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We delight in discovering the strange, mysterious, sexy, untold stories behind the people, places, and things we think we know everything about. Read along with us as we chase down amazing stories from around the world.

The Legend of Carl Akeley

The most interesting man in the world isn’t the Dos Equis dude. It’s a badass adventurer named Carl Akeley.

The Most Delicious Currency

When I was a little kid, my dad told me a cautionary tale: as a younger man, he was once playing finger football with a friend. Using a quarter, they’d take turns flicking the coin up and through a little goalpost, formed by joining their thumbs together and raising their

The Real Hackstory of John Hancock

Most Americans know three things about John Hancock: he was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, he signed his name really big on said declaration, and his signature is now so famous that we call signatures “John Hancocks” in American English. It’s three more things than I’m famous