de Young Fine Arts Museum Un-Highlights @ the de Young

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Price: $100

Duration: 2 hours

🐣 All guests must be 16+

💰 100% Money Back Guarantee

Note: With a few exceptions for beta tours, we are not currently offering public tours.

If you haven’t been to the de Young then you are in for a f***ing treat. Locals know this museum as “San Francisco’s Attic” because of its eclectic collection of weird stuff; including the infamous Peacock Man (by Whistler), an injustice inspired Sound Suit, and a ceremonial yam mask from Papua New Guinea. On this Un-Highlights Tour you will see the coolest stuff we’ve found in the Attic, hear the story of history’s greatest grudge match, and take some sweet photos. Locals love it, tourists rave about it. Don’t leave San Francisco without checking out this rad museum.

What Makes Our Tours Awesome

World Class Guides

Renegade Guides are award winning entertainers, comedians, academics and nerds; this is not your average docent tour. New guides train in the Museum Hack craft for 3 months before ever leading a tour.

A renegade tour guide at the museum.
One male and one female tour guest laughing.

Smart Humor, Mind Blowing Facts, Juicy Gossip

If you prefer your history drunk and a little sassy then you are our kind of people. We do deep research into the museum collections to learn the facts you won't find on the plaques, and then build out stories that connect with stuff in your life.

Small Group, VIP, Social Experience

Our standard group size is 10 or less, which is important because your guide will know you by name and can personalize the tour for what you want to see. It's also a great social experience, so you can come solo and make new friends or bring your SO, BFF, mom, grandma, OkCupid / Bumble / Grindr-crush, Tamagotchi, FWB or entire squad.

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A guest enjoying a painting of a rainbow.

Admission Included, Skip the Line

All full price tickets include museum admission, up to a $25 value (so the tour portion is more like $34 - $44). When you arrive at the museum, your guide will have your admission ready so you can launch right into the tour without waiting in line.

Featured on TripAdvisor, 5400+ 5 Star Reviews

Guests often call our guided tours "the best thing to do in San Francisco" and sometimes "pretty f***ing awesome!" You may have noticed companies intentionally sharing average reviews of like 4.7 stars, which they do because a study a few years back said the internet trusts that more than a perfect 5.0. Our actual average is 5/5, so f**k it.

Four smiling guests with a renegade tour guide at the museum.

Guest Reviews

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Kim E.

"Such a fun way to see a lot of things in a short amount of time with far more detail and entertainment factor."

Photo of smiling guest.

Jacy H.

"Highly recommend for a totally unique museum experience. Kelly was wonderful--very knowledgeable and funny!"

Photo of smiling guest.

Sandy M.

"Elizabeth, our Bad Ass B$&@$& tour guide was a great storyteller, an energetic and knowledgeable tour guide and just lots of fun!"

Photo of smiling guest.

Amanda C.

"I was on my own in NYC while my husband worked. Exploring the MET with Sara and others while learning was in a great time."

Photo of smiling guest.

Quyen T.

"For my friend's birthday gift, a few of us treated her to the BAB Tour ... It was SO fun and our guide, Sara, was amazing."

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"Damn, that was fun! I have been to the Met at least 50 times over the past 40 years, and our tour guide Jim showed us nooks and crannies I have never seen before."

Where Does Your $ Go?

68% to Museum Hack Operations

  • ✅ We pay your guide well
  • ✅ Tour supplies & goodies you receive on tour
  • ✅ Payroll for customer service agents and marketing team
  • ✅ Technical costs like website hosting and ticketing software
  • ✅ Credit card & banking fees
  • ✅ Other, misc. expenses
  • ✅ A tiny profit we mostly reinvest back into the business!

32% to Museum & Admissions

  • ✅ Maintaining world class collections
  • ✅ Acquiring culturally relevant art & objects
  • ✅ Gallery security & maintenance
  • ✅ Programming and events
  • ✅ Staffing, management and training
  • ✅ Air conditioning, heating, electricity and water
  • ✅ Other, misc. expenses
* This is an aggregate budget and the % varies by museum and tour. For example, the museum share on VIP Night Tours is closer to 37%. Some museums offer admission free or by suggested donation, and we support these museums via admissions, memberships, donations, space rentals and cafe & gift shop purchases.

100% "You'll Love It" Guarantee

Our Renegade Guides are wicked smart and will take you on a sassy, whirlwind tour of the museum. Most guests LOVE this experience and if you feel anything other than 10/10 then we will refund your money.

So... tour?

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