How We Designed A Custom Live Event For FUJIFILM’s New Product Line

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Corporate November 12, 2020 How We Designed A Custom Live Event For FUJIFILM’s New Product Line

We’ve been using FUJIFILM’s Instax cameras on our tours for quite some time. Given that we’re such big fans, we were super excited to work with FUJIFILM on creating and hosting a custom event to promote their new product line in New York City.

FUJIFILM came to us because they wanted to engage millennial audiences in a way that was above and beyond traditional social media marketing. The company’s engagement strategies were already working well, but they thought they could appeal to an even larger audience and were looking for innovative ways to get people interacting with their brand.

One of the ideas discussed was a real-world event where people could use and fall in love with their latest product—the FUJIFILM Instax SHARE SP-2 Smartphone Printer.

Our talented creative team developed a custom event specifically to showcase the FUJIFILM Instax SHARE SP-2 Smartphone Printer. Our staff built the entire event from the ground up and based it on the central concept of participants interacting with and using the product multiple times for the entire duration of the event.

We Created A Custom Live Event To Help FUJIFILM Engage Millennials

We designed a custom scavenger hunt for FUJIFILM in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park called “Hack The Park: A Race Against Time.”

Here’s how it worked:

  • Participants learned about the wild and crazy history of Prospect Park from our renegade tour guides while exploring the park to find hidden clues.
  • Participants took photos of the clues with their cell phones, and then instantly printed these photos using the FUJIFILM Instax SHARE SP-2 Smartphone Printer.
  • After printing out the photos using FUJIFILM’s app, participants pasted the photos onto their team’s bingo board, and the first team to fill out the entire board won.

How We Boosted Press Coverage Through An Extensive Marketing Strategy

Our marketing team promoted the event through an extensive marketing campaign that included email marketing, split testing, social media marketing, targeted Facebook ads, and outreach to leading publications, blogs, and Brooklyn-based influencers.

We also secured media attention for the event from publications like TimeOut New York, Metro NY, and multiple blogs.

To drum up social media engagement and interest, we promoted the event heavily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and created the hashtag #InstaxParkHack on Instagram for participants to upload event photos as part of the challenge.
There were over 40 photos posted to Instagram using the hashtag #InstaxParkHack, which combined for 468 likes.

What People Said About The Event

After the event we emailed a follow-up survey to all participants asking about their experience.

Here’s what they thought:

“I loved having the printer to document the event. It was a lot of fun learning about the park and being outside like a child playing in the park.”

“It was really fun! I think people would be interested in doing it for more than 1 hour (even 2-3 hours would be great!)”

“Had so much fun! Loved the mix of history, challenges, and photos and was a good way to bond with friends.”

Did It Work?

The post-event survey also included a Google Form that asked attendees to rank their prior familiarity with FUJIFILM Instax products and how they felt about the experience.

Not many attendees were familiar with FUJIFILM Instax products prior to the event.
Even though a significant number of attendees were not familiar with FUJIFILM Instax products before the event, the majority felt positively about recommending FUJIFILM Instax products after the event.
The vast majority of attendees enjoyed FUJIFILM’s custom event and are interested in attending similar events.

The Bottom Line: Customized Events Are A Great Way To Promote Your Brand And Supercharge Engagement Among Millennials And New Audiences

Prior to the event, FUJIFILM’s engagement strategy was working well, but they were looking for a deeper dive among millennials. The crowds showed up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to participate, and they used the FUJIFILM Instax SHARE SP-2 Smartphone Printer for the entire time.

Social media marketing is where many marketing strategies start, but there’s still a ton of opportunity for engagement in customized live experiences. Custom events allow the opportunity to create a deeper connection between the brand and the buyer that can last long beyond the day of the event.

On social media, most consumers view your content for less than ten seconds before scrolling onto the next thing. With live events, consumers are interacting with your product and engaging with your brand for multiple hours.

written with 💖 by Jesse Sussman

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