30 Cool Employee Welcome Gifts for Onboarding

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Team Building Resources December 23, 2023 30 Cool Employee Welcome Gifts for Onboarding

Here is our list of best employee welcome gifts for onboarding.

Employee welcome gifts for onboarding are thoughtful gifts or tokens given to new recruits to ease them into their new roles. Examples include customized shirts, coffee mugs, wellness packs, and gift cards. These gifts aim to reinforce the company culture, make new hires feel appreciated, and help reduce the anxiety of working in a new environment.

You can send these gifts during online onboarding or online employee appreciation events.

This list includes:

  • onboarding welcome kit gifts for new employees
  • welcome pack ideas for new employees
  • employee welcome gift boxes
  • gifts for new hires
  • employee welcome presents

Let’s get to it!

List of employee welcome gifts

From mini skincare kits to headphones to laptop bags, here is our list of best welcome gifts for new team members.

1. Affirm It! Kit

Wellness packs are among the best welcome pack ideas for new employees because they encourage workers to prioritize their health. This Affirm It kit from BroglieBox helps build mental resilience.

The box contains the following items:

  • BroglieBox Canvas Travel Bag with Quote
  • Neuro Energy & Focus Gum
  • EO Everyone “Revive” Aromatherapy Roll-On
  • Affirmators! Affirmation Cards

You can also add a personalized card for a custom touch. This gesture shows the new recruits that the team wholeheartedly welcomes them into the fold and helps create a sense of comfort.

Check out the Affirm It! Kit.

2. Voyager Coffee Mug with Handle

Coffee mugs are great gift options for new recruits because they make employees feel comfortable in a new work environment. With a new mug in hand, workers can enjoy their favorite beverages at work. The Voyager mug holds 12 ounces of liquid and is double-wall insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. This mug comes in nine different colors and includes a leak-proof lid. This gift is one of the most affordable gift options for new hires.

Check out the Voyager Coffee Mug with Handle.

3. The Balance Set Skincare Kit

Skincare kits are one of the best onboarding welcome kit gifts for new employees because they help boost workers’ confidence.

This starter kit from The Ordinary features the following:

  • Squalane Cleanser
  • Salicylic Acid 2% Masque
  • Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  • Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

The Ordinary is one of the most affordable skincare brands, making it a great choice for new recruit gifts.

Check out The Ordinary.

4. Hummingbird with Blue Flower

The Hummingbird with Blue Flower is a glass sculpture. This gift gives work tables and office spaces a minimalist and beautiful appearance. The handcrafted hummingbird floats above a lily, and the whole sculpture rests on a mirrored base.

These figurines can help decorate the workplace, which will help boost morale and increase productivity.

Check out Hummingbird with Blue Flower.

5. Full of Potential Gift Basket

Gift baskets are one of the simplest gift ideas for new employees because they come prepackaged with items that folks love.

The Full of Potential gift basket from Delightly features the following items:

  • Modern Shinola Journal
  • 12-ounce Delightly travel wine tumbler inscribed with “Full of Potential”
  • Luxe & Stylish “Orange You Glad” Crew Socks
  • Tea light Candle that contains a secret message

These gift baskets can also come with a short and sweet welcome note for new recruits. Gift baskets are excellent gift ideas for new recruits because they are customizable. You can personalize the journal cover, choose your card, and upload your logo.

Check out the Full of Potential Gift Basket.

6. Stop Overthinking by Nick Trenton

Self-help books are among the best new hire gift ideas because they give workers the necessary information and motivation to improve at work and at home. Self-help books will teach employees new skills that can help them adopt values and characteristics to make them assets to your company. Stop Overthinking helps readers learn to stop ruminating on the past and live in the present moment. This book will teach folks valuable skills that they can use in both the office and their personal lives.

Check out Stop Overthinking.

7. Urban Tweed Fabric Storage Basket Set

Office storage boxes allow new recruits to personalize their workspace. New hires may use the boxes to file documents, keep important papers, or store personal items. This set of three tweed boxes comes in a neutral gray color that is great for any office color palette.

These boxes will help reduce office clutter, keep recruits organized, and keep important documents well-preserved.

Check out the Urban Tweed Fabric Storage Basket Set.

8. Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

Snack boxes are great employee welcome gift boxes containing sweet pastries, chocolates, and gourmet treats.

The Token of Appreciation Gift Tower includes:

  • Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets
  • Daily Crave Himalayan Chips
  • Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Gourmet Popcorn
  • Assorted Fruit Puffs
  • Sweet & Savory Snack Mix

The gift tower comes beautifully packaged in a set of stacking boxes. Employees will appreciate having some tasty snacks to enjoy on their first day!

Check out the Token of Appreciation Gift Tower.

9. Snake Plant

Table plants are kind and thoughtful gifts to give new recruits because they give employees something to look forward to each time they come to work. In addition, this gift makes the work environment comfortable and familiar to new hires.

