An Epic Custom Scavenger Hunt With Russell Reynolds

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Corporate February 24, 2020 An Epic Custom Scavenger Hunt With Russell Reynolds

Back in February of 2017, we worked with the team at Russell Reynolds to do a huge event at the Brooklyn Museum. We had so much fun collaborating with them and were beyond thrilled when they came back to us to plan an even BIGGER customized event.

This group of MH renegade tour guides wasn’t about to let the cold get in the way of creating an amazing experience.

The Mission, Should We Choose to Accept It (Spoiler Alert: We Did)

Russell Reynolds was bringing top executive recruiters from around the world to New York City for a multi-day training. They wanted us to plan an engaging activity for the visiting recruiters that would a.) build camaraderie, b.) teach about leadership, c.) give everyone some time to get out and explore the city, and d.) be FUN!

Based on the parameters Russell Reynolds gave us, we knew immediately knew that we wanted to create a scavenger hunt, which would give the recruiters a chance to break into smaller, more intimate groups while engaging in some friendly competition. Since Russell Reynolds wanted their visiting team members to get a chance to check out the city, we decided to step outside our normal haunts and take our intrepid adventurers on a scavenger hunt that spanned two boroughs, a bridge, a museum, and a tavern.

Having figured out what we wanted to do, we put together a top-notch team of guides, warned the Russell Reynolds folks to wear their best walking shoes, and got to work crafting an amazing custom experience.

The Anatomy of a Scavenger Hunt

Zak M. getting his group up to speed.

Putting together a scavenger hunt requires a lot more work than you might think. When we create custom scavenger hunts, we’re not just trying to get team members from point A to point B. We’re also figuring out ways to weave in company values, team building, and engaging lessons.

We begin by working with our company partners to figure out the values that they want to highlight. For this particular event, Russell Reynolds wanted to highlight leadership, since their recruiters are often looking for top-notch candidates to fill positions.

We decided to take the Russell Reynolds recruiters on a journey throughout Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan which would call out some of the greatest leaders in New York City history. With our signature Museum Hack flair, we built stories that not only talked about leadership, but highlighted the secret, engaging stories that history textbooks often leave out.

Here are some examples of the stories the Russell Reynolds team heard on their scavenger hunt extravaganza:

  • Dedication and drive at the Brooklyn Bridge: On our stop at the Brooklyn Bridge, the team learned all about the leadership, dedication, and drive it took to create this remarkable feat of engineering achievement.
  • The mad king of Bavaria: Over in Manhattan, we talked about the supposed “mad” king of Bavaria, who everyone thought was crazy for building elaborate castles when, in actuality, his construction provided financial stability to Bavaria for centuries.
  • The school for thieves: Again in Manhattan, we examined the story of an intrepid woman who fought back against corruption in the 1860s by creating a school for thieves which gave countless women a place to call home and way to put some money in their pockets.

We also had stops that featured stories about dueling customs, the drinking habits of our Founding Fathers, the bold leadership that saved NYC from a great fire, and more!

So… How’d It Go?

We can’t wait to work with Russell Reynolds again!

On a cold day in January, a group of excited Museum Hack renegade guides and intrigued Russell Reynolds recruits gathered in Brooklyn to begin their hunt…

… and it went amazingly well!

We heard from the team at Russell Reynolds that the event was one of the highlights of the trip: it got people out of the office, taught them a ton about leadership, and, most importantly, helped everyone get to know each other and New York City.

Why Custom Scavenger Hunts Are Awesome For Your Team

Our classic, flagship scavenger hunt reveals the secrets of specific locations via entertaining questions that showcase the skills of everyone on the team. We host scavenger hunts in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. You’ll experience team building, company values, photo challenges, learning experiences, and more.

Every Museum Hack experience is geared towards making your team see old things (e.g., company values, art) in new ways. Our scavenger hunts challenge your team to think quickly, most fast, and be accurate. Plus, a fun prize will get everyone working and laughing together.

We host scavenger hunts in and out of the world’s best museums. If you’ve got an idea, we can make it happen. Learn more about our options for scavenger hunts.

written with 💖 by Hayley Milliman

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