Stories From The Museum… and Beyond! 📖

We delight in discovering the strange, mysterious, sexy, untold stories behind the people, places, and things we think we know everything about. Read along with us as we chase down amazing stories from around the world.

How Pan Got His Pan Flute

Most depictions of the god Pan show him playing his pan flute. The story of how he got it? Pretty f***ed up.

Kate Warne: America’s First Official Female Spy

It’s 1861. A plot has been uncovered to assassinate everyone’s favorite top-hatted president, Abraham Lincoln. Who you gonna call? The answer my friends is Kate Warne; trailblazer, spy, and all around Badass Bitch.

10 Things We’d Steal from The Met

In the new Ocean’s 8, premiering on June 8, a group of women band together to steal an expensive necklace from the Met Gala. If we were planning a heist, here’s what we’d steal.