These table plants also transform employees’ desks, making their workspace more peaceful and cheery. Snake plants make for great gifts because they require little light and water, so they are easy to take care of.

Check out Costa Farms’ snake plant.

10. Lockable Computer Bag

Laptop bags are great new hire gift ideas because they hold anything an employee may need to carry, such as a laptop, files, and important documents. Bagsmart offers a wide range of laptop bags, one of which is the Lockable Computer Bag. This bag fits laptops up to 15.6 inches. Additionally, the bag features several other pockets for easy storage. The fabric is water resistant, and the bag also has padded handles and a luggage strap. You can choose from five different colors to fit any worker’s style.

Check out the Lockable Computer Bag.

11. Gloss Black Piano Finish Nameplate

Nameplates are great gift ideas for new employees because they reassure new recruits of their positions within a company and help remove doubts or anxiety related to their new roles.

Nameplates also make it easy for other workers to identify and interact with new employees in the office. These plaques also highlight the worker’s role in the office, making it easy for clients to locate employees, depending on their needs. With Griffco Supply nameplates, you can even add your company logo.

Check out the Gloss Black Piano Finish Nameplate.

12. Owala FreeSip Water Bottle

Water bottles are essential because they help workers stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated helps to improve brain power, which results in greater output at work. Insulated water bottles are a great option, as they help keep water cold and maintain the temperature of other beverages. The FreeSip features triple insulation to keep drinks as cold as possible. You can order five different sizes for ultimate hydration. The spout closes and locks to prevent spills, and you can order this bottle in 15 different colors.

Check out the Owala FreeSip Water Bottle.

13. Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes are thoughtful and kind gift ideas for new hires. These notes contain words of encouragement and welcome messages that new employees may need to feel comfortable in a new work environment.

Personalizing this note by addressing it directly to the new employee is a great idea. This gesture makes new hires feel seen and appreciated.

Check out welcome cards online.

14. Food Voucher

Food vouchers are thoughtful gift ideas for new employees because they ensure that new hires enjoy a good meal within their first few days at work.

Getting food vouchers for restaurants within or close to the office is important because they will come in handy as new recruits familiarize themselves with their new environment.

Check out Uber Eats.

15. Papier Colorblock Planners

Planners are important items for new employees, as they help with sorting schedules and taking down important notes. The Colorblock planner comes in hardcover or spiral softcover. You can choose from 11 different color-block combinations. For an extra treat, you can add a fancy pen to this order.

This gift will help give new recruits a sense of coordination because following schedules in a new job can be overwhelming. These planners also make it easy for employees to keep note of important dates and meetings in the office.

Check out the Papier Colorblock Planners.

16. Anker 313 Power Bank

Power banks are great gift ideas for new recruits. This item is handy when employees’ desks are far from a power outlet or workers are on the go. This slim power bank offers around two full charges for cell phones and one for tablets. You can order these banks in either black or white.

This gift helps new recruits stay connected all day and serves as backup on days when they may forget their chargers.

Check out the Anker 313 Power Bank.

17. Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes are essentials in the office. These office supplies are even more important for new employees who may need to write down important details they do not want to forget.

Post-it Notes come in a wide range of colors and help workers take note of important data quickly. This information may include client details, important figures, or appointments.

Shop for Post-it Notes online.

18. 10 Person Office Lockdown Emergency Kit

Safety kits are essential packages that help employees prevent injury or protect themselves from infections. This set includes many items, such as hand sanitizer, lanterns, and water.

Having this kit on hand is a great idea to keep employees safe during natural or man-made disasters. These gifts show new hires that you prioritize their safety and value their health.

Check out the 10 Person Office Lockdown Emergency Kit.

19. Mind and Body Stress Balls

Stress balls are simple and fun items that can help new recruits manage stress related to settling into a new role. These stress balls also help folks manage anxiety and enhance emotional stability. MindPanda’s stress balls are infused with essential oils to help promote relaxation even further.

Stress balls may also boost creativity and help employees concentrate at work. This item can also help reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

Check out the Mind and Body Stress Balls.

20. Embroidered Key Chain

Key chains are among the best gift ideas for new recruits because they help employees keep important keys and other valuable items in one place. These key chains can hold security tokens, car keys, mini flashlights, self-defense tools, and USBs.

You can choose from four colors that feature different flower designs, including black, white, pink, and navy. This gift helps keep employees organized and reduces the chance of workers misplacing important items.

Check out the Embroidered Key Chains.

21. Bellwood Picture Frame

Picture frames are excellent gift ideas for new hires because they allow employees to adorn their workspace with good memories. Picture frames improve the aesthetics of the work environment and make new recruits more comfortable and happy in the office. Workers may choose to put family photos or pictures of themselves at work.

The Bellwood frame features a modern design with rounded corners and a rotating inside. The wooden exterior comes in natural or aged walnut colors, matching any office design.

