops are fun, effective, engaging, well-priced, and led by a company that truly practices what it preaches. Museum Hack has long since proven its expertise in storytelling; we can think of no one better to take a team building storytelling workshop with. Museum Hack leads sassy museum tours for people who don’t like museums; the key lies in the way the company’s tour guides present info. It’s all designed to maximum audience engagement and connect with the audience. If making valuable connections with your customers, clients, and prospective clients is important to your business, then you may not be able to afford skipping out on this storytelling workshop.

More info here.

3. The Best Cake Wins

The Best Cake Wins offers fun corporate team building activities in Fort Worth TX.
Cake for everyone!

The Best Cake Wins is all about food, fun, and friendly competition. Your team members will be split into small groups and tasked with recreating an example cake. The team bonding elements lie in collaboration, communication, creativity, and competition. Once the cakes are decorated, your groups will come up with creative stories and insight about the cake’s character. Your team event with The Best Cake Wins includes fun games, activities, and challenges. Upgrade to include BYOB, snacks, catering, a workshop with a professional cake decorator, and more.

More info here.

4. ScavBoss

Team building scavenger hunts are a top choice in the industry lately; the pros from ScavBoss offer the best scavenger hunts for team building in Fort Worth, TX. Choose from a standard hunt of a cool spot in the city, or have a custom team building scavenger hunt built for your business, company values, or goals. Our recommendation is to check out the ScavBoss Impossible Hunt, which is a scavenger hunt specifically designed to be impossible to solve. The challenges here provide unique insights into how your team members collaborate and communicate under pressure and unexpected circumstances.

5. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars it the office holiday party of your dreams.

Smart companies turn every opportunity into a chance to mix in intentional team bonding time; why should your annual company holiday party be any different? The Christmas-loving experts over at Gingerbread Wars have put together a fun holiday-themed team building event that can be hosted anywhere in Fort Worth, whether that be at your office, at the Gingerbread Wars’ location, or at the nearby venue of your choice. Your team members will be split into smaller groups who are tasked with participating in mini-challenges and activities like the Snowman Hustle before embarking on an epic gingerbread house making competition. You can even upgrade your company holiday party to include BYOB, snacks, catering, holiday gift bags for your guests, and decorations. Fair warning: Gingerbread Wars is popular and only runs corporate events from October-December, so it’s key to get your date on the calendar ASAP (elves answer the phone year-round). Bonus: There’s no group size minimum or maximum.

More info here.

6. Participate in donut calls or coffee time

If you have a remote workplace, then organizing donut calls are a cool way to DIY remote team building activities. Donut calls, like the ones Museum Hack uses with its 100% remote work place, involve pairing your virtual employees up for one-on-one calls during which your coworkers aren’t allowed to chat business, but instead get to know each other for half an hour outside of their careers. If you all work together in the same location, then take the spirit of donut calls out for a cup of coffee. Pair up your team members and let the groups head out to a nearby coffee shop (or meet before coming into work for the day at a convenient location) for half an hour or so to talk and get to know each other better. Consider challenging your pairings to fun small activities like finding three unexpected things each group has in common. Remember: no work talk allowed!

7. Fort Worth Axe Factory

Axe throwing is one of those team activities that’s become popular and mainstream over the last 12 months or so. At the Fort Worth Axe Factory, your coworkers will receive guided instruction on how to properly (and safely!) throw an axe before launching into a battle to crown the office axe champion. Private corporate events packages in Fort Worth start at $400 for groups under 30 and include your expert coach, targets, two hours of event time, and a private room. Pricing begins at $600 for groups of 31+.

More info here.

8. Corky’s Gaming Bistro

Is your business local to Grapevine? If so, then Corky’s Gaming Bistro might be a strong candidate to host your next corporate event. Corky’s has several different corporate team building activities available, ranging from arcade games to escape rooms to axe throwing. Your group can split up and try different activities based on personal preferences, you can assign people to a specific activity based on your company’s needs, or have everyone try it all! Corky’s offers fun team bonding opportunities for companies in Grapevine TX and the surrounding area.

More info here.

9. Bowling

Yes, you may have already thought of bowling as a potential option for your next company retreat, and if that’s the case, then we’re here to tell you that we think bowling is a good choice for team building! Here’s why: bowling is something most people know how to do, it’s fun, it’s low pressure, it encourages friendly competition, it’s easy to pull together, and, depending on the bowling alley you choose, it likely already offers food and drinks right there on the spot. Spend a few hours team bonding over the pins, then head home for the day relaxed and ready to take on the challenges of the workday tomorrow.

More info here.

10. Red Door Escape Room Fort Worth

Escape rooms are also a trendy choice for corporate team building activities as of late, and Red Door Escape Room Fort Worth is no different. With three corporate events packages to choose from, there’s likely an option here that suits every budget and all goals for a day of team bonding. Pricing starts at $23 per person and climbs from there, with the high-end packages include dedicates staff, private rooms, and a post-room debrief.

More info here.

