20+ Best Team Building Activities in Dallas

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Team Building Resources November 27, 2022 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Dallas

Ready to take the leap into hosting team building activities for your office? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned team building planning pro looking for some new ideas for unique team building activities in Dallas. No matter where you are on your corporate event journey, we’ve done the research, vetted the companies, and come up with this list of the best team building activities in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Weatherford, and Granbury.

Team building is important; there’s no doubt about that. Committing to regularly scheduled corporate events can have a huge impact on your business, from boosting morale and employee engagement to developing tangible skills like better communication, collaboration, problem solving, and creative thinking.

The best companies want to attract the best employees, and once those employees are in place, it’s critical you retain your top talent. Team building is a great way to ensure you’re showing your employees how much you value them and that you’re committed to making an invest in their growth, development, and overall on-the-job happiness. Can you afford not to be team building (especially if your competitors are)?

Whether you’re here to plan your first or 40th team outing, our list of the best team building activities in Dallas can be an awesome guide to choosing a company event that will check off every box on your planning checklist. Let’s get to it!

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is the best team building event in Dallas.
Your team will love this fun team building activity.

Of all the team building activities in Dallas, our favorite is The Great Guac Off. The Great Guac Off is a great choice for any company; this team event is fun, fast-paced, and high-energy. Your team members will have a great time competing to make the office’s best guac, while participating in fun games, activities, and mini-challenges throughout the afternoon. The Great Guac Off is a) super fun, b) full of friendly competition, c) well-priced, and d) effective at boosting team bonding, communication, collaboration, morale, and creativity. Include a box of secret ingredients for a fun twist; add snacks, catering, or BYOB to really wow your employees with this great company event. Host your Guac Off anywhere, from the company’s Dallas location to your office to the venue of your choice. The Great Guac Off is a great choice for small or large groups.

More info here.

2. Medieval Times

Medieval Times is a fun experience, even for adults and as a corporate event. A show at Medieval Times includes a four-course meal, drinks, and entertainment. The two-hour medieval jousting tournament will have your team members laughing and playing along with the performers. If your team is larger than 15 guests, then consider booking a private corporate event. Otherwise, you can book online for the day and time that works best for your team outing.

More info here.

3. Gingerbread Wars

Let’s get festive! Gingerbread Wars is a great way to infuse your next company holiday party with team building activities. Gingerbread Wars will come to your office (or the location of your choice, or you can choose to travel to the company’s Dallas location), deck the halls, and lead a fun, intense gingerbread house making competition. Other activities and games are sprinkled in to maximize team bonding. Include snacks, holiday cookies, catering, or BYOB to up the enjoyment factor for your coworkers. Gingerbread Wars is reasonably priced, great for team building for large groups and small, and an easy way to sneak fun and team bonding into your annual office holiday party.

More info here.

4. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is one of the most unique team building activities in Dallas we’ve seen yet. Using construct and deconstruct game strategies, Launchy Birds is innovative, fun, and intense. Your team will be broken down into smaller groups who are then tasked with building a castle out of a pile of weird objects. Once the castles are up, it’s time to compete to knock them down with equally strange objects. Whichever group’s castle stands the assault longest takes home the top prize. Include snacks or BYOB. Launchy Birds is fast, energetic, and chaotic; we love it, and your team members will, too.

More info here.

5. ScavBoss

Scavenger hunts are great for company team building activities, and ScavBoss takes the team bonding element to a whole new level. If you’re going to choose a scavenger hunt for your next team outing, then we can’t recommend choosing ScavBoss enough. ScavBoss offers pre-planned scavenger hunts of Dallas as well as more intricate options like an impossible hunt (it’s designed to be impossible to solve, giving your coworkers an intense challenge and allowing you more insight into personalities and strengths/weaknesses) and a custom scavenger hunt of the location (and/or content!) of your choice.

6. Dallas Party Bike

Want to explore Dallas in a new way for your next team outing? Try Dallas Party Bike, which is a corporate event best suited to small groups. Choose a corporate events package to receive a party bike that comes with a sound system and LED lights. Your group can pedal around time alone or choose to take a guided bar crawl via bike to some of Dallas’ best hotspots. Each team building event with Dallas Party Bike runs for about two hours through downtown Dallas.

More info here.

7. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Dallas is home to some cool locations and things to do, and one of our favorite unique team building activities is taking a trip together to the Dallas Arboretum. Named one of the best arboretums on the planet, the Dallas Arboretum has dozens of events and exhibits to choose from when planning your team outing. The Arboretum covers 66 acres along White Rock Lake. Idea: Really emphasize the idea of an employee appreciation day and allow your coworkers to invite family! The Arboretum is a cool spot for children to explore.

More info here.

8. Run a meetup

A meetup is a big gathering designed to say thank you. What better way to give back to your coworkers than by planning a giant company-wide meetup? Think even bigger and extend the invite to families, friends, clients, suppliers, and vendors. Choose your location (a nearby park, your office parking lot, your conference room, etc.), decide on food (BBQ, catered burritos, etc.), and pick out some fun team bonding activities and games like Human Bingo, a small scavenger hunt, or a photo challenge. If you’re interested in having pros facilitate some of the games to ensure maximum team bonding, then give the team at The Great Guac Off a call; these team building providers are the best in the biz.

More info here.

9. Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Team building can be a cool time to try a company event that gets the blood flowing and adrenaline pumping. Trinity Forest Adventure Park offers a variety of different ropes courses and outdoor activities, all with different levels of challenge and difficulty. Among the courses you’ll find physical challenges like tight ropes, ladders, cargo nets, wobble bridges, and zip lines. An afternoon at Trinity Forest is fun, adventurous, and challenging, which means it could be a cool way to promote team bonding and boost morale. The only catch? Make sure all of your team members are up to the physicality of the challenge first.

More info here.

10. MetroDemic

Looking for a last minute team building activity in Dallas? MetroDemic has you covered. This unique concept offers an entirely mobile team building event. Here’s how it works: sign up, log in, and go! Your team will spend the next hour and a half following along with the website as employees work to stop a viral outbreak from spreading through the area. It’s recommended that you have at least four guests on each team to participate.

More info here.

11. Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve offers the chance to put together DIY team building activities in Dallas. With more than 600 acres, Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve has a number of different things to do that could make for a fun company off-site. Enjoy a variety of walking trails with varying degrees of difficulty, bird watch, visit the beautiful butterfly gardens, and/or take advantage of the scenic picnic areas. Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve is just 20 minutes outside of Dallas by car.

More info here.

12. Upgrade your next meeting

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to say thank you and squeeze in some team bonding time, then think about some fun ways to upgrade your next meeting. We like the idea of bringing in a make-your-own burrito bar or a build-your-own-ice-cream-sundae station. Add either option to your next regularly scheduled team meeting for a low-cost, low-effort way to show your employees you appreciate them. Proceed with your meeting as planned or surprise your coworkers and cancel it in favor of playing some fun games and activities together, like Human Bingo or a mini-scavenger hunt.

13. Escape This

Escape rooms are a common choice for team building activities. There’s a good chance your team members have already participated in a number of escape rooms, but if you’re looking to choose this as your next team outing, then we like what Escape This offers for team building activities in Dallas. Escape This has a variety of different escape rooms designed to encourage critical thinking, communication, and active listening skills. Escape This is unique as an escape room provider as it can accommodate a larger group size (80 people) than most.

More info here.

14. Give back to your community

Chances are, there’s a good charitable cause in your local community you’d like to support. Perhaps your company already works with several charities or maybe a team member has a personal connection to a location non-profit. Either way, you can mix team bonding with giving back to the community. Spend the afternoon volunteering with a Dallas organization or host a competitive drive to collect cans, clothes, money, etc. Turn this into a company-wide competition and award prizes for the department that gathers the most items.

15. Eat your way to team bonding

Friendly competition is such a great tool when it comes to effective team building activities, and if you’re looking for DIY corporate events, then hosting a food competition in the office is a good place to start. How does it work? Simple! Pick a food (hot dogs, watermelon, sandwiches, Cheez-Its, pie, whatever!) and challenge your coworkers to see who can eat the most (or who can eat a certain amount the fastest). Make it an annual company tradition and reward the winner with a photo on the wall to really promote the fun times. This is an easy-to-plan low-cost team building event you can host in your office.

16. Hot Sauce Challenge

In similar vein to the food competition team bonding, why not host an in-office hot sauce challenge? With so many different hot sauces out there, it’s time to see what your coworkers are made of. Buy a number of hot sauces with varying degrees of heat, a few bags of tortilla chips, and let your coworkers see who can last the longest as the sauces get spicier and spicier. This team event is fun, competitive, and as easy as it gets to pull together.

17. Group Dynamix

Group Dynamix offers different corporate events in the Dallas area. Group Dynamix is home to a venue that has tons of team building games, sports, inflatables, zip lines, and ropes courses. No matter what your team members’ level of physical activity and fitness is, there’s an activity for everyone at Group Dynamix. Consider participating in the challenging Team Olympix or spend an afternoon inside Group Dynamix’s Communication Lab for tangible improvement on key skills you can use back at the office.

More info here.

18. Texas Wine and Wood

Texas Wine and Wood offers a venue for DIY team building activities. This studio is home to creative activities that promote team bonding. Your group can come together and learn how to make a variety of different wooden projects, like custom hand-painted signs or corn hole boards. Texas Wine and Wood also offers a painting program where your group can show off art skills. Bonus: Texas Wine and Wood will travel to your office or the venue of your choice if you’d rather host an on-site team building event.

More info here.

19. Bowling

Yep, we said it! We love bowling as a team building activity for several reasons: a) it’s easy to plan, b) you likely have a bowling alley conveniently located your office, and c) everyone probably knows how to do it or will be able to figure it out fast. Head to the alley in the late morning, enjoy a round or two bowling, then relax over food and drinks before turning your team members loose to head home early for the day. This is a cool way to say thank you, spend time as a team bonding, and reward your employees with an early release.

Final Thoughts: Dallas is full of great team building activities.

There’s no shortage of cool corporate event ideas and fun team building activities in Dallas. Your team would likely benefit from any of the team outing options on our list, though we can’t recommend The Great Guac Off, Launchy Birds, Gingerbread Wars, and Team Building Hero more highly. Each of these team building companies brings something unique to the table, whether it be an innovative guacamole-making competition or a festive holiday party.

If you have questions or would like a hand putting together your next company outing, then send us an email. We’re always happy to talk Dallas team building activities.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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