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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: VIP Tour

Do you love long lectures on the important brushstrokes of the great masters? Rumination on the depth of color used in the 19th century? NEITHER DO WE.

Get ready to experience the Metropolitan Museum of Art like a real VIP! During this unconventional 3-hour museum adventure, our fabulous tour guides will show you and your fellow VIP guests the behind-the-scenes, scandalous secrets, backstories, and hidden nooks and crannies of the Greatest Museum on Earth -- and you’ll meet a surprise special guest, too! Get ready to get weird. Did we mention there’s wine and chocolate?

    Perfect For:
  • Museum haters
  • Museum lovers who want something new
  • The best date night ever
  • Your friend who’s too cool for school
  • Wine aficionados (1 glass per guest!)
  • Guests 21 years or older
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American Museum of Natural History: Un-Highlights Tour

Remember your elementary school field trip to the science museum?

Yeah. This is nothing like that.

Join us on a weird and wild adventure as one of our renegade tour guides lead you through an expedition through the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). On this two-hour group tour, you’ll learn the science and history behind the amazing animals on display, hear stories of the badass adventurers that collected them, and the dirty little secrets (like an honest-to-goodness gem heist) that make AMNH one of the coolest museums on the f***ing planet. Note: In June and July, Sunday 11am tours at AMNH are family friendly

    Perfect For:
  • Nature nerds
  • Those who seek adventure at every turn
  • Pun-lovers
  • Guests 16 years or older
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Game of Thrones Inspired Tour


Have you read 'Game of Thrones' so many times that you broke the book's spine? Does your loved one keep saying "The night is dark and full of terrors" and you just don't get it? Did you not read past 'Game of Thrones' because you got immediately suspicious that we don't know the difference between 'Game of Thrones' and 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?


Our 1.5 hour 'Game of Thrones' tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is for enthusiasts and dabblers alike. We've mined the Met for George RR Martin's real-life inspiration and chose the examples most likely to knock a wildling's boots off. Along the way your wits, courage, and dexterity will be tested in a battle for the Iron Throne... or at least a prize worth dancing with the Drowned God for.

Tour is for ages 16+, seriously. No one under 16 will be admitted. Email [email protected] for info on our private tours.


"Great tour! I'd give my sword hand for another ticket!" - Jaime Lannister

"Seven Pointed Stars out of five!!!" - The High Septon (before the Sparrows ruined everyone's party)

"Stories even I didn't know!" - Old Nan

Prepare to dive back into the scandals, triumphs, and tragedies of the Seven Kingdoms. Full House colors and regalia encouraged (but please leave your Valyrian steel at home!)

DOTHRAS CHEK, and see you nerds at the museum.

    Perfect For:
  • Wildlings
  • Bastards
  • Targaryens
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: BIG GAY MET!

Camp culture, scandalous stories, hot naked dudes, and badass lesbians -- if we just piqued your interest, then you’re gonna LOVE Museum Hack’s Big Gay Met tour. Join us for a whirlwind romp through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you’ll discover legitimate examples of gay porn in the Met, find a hidden drag queen, and find out why horse butts and lesbians are integral in art history. Full of the best stories in LGBTQ art history, these two-hour tours are a fun and fabulous alternative to the traditional museum tour.

Note: We are bringing back Big Gay Met for Pride Month! Just two tour dates and then it's gone!

    Perfect For:
  • LGBTQ+ advocates
  • Those who seek the untold stories
  • No tea, no shade (ok, a little shade)
  • Guests 16 years or older
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Badass Bitches of the Met


Remember when feminism happened, and Georgia O’Keeffe kicked butt, and now museums and the art world totally treat male and female artists with equal value? JK JK IT’S STILL SUPER BAD! On this two-hour tour of the Met, we get three things done:

1. We celebrate the awesome women who ARE represented
2. We fill you in on some women you haven’t heard about
3. We kick some ass - we hack the patriarchy and actually (briefly) raise the percentage of art on view by female artists!

The future is female, and guess what: the past was hella female too. Get ready to join the revolution (or keep revolution-ing, whatever, we support your journey wherever you are).

    Perfect For:
  • Feminists from all backgrounds
  • Smashers of the patriarchy
  • Beyoncé
  • Guests 16 years or older
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Un-Highlights Tour

Made for museum lovers and skeptics alike, our Un-Highlights tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will show you a side of the Met you’ve never seen before! Join our renegade tour guides on a high-energy, two-hour group tour through the museum’s hallowed halls with a “tasting menu” approach as you learn the crazy true stories behind a selection of art across the Met’s massive collection. This is not your grandma’s museum tour.

    Perfect For:
  • Those who seek secretive, salacious, scandalous stories
  • Speed-walkers
  • People who don’t like museums
  • Guests 16 years or older
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New York: Beta Tours

Calling all Museum Hack “early adopters”! For a super cheap ticket price, help us get our newest tour guides up to speed -- and get the chance test drive our latest, craziest tour experiences (plus bragging rights about your Museum Hack insider status). In exchange, we just ask for your feedback so we can make these new experiences the best they can be!

    Perfect For:
  • Museum Hack super-fans
  • Poor grad students (tickets starting at $9)
  • Guests 16 years or older
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New York: Gift Certificates

Want to treat a friend, family member or significant other to a Museum Hack tour? Give them a gift certificate! Note: Gift Certificates are only redeemable in the city they are purchased for.

    Perfect For:
  • Giving to a friend!
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Private Tours

Just your group and a renegade guide on a customized tour of the museum.

New York: Bachelorette Party

Host a classy bachelorette party at the museum. Each tour is different and customized on the fly based on your private party. On most tours, we will visit the Temple of Dendur, the American Wing, Musical Instruments, Modern and Contemporary Galleries, and Asian Galleries, to name a few. Guides are also always happy to take requests ahead of time to guarantee a magical evening for the bride-to-be. Includes fun photos, wine and games.

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New York: Team Building

What do Google, Facebook, Etsy, KPMG & LEGO have in common? They all did company team building tours with us! Bring your team on an exciting museum tour that includes stories about the art, activities, prizes, wine and more. We can customize the tour to your company values or to match a them, like "technology through time." These tours are designed to promote team engagement, collaboration and communication.

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New York: Little Hackers

Our Little Hackers tours are custom made for families with young children. We use special engagement techniques to keep your kids excited and engaged with the museum. The activities are designed to be fun, accessible and involve group participation. We also plan for bathroom breaks. Fun photos guaranteed.

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New York: Marriage Proposal

Thinking about popping THE question? The museum is an elegant backdrop and we've helped dozens of couples find that perfect moment. Your guide will lead you and your SO on a private tour of the museum galleries, with fun stories about love, sex and marriage to help set the mood. We will coordiate with you to find a quiet and private spot for you to make the ask, and after take you to the best spot in the museum for a celebratory glass of wine.

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