Elizabeth Arden Case Study: How We Story-Hacked One of America’s Favorite Beauty Empires

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Consulting Case Studies November 19, 2019 Elizabeth Arden Case Study: How We Story-Hacked One of America’s Favorite Beauty Empires

Stories are awesome.

At the heart of the vast majority of Museum Hack’s hacks is a good story. Good stories resonate with the audience in new, engaging, and sometimes unexpected ways, leaving listeners with a deeper connection to the story and the storyteller. The catch is figuring out how to tell these tales in just the right way so they deliver maximum impact.

While we started out hacking museums, we’ve learned that our methods of engagement and storytelling work for more than just art. Storytelling can have an incredible effect just about anywhere – in sales, management, leadership, advertising, training, marketing, and more.

We recently had the opportunity to take what we do inside the museum to the streets of New York when we hacked America’s classic beauty empire, Elizabeth Arden.

Elizabeth Arden museum tour

Elizabeth Arden executives fell in love with the way our guides brought the Metropolitan Museum of Art to life on tour. They were especially intrigued by the way we took the complicated collections and historical stories housed in the museum and made them fun and interesting. They reached out to see if we could do something similar for their company and products. Elizabeth Arden wanted us to hack them the way we hack museums and we jumped at the chance.

We planned a full day of learning and adventure for Elizabeth Arden’s team of trainers. This group is tasked with teaching beauty consultants in stores across the country how to sell the company’s products. Elizabeth Arden wanted us to bring our signature storytelling and engagement techniques to the trainers, who could then pass the new methods on to their own teams.

Custom Team Building Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

We started the day by introducing Elizabeth Arden’s trainers to what engagement and storytelling means to Museum Hack and our brand. We brought their team of thirty to one of our favorite museums in New York City and treated them to a VIP team building experience at the Met customized to their company’s interests and values.

Elizabeth Arden scavenger hunt

Our expert tour guides and researchers knew one of the main goals of the tour was to show Elizabeth Arden how we can make the Metropolitan Museum of Art interesting for just about any customer and their needs. We dove into developing our custom Women in Power & Beauty-Themed premium tour of the museum. We uncovered stories about awesome women like Elizabeth Arden and weaved those tales into the art. The tour centered on themes of beauty and powerful women in history, and we touched on surprising historical beauty treatments hidden in plain sight in the museum’s impressive collections.

Along with a morning coffee stop, we brought in a surprise special guest musician who has more than two decades’ worth of experience performing Indian classical music and a magician who showed off tricks inspired by the art. A trip to the Met with us wouldn’t have been complete without several of our favorite team building activities, including a storytelling game, a competitive scavenger hunt, and a brand-new contest designed to get attendees competing to see who can put together the best sales pitch hack.

Elizabeth Arden's team enjoys the scavenger hunt.
Elizabeth Arden’s team enjoys the scavenger hunt.

How To Make Museum Hack Storytelling Methods Work For Your Company

Our day with Elizabeth Arden was just getting stated after their two-and-a-half-hour custom team building experience at the museum. Once we demonstrated exactly how we use our methods inside the museum every day, we took the team back to their New York offices to show them how to put stories to work in their own industry.

Our Storytelling Workshop takes our own three-month training program for our renegade guides and condenses it into a three-hour professional workshop. We focus on the principles that shape everything we do: playful activities, hacked stories and experiences, and bringing a high level of passion to whatever it is you’re doing.

Elizabeth Arden Storytelling Workshop

We designed the workshop so Elizabeth Arden’s trainers would learn how to take our principles and methods of storytelling and engagement and make them work for them. We broke the groups down into two teams of fifteen with two Museum Hack VIP Hosts to lead each smaller workshop for more individual attention. We taught:

  • Ways to use passionate storytelling to create more engaging and more meaningful interactions with employees and customers
  • How to use pacing and other storytelling techniques to make every interaction with your audience dynamic and unique
  • How to use fun, interactive activities to keep your audience intrigued
  • How to specifically structure and apply stories to the Elizabeth Arden brand
  • Company-specific strategies for using stories to benefit and improve the sales process

Elizabeth Arden’s trainers left the workshop armed with new strategies and techniques for weaving good stories that would help connect customers with their brand in new ways.

Elizabeth Arden trainers enjoy their storytelling workshop.
The trainers had a great time during their storytelling workshop.

What Stories Are Worth Telling?

Once you know how to tell a good story, all that’s left to do is determine what story to tell. We were lucky enough to be able to dive even deeper into helping Elizabeth Arden redesign their engagement techniques. We hacked the company’s history and products!

Not only did we teach Elizabeth Arden’s team the art of storytelling, but with our brand hack, we were able to develop the right stories for them to tell. Our researchers explored the long history of Elizabeth Arden and uncovered two amazing tales that the trainers could pass on to their beauty consultants. Elizabeth Arden also chose five of their favorite products for us to hack. We broke down each product and crafted an interesting, unique story that the consultants could share with their customers.

The team works on their hacked stories.
The team works on their hacked stories.

After a day with Museum Hack, Elizabeth Arden’s trainers had new stories to tell and new ways to tell them, and were ready to pass on the fun, creative methods to their teams to help engage customers in unexpected and exciting ways every day.

Are you interested in a creative partnership with Museum Hack? We’d love to talk to you about how we can hack your brand. Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-210-9676.


written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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