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Reimagine Your Museum: Our Workshops, Events, & Consulting Help You Attract & Engage New Audiences

Why Work With Us?

Re-think Traditional

Museum Hack rethinks the traditional museum experience. We work with museums to create new content, strengthen existing programs, build social media prowess, reach new audiences, and increase relevance and engagement.

Increased Reach

We can help you draw in and engage new audiences, serve your community's needs, and develop sustainable revenue sources based on your institution's unique needs and goals.

Fresh Connections

We'll help re-imagine your museum to ensure your visitors connect with your collections and with each other, all while having fun in the museum space.

Attracting and Engaging Millennials

Our highly-trained staff works directly with your team to create and implement staff training, special events, marketing, and programs that are specific to your museum and its needs. We utilize proven methods to create programs that attract and retain new audiences, like Millennials, while improving the museum experience for your current visitors and empowering your staff.

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What Does Museum Hack Offer?

Our customized museum consulting services include professional development for your staff, in-person or long-distance consultations, VIP Events, Marketing, Corporate Team Building or Young Patrons program development, tour development, strategic planning, and more.

All of our services are customized to your institution’s needs.  Elements of a package might include the following:

Corporate Team Building

Curious how you can serve your community’s needs while developing sustainable revenue sources for your museum?

Museum Hack uses museums as effective team building spaces for corporate groups. Large corporate groups such as Google, Adobe, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan have engaged with museums while creating team memories and building corporate values and branding.

We’ll draw on our experiences and best practices to customize a program that meets the requirements of various Human Resources departments while engaging new audiences and revenue sources for your museum. By partnering with us, you will receive:


Young Patrons Program

Millennials now make up the largest percentage of the population and average out at just 23 years old. How can your museum attract and sustain relationships with this emerging donor base?

We’ll utilize proven and simple steps to create a Young Patrons program that helps your museum develop new audience relationships sustainable over time. By partnering with Museum Hack to develop a Young Patrons program, you will receive:


Professional Development

There’s one investment that can massively increase attendance while investing in your staff: storytelling!  Museum Hack has condensed our training program into several professional development options: 

Send your staff to NYC for a three-day intensive Boot Camp, or we’ll come to your museum to present a full-day Workshop using your space and collections.

Your staff will learn proven approaches to executing passion-based storytelling, creating tours that utilize pacing and elements to ensure a dynamic visitor experience and fight museum fatigue, and crafting interactive, inquiry-based activities that utilize technology and the expertise of your audience to re-energize visitors.  All professional development training includes:

Tour Techniques

VIP Events

Want a highly-publicized, engaging and fun event at your institution?  One that will attract a millennial audience?  Make it a Hacked one!

Our VIP Guides will produce a special evening event, drawn on our best practices for audience engagement and customized to your event theme, exhibitions, or target audiences.  We’ll help you increase attendance, infuse new energy into exhibitions, and make your event one your guests will remember.

Events are customized based on the needs of your institution, and can include:

Scavenger Hunts

Social Media Marketing

Want to promote your museum to new audiences and increase social media reach? Even if your budget is small, social media advertising represents an amazing marketing opportunity.  We’ll work with you to develop and deliver hyper-targeted Facebook ads and conduct outreach designed to attract new audiences to your museum and drastically increase attendance at your event.

All marketing is customized to the needs and target audiences of your museum. Our marketing services include:



Want to learn about what we do, or get an outsider’s perspective on challenges your museum is facing?

Have a group of students who want to learn more about Museum Hack’s methods?

Our VIP Guides are available! One of our skilled Hackers will come to your museum or university for a day, or can work with you over the phone on a consulting basis.  We can even customize a presentation on our methods, conduct a Hack Chat with your board and stakeholders, or audit your current programs and tours!

As part of our visit, we can include:


For more information, please contact us.

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Museums We've Worked With

California Academy of Sciences, Canadian Museum of Nature, Colby College Museum of Art, Discovery of King Tut, Heart of the Civil War History Sites, National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Norway), Williams College Museum of Art, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Royal Tyrrell Museum, and many more.

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What museums are saying about us:

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It was wonderful and helpful time for us all. We found your marketing methods and business model are so unique, and we were inspired!

It’s simple, they do what they say they’ll do; Breaking down museum language, having fun and connecting people! It worked here!

I’m in love with you all! Because I’ve never seen so many smiling engaged people in this museum in my whole two years here.

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While no organization can be everything to every person, I share the belief that there are people out there who can be excited by a memorable museum experience - they just don’t know it yet. Museum Hack is reaching those people.

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We will consult with you on an individual basis, to find a program and price that best fits the needs (and budget) of your museum.