Dannon’s Team Building Tour: Discovering The Met’s Yogurt Culture

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Team Building Resources November 19, 2019 Dannon’s Team Building Tour: Discovering The Met’s Yogurt Culture

History is massive. It covers war and famine, revolutions and renaissances, rises and falls. But sometimes, we just want to know about a specific piece of history. It’s easy to imagine a sports team wanting to learn about the birth of hockey or dinosaur geeks hanging out with fossils, but what about a yogurt company? This case study is all about the bespoke museum experience and how we crafted a custom, yogurt-focused tour for The Dannon Company, an international leader in yogurt and other dairy products.

Dannon's team listens as their tour guide talks.


Dannon’s Healthy Obsession With Yogurt

The Dannon Company has been making yogurt for almost 75 years. Their people live, breathe, and eat yogurt. When a team of nutritionists from Dannon’s marketing department decided to hold a team building event, they knew they had a challenge in front of them, and it was one that faces many large businesses looking to focus on team bonding. How do you keep your team happy and engaged in the experience while still ensuring the team building activity is relevant to your company and its values? Of course, it would be easy to send everyone bowling or to a matinee on Broadway, but there’s not much relevance in that to a yogurt company.

Instead, Dannon reached out to Museum Hack to talk about hosting a bespoke team building tour focused entirely on the history of their company’s best known product. Dannon’s goal was clear: to treat their team to a fun, engaging day while still emphasizing team building and company core values.

Discovering the Museum’s Hidden Secrets

Team building is one of Museum Hack’s specialities, but a tour focused on yogurt was unchartered territory for our group of museum experts. Still, we were up for the challenge and crafted a three-hour, fully customized, team building bespoke museum experience centered around the history of yogurt.

The tour took Dannon’s team through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s vast collections. Our guides told the craziest stories they could dig up about yogurt and dairy. We uncovered secret connections to the Bible, Genghis Khan, The Ottoman Empire, and even New York’s own dairy production history.

Dannon's team works on the scavenger hunt with their guide.

The experience wasn’t all about discovering the sometimes-scandalous secret life of yogurt. We turned Dannon’s team loose on the Met with a custom yogurt-themed scavenger hunt designed to promote teamwork and outside-the-box thinking skills. Our scavenger hunts are a fun way to incorporate company team building activities into the bespoke experience. Team members must work together to achieve a clear goal all while staying focused on yogurt – and having a great time while doing so!

The experience didn’t end there. We also led a customized storytelling workshop focused on professional development, enhancing research skills, and improving group collaboration – all skills that will stay with the team long after they leave the museum. The group let off some steam at the end of the tour with a fun photo challenge where each team member ran through the museum, replacing food in paintings with pictures of yogurt cups on sticks.

Dannon's team enjoys the photo challenge

Dannon participates in the fun photo challenge

And, of course, we snuck in some delicious yogurt snacks.

Dannon: “We Were Really Having a Great Time”

The bespoke museum experience worked perfectly to match Dannon’s needs. It allowed the group to have a fun, exciting day outside the office, while still staying focused on company values, goals, and team building. While Dannon’s team left the museum with a deeper appreciation of yogurt’s role in history, they also spent the day improving their bond as a team.

As a result of the custom bespoke tour, Dannon’s team of nutritionists had a great time connecting with each other in new ways, learned about the historical significance of yogurt dating back hundreds of years, worked on creative thinking skills, and went home with some ridiculously awesome photos.

“These pictures are great! You can tell we were really having a great time; we are laughing in most of them!” – Kristie L., Health Affairs Manager, Dannon

Dannon's team is all smiles with their yogurt cups on sticks.

Treat your group to the company team building event they deserve and come on a customized bespoke bonding adventure with Museum Hack!

Do you have a team that’s in need of hitting the refresh button, but you’re not sure how to combine fun, engagement, and your company’s values into one incredible team building event?


written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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