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Our Audience Development team works with museums around the world to bring in new audiences, and engage your current audience, through storytelling, marketing, training, and more. We love helping museums carry their mission to their communities and beyond to create new revenue streams, and sustainable programs. Specifically, we offer...

✅ Guide Training

Let us teach your staff proven methods of passion-based storytelling and dynamic tour design; the same principles we use to create our Renegade Museum Tours.

✅ Professional Development

We’ve perfected personal development, and can help your people grow in their careers, including inter-departmental teamwork.

✅ Marketing

We have multiple marketing options that help you bring your event to the front of your audience’s newsfeed. Growth plans, marketing training and more.

✅ Members Program

We can help you strategically build new audiences and maximize your membership program's new signs-ups and retention.

✅ Strategic Planning

Let us help you look into the future and work towards growth in all aspects of your museum.

✅ VIP Events

We create custom events for your visitors. With events like Escape the Museum or Unconventional Scavenger Hunts, the possibilities for unique, engaging events are endless.

✅ Boot Camp

The best investment you can make for your museum? Investing in your staff by sending them to Audience Engagement Boot Camp.

✅ Corporate Programs

Curious how you can serve your community’s needs while developing sustainable revenue sources for your museum? We are experts at B2B marketing, relationship building, and sales; and can help you build these systems or train your team in these methods.

✅ Other Consulting

Want to learn about what we do, or get an outsider’s perspective on challenges your museum is facing? We give thousands of tours every year at museums across the U.S and around the world; we'd love to share that expertise with you.

Meet Our Aud Dev Team 👋

Ethan Angelica Director of Creative & Consulting
Peter Vega Audience Development Manager
Dustin Growick Senior Creative Consultant + Team Lead for Science
Zak Martellucci Senior Creative Consultant + Tour Guide
Sam Warnke Internal Project Manager

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