11. TopGolf Fort Worth

Much like bowling, TopGolf is another easy to plan company outing idea in Fort Worth. Your team members don’t have to care about, or even play, golf to enjoy time away from the office at TopGolf. With various corporate events packages available, there are different options to help plan your company off-site and make it as goal-oriented to your needs as possible.

More info here.

12. SmashTown

Had a rough quarter? Can you sense stress and tension building around your office? If so, then SmashTown might be a strong contender for a team building event. You’ll find everything you need here to let out some pent-up rage; tools of destruction and items to destroy are provided. There’s no safer way to blow off steam, break plates, or go to town on a beaten down car than at SmashTown Fort Worth.

More info here.

13. Host your own hot dog eating competition

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition is a Fourth of July tradition many people look forward to; take a page out of the books of tradition and host your own annual in-office food-eating competition. You don’t have to try to eat 100 hot dogs in half an hour; choose from fun options like candy, hot sauce, watermelon, muffins, sliders, etc. We’d suggest letting your coworkers vote on which food to try to scarf down, the give everyone a few minutes to see who can eat the most of it. Frame the winner’s picture somewhere in your office for extra bragging rights as a cool way to turn this into a regular team building tradition at your company.

14. Play board games together

Board games are an easy way to bring people together and can even prompt good feelings of nostalgia. Have a few team members volunteer to bring in games from home, then gather everyone in the conference room to battle it out in Monopoly, Battle Ship, Trivial Pursuit, etc. Cater the event or bring in some popcorn and drinks to round out your team bonding time. This is an easy DIY team building activity that’s very cost-effective.

15. Murder Mystery Players, Inc.

Clue comes to life with Murder Mystery Players, Inc., in Fort Worth. This team building activity is hosted by seasoned pros who are engaging, entertaining, and funny. Your team members will have to participate in this interactive murder mystery; the task is simple: solve the crime and name the killer before the murderer strikes again. Murder Mystery Players, Inc. offers customized team building packages if you’d like to design your own to match company values or business goals.

More info here.

16. Brownie Bake-Off

Brownies, cupcakes, muffins — the actual pastry doesn’t matter so much to this DIY team building event as does the spirit behind the competition. Decide as a group what to bake, then task your team members to a bake-off! Each team member crafts a signature dessert in the chosen category, then brings it to work the next morning for the ultimate baking showdown. Provide a budget, rules, and add a secret ingredient for a fun, unique twist. Who can work Flaming Hot Cheetos into a batch of muffins the best?

17. Fixation VR

Fixation VR is DFW’s largest VR arcade, and provides team building packages. The games and activities put your teams in virtual situations, with a focus on teamwork, communication and problem solving. No prior knowledge of VR is necessary, and Fixation VR provides all equipment and guidance during the event. You can host your event at Fixation’s location or have the VR experience come to you. Fixation VR is BYOB and allows outside food and beverages at their location. Fixation can also help arrange catering for your team.

More info here.

18. Eat This Fort Worth Food Tour

Food! We love food here at Team Building Activities Fort Worth and we’re pretty sure the majority of your employees do, too. Try a food tour with Eat This Fort Worth for your next team event. The company offers different packages and routes focused on various cuisines, like tacos, beer, barbecue, etc. All dietary preferences can be met, but it’s worth noting that these corporate team building activities cap at a maximum group size of 30, meaning this isn’t a strong option for team building for large groups.

More info here.

19. Host A Meetup

What’s a meetup? Think of it like a giant company picnic and Field Day mixed into one. The goal of a meetup isn’t so much to team building within small teams in your company as it is to bring everyone together and highlight your business’ reputation in the Fort Worth community. Allow your coworkers to bring family, invite your clients, vendors, and suppliers, and throw a giant bash for the community to enjoy. Once you know roughly how many people to expect, all you’ve got to do is find a suitable location in the Fort Worth TX area, hire simple catering like tacos or burritos, and plan some fun team building activities like photo challenges, Human Bingo, scavenger hunts, and maybe even a massive food-eating competition.

20. DFW Adventure Park

Got adrenaline junkies on your team? DFW Adventure Park offers exciting corporate team building activities like zip lines, ATV riding, paintball, and more. You can even compete in a top-of-the-line obstacle course. This is a fun choice for teams who like to enjoy nature, adrenaline, and thrills.

More info here.

21. Charity Team Building

Lots of companies in Fort Worth today are developing corporate social responsibility programs. Whether you have one in place at your business or you’re thinking it’s time to start, turning your focus to helping the local community during your next team outing is a great idea. There are several companies out there who will help you book a day of giving back to the community as as team building event, or you can find a deserving local cause to support on your own. Ideas include donating time, raising funds, heading to Build-A-Bear to create stuffed animals for a children’s hospital, and more. You could even ask your coworkers for nominations of organizations and groups your team members would like to support.

Team Building Activities Fort Worth: Final Thoughts

Voila! There are a lot of cool corporate team building activities and corporate event ideas in Fort Worth, TX, whether you’re looking for in-person team outings or remote team building activities. We’re confident there’s a corporate outing on this list that will suit every business, but if you didn’t see something that strikes your fancy, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to help find the custom team building event of your dreams!

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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