How We Story-Hacked A European Town

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Consulting Case Studies November 19, 2019 How We Story-Hacked A European Town

Cool stories are everywhere.

Museum Hack began because of our belief in the magic of storytelling and our willingness to dive deep to uncover the hidden, amazing tales that are beginning to be discovered if only someone would look for them.

We’ve used stories to craft our museum tours, put together incredible team building events, and teach companies how to use our techniques to boost their business and improve their onboarding processes. We’ve story-hacked conferences and entire brands, and created scavenger hunts on city streets and in historic New York City stores.

But never before had we done what we did last month: we hacked an entire European town.

How To Hack An Entire Town

Not long ago, a small boutique branding firm visited the American Museum of Natural History with us. They loved how we brought the museum to life and, soon after, reached out to talk about an awesome but unusual opportunity.

Nestled deep in the heart of Europe is a small town that’s home to one of the world’s biggest liquor brands. Town natives, however, didn’t seem to think much of the place they called home. They thought it was uninteresting, boring, and lacked excitement.

The branding firm had a bit of a dilemma. They were hosting a huge press event to help reimagine the liquor brand in town with dozens of journalists in attendance. The firm wanted to highlight not only the cool history of the liquor company, but they wanted to showcase the entire town in a new light. They were hoping we were up to the challenge of proving town natives wrong about their home.

The catch?

We had just nine days from the moment we found out about the opportunity to hack the town to the moment when our tour guide would embark on a custom, 90-minute town walking tour for the firm’s media guests. Nine days to discover the craziest, coolest secrets this small town has to offer, put together a completely customized tour, and fly overseas?

Challenge accepted!

Our team of expert researchers dove right into the town’s enchanting history, unearthing incredible fact after incredible fact. We discovered a super beautiful library with a rich past and jaw-dropping collection, a town crest that ties directly to the liquor brand, and a stunning tree with magical powers. Of course, the tour wouldn’t have been complete without an in-depth history of the town’s resident castle.

“Really cool!”

While on the tour, we treated the journalists to our signature games, handing out a prize at the end, and even dealt with some uncooperative weather as it downpoured during the tour. Still, not even Mother Nature could dampen the spirits of the guests as they learned more about the town’s impressive history.

One reporter who was wowed by the tour remarked:

“That was really cool! that was so interesting!”

Reps from the liquor company were equally impressed by the way our guide showcased the cool, unexpected history of their town.

“We saw their faces,” one rep said of the reporters on tour,” and they were like ‘wow!'”

Our quick trip to Europe was a huge success! We always love a new challenge, and hacking an entire town in just nine days was one of the biggest we’ve faced yet. We had a great time showing journalists and locals alike why this small European town is a really cool place to call home.

Is there something you’d like us to story-hack? We’d love to talk with you! Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-210-9676.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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