Check out the Bellwood Picture Frames.

22. Nekmit Desk Calendar

Table calendars are simple gifts to give to new employees. These presents fit the office aesthetics and do not take up much space. Calendars also help employees keep track of important dates and appointments at work. You can mark and highlight important company dates before gifting the calendar to new workers.

Check out Nekmit’s desk calendar.

23. Flowers

Flowers are symbols of gratitude, friendship, and happiness. Gifting new recruits a bouquet with a welcome note is a simple and kind way to reassure new employees and help reduce anxiety.

Arranging a bouquet of colorful flowers on new employees’ desks will make them happy and create a calming and comfortable working environment.

Check out Benchmark Bouquets.

24. Red Door Eau De Parfum Spray

Fragrances are excellent gifts for new employees, as they come in many scents. You can buy different varieties to give each employee’s scent a personal touch.

The Red Door Eau De Parfum Spray features floral scents, including freesia, red roses, and orchids. Honey and sandalwood round out this fragrance.

This gift idea will put smiles on your employees’ faces and be a good conversation starter with colleagues. Fragrances will also help boost new recruits’ confidence and improve employee interactions.

Shop for fragrances online.

25. Fitbit Versa 4

Smartwatches are digital watches that connect to the wearer’s cell phone. New employees can use these digital watches to get important notifications such as email alerts, incoming calls, and messages.

The Fitbit Versa 4 even allows folks to keep track of their fitness goals. Employees can use these watches to receive important notifications such as work-related calls, emails, and messages. As a result, employees will become more focused and detail oriented.

Check out the Fitbit Versa 4.

26. Paid Spa Session

Paid spa sessions are therapeutic sessions that can help new employees reduce anxiety and tension associated with filling a new role. New recruits can get facials, massages, or pedicures.

These sessions help improve recruits’ mental health and boost morale. Employees will come out relaxed and ready to face challenges at their new jobs. You can organize a spa session after work on new employees’ first day or dedicate a whole day for new hires to have a spa experience.

27. Customized Tote Bags

Customized tote bags are simple gifts that new employees can use every day. New hires can use this bag to carry their lunch to work, hold diaries and planners, or transport files.

You can customize the bags to give them a more professional feel. By personalizing the bags, employees can feel more comfortable carrying them to work without fear of committing any fashion blunders.

Check out Custom Earth’s tote bags.

28. Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the simplest gifts for new hires. This gift idea saves you the trouble of thinking of fitting presents to give new recruits. With gift cards, new employees can shop at their favorite stores or buy items they like online. Some good options include Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Visa, Sephora, and Steam.

You can simply put the gift cards in envelopes bearing the company logo with a card welcoming the employees to the company or send the card directly to employees’ email. The amount on the gift card depends on the budget set for your welcome gifts.

29. Customized Shirts

Customized shirts are great employee welcome presents because they give new recruits a sense of belonging and pride. You can print the company logo in front and have the employee’s name and title written on the back.

Personalizing hoodies, sweatshirts, or plain white T-shirts is also a great idea. These options allow employees to wear customized shirts that suit their fashion tastes.

Check out Custom Ink.

30. Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Headphones

Headphones are thoughtful welcome gifts to new recruits who may need time to adapt to a boisterous working environment. This present makes it easy for new hires to focus on work and reduce excess noise.

These premium headphones feature advanced noise-cancelling technology. Additionally, the device has a long-lasting battery, offering over 30 hours of battery life on one charge. Further, users can get five full hours of playback after only ten minutes of charging.

Check out the Wireless Premium Noise Canceling Headphones.


Giving gifts to new hires is a great way to promote company culture and welcome new employees into the fold. This gesture will make new recruits feel comfortable in their work environment. Welcome gifts give a great first impression about employers and give new recruits a positive work experience.

These presents also encourage new employees to try to impress their employer and help boost morale. Welcome gifts also make new hires feel appreciated and important at work.

Next, check out virtual gift exchange ideas.

FAQ: Employee welcome gifts for onboarding

Here are frequently asked questions about welcome gifts for new hires.

What are employee welcome gifts for onboarding?

Employee welcome gifts for onboarding are thoughtful presents employers give new hires to welcome them into the company. These gifts help boost new employees’ morale and keep them motivated in their new roles.

What are good gifts to give new hires for onboarding?

Some good gifts to give new hires for onboarding include gift baskets, headphones, smart watches, paid spa sessions, and snack boxes.

What should be included in a new employee welcome package?

New employee welcome packages allow employers to make a great first impression. Therefore, handwritten welcome notes from the CEO or any other company administrator are important. Customized items like journals, calendars, T-shirts, hoodies, planners, and coffee mugs are also a great idea. You can also include stationery items like pens, pencils, staplers, rulers, and erasers to help kickstart new recruits’ journey at work.

written with 💖 by Tasia Duske

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