20+ Best Corporate Team Building Activities in San Antonio

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Team Building Resources November 27, 2022 20+ Best Corporate Team Building Activities in San Antonio

Finding the best corporate team building activities in San Antonio can be tough, but our goal is to make the process of planning your next company outing just a little bit easier.

Team building is important to us here at Team Building Activities San Antonio. Why do we love it so much? Here are our top three reasons why you should team build regularly: 1) Regular team building boosts employee engagement, loyalty and retention. You already hire the best people; now it’s time to focus on keeping them; 2) Your employees will benefit from increased collaboration, communication, creative thinking, and problem solving; and 3) if you choose the right team event, then you’ll have a great time (and your employees will be appreciative).

So how do you choose the right corporate event for your business? We know that what works well for one company, may not be the right team building fit for another. That’s why we’ve listed a variety of different corporate events below. All are fun and effective; where these team outings differ is in the approach, style, and type of event (think escape room vs. scavenger hunt or guacamole making competition vs. storytelling workshop or professional development skills workshop vs. museum tour).

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at our list of the best company team building activities in San Antonio, New Braunfels, La Vernia, Seguin, Universal City, Von Ormy, and Boerne.

1. The Best Cake Wins

Coworkers have fun at a team building activity
Sprinkles, frosting, unicorns, and teamwork — The Best Cake Wins has a great recipe for your next team outing.

The Best Cake Wins is one of the best corporate team building activities in San Antonio. Your team members are tasked with re-creating a sample cake, but the team building elements go beyond replicating a cake. Judging criteria includes creative storytelling and presentation; your coworkers will enjoy the friendly competition and creative elements. This fun team building activity runs for about 90 minutes with options for upgrades like BYOB, food, a professional workshop with a cake decorator, custom aprons, and more. The Best Cake Wins is great for teams of all sizes, big and small, and is a team outing that can be hosted anywhere.

More info here.

2. The Great Guac Off™

The Great Guac Off offers fun corporate team building activities.
Guac out with your coworkers.

The Great Guac Off is a fun guacamole making competition that doubles as a team building event. Team bonding comes into play with friendly competition, delicious food, and fun games and activities mixed into your company outing. Host your Guac Off with any group size at your office, at a San Antonio venue of your choice, or at The Great Guac Off’s location. Each Guac Off starts with icebreakers and activities before launching into the guac battle (we recommend adding the secret ingredient mystery box for an added challenge). The Great Guac Off is a great choice for companies looking for team building events with food.

More info here.

3. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is a unique team building activity in San Antonio that uses construct and deconstruct game mechanics to build more authentic connections. You and your team members will be broken down into smaller groups and given a strange pile of items. Your job is to build the best castle you can out of this assortment of materials. Once the castles are up, it’s time for them to come down. Your group will use an equally weird pile of projectiles to try to tear down the other castles; last castle standing wins! Launchy Birds is fun, innovative, and chaotic; your team members will have an awesome time in this all-out battle for office domination.

More info here.

4. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a festive team building event.
Fa-la-la-la your way to a fun, festive team building activity.

Gingerbread Wars is the best holiday themed team building event out there! Your team members will have a holly jolly good time at this epic gingerbread house making competition. This team event is fun, festive, and worth making an annual tradition as part of your company holiday party. Your company outing will start with fun games and team building activities before launching into the gingerbread house battle. Your group will be divided into small teams who compete to build the best house based on the agreed upon theme. Each house will be judged, prizes are handed out, and a merry time is had by all. Include snacks, drinks, catering, or BYOB. Gingerbread Wars will even decorate your office for the festivities. Host your team event at your office, at the local San Antonio Gingerbread Wars HQ, or at a San Antonio venue of your choice. All group sizes are welcome.

More info here.

5. Walk dogs

Most local animal shelters have programs that let people come to the shelter and get the pooches out of their cages for some much needed exercise and interaction. Walking dogs is a great thing to do as a team because your coworkers will feel good about helping the community, your coworkers will enjoy fresh air and exercise, and the pooches will be appreciative. Bonus: Maybe someone on your team will fall in love with a pup in need of a good home, too!

6. ScavBoss

Scavenger hunts are a popular choice for corporate team building activities, and with good reason. Scavenger hunts are fun, competitive, collaborative, and require strong communication and teamwork. We love ScavBoss as a facilitator for team building scavenger hunts. ScavBoss can create fun, custom scavenger hunts of San Antonio, or you can choose from a pre-planned hunt that checks the major boxes for effective team building events. ScavBoss even offers the incredible Impossible Hunt, which is a scavenger hunt specifically designed to be impossible to solve, which challenges your team members in unexpected ways. We recommend it!

7. Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools out there; it’s a skill that has the potential to dramatically upgrade the quality of work being done in your office. We recommend including productive team building events into your schedule of team outings, and hosting a storytelling workshop with professionals is a great way to learn a tangible skill while having a great time. A storytelling workshop is a strong investment back into your business; your team members will learn the art of telling an effective, engaging, and powerful story. That has the potential to draw greater connections with your clients, customers, and during your in-office conversations.

More info here.

8. The San Antonio Museum of Art

The San Antonio Museum of Art is one of our favorite museums in the country and it’s an unexpected site for your next company outing. Treat your team members to a morning of exploring one of the best museums around before heading over to the Riverwalk for a great lunch. Wrap up the day by letting your team members head home early. If you want to add a few more team bonding elements to the day, then consider adding a scavenger hunt of the museum to encourage collaboration, communication, and competition.

More info here.

9. Class Axe Throwing

Much like scavenger hunts and escape rooms, axe throwing is an increasingly popular choice for company outings. Your team members will receive a quick lesson in how to throw an axe before launching into a competition to see who in the office has the top axe tossing skills. Enjoy spending a few hours releasing any pent up aggression and learning something new together.

More info here.

10. San Antonio Detours

San Antonio is home to a lot of cool different tourist-y things to do and tops on the list includes touring San Antonio through the eyes of a someone new to town. Treat your employees, all of whom probably call the San Antonio area home, to a tour of their city. San Antonio Detours offers a variety of different team building activities, like a Missions tour, a food tour, a wine tasting tour, and a BBQ and Brews tour. You could also put together a scavenger hunt of the city. Each tour of San Antonio ranges in length from three to five hours.

More info here.

11. Play games

Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, The Game of Life — these are all board game classics and it’s time to dust them off. Ask a few employees to bring a game from home and then take your coworkers out to the conference room for some fun, relaxing game play. Battle it out alongside Chipotle catering; your coworkers will enjoy having the break from their desks, eating a good meal, and having fun together, no work talk allowed. Hint: We recommend giving your coworkers at least a week’s advance notice so no one is caught off guard by the break from work with a lengthy to-do list. The goal of this team event is to bond, relax, and have fun, not to stress your employees out by preventing them from meeting a deadline.

12. Dave & Buster’s

Just about everyone likes arcade games and, even if some on your team don’t, we bet they’ll enjoy a few hours away from the office. Treat your coworkers to an afternoon of laser tag, arcade games, and bowling at Dave & Buster’s. Pre-pay in advance for game cards, make a reservation to take advantage of the full bar and menu, and spend a few hours playing, laughing, and enjoying team bonding. Dave & Buster’s offers dedicated staff and corporate events packages if you want to take advantage of that option for a hands-off planning experience.

More info here.

13. Host a meetup

First: Let’s talk about what a meetup actually is. To us, a meetup is like a thank you networking event that’s fun. Let us explain. A meetup is a way to say thank you, not only to your employees, but to everyone who makes your business operate. Do you have clients, vendors, suppliers, etc.? Does your business interact often with your local community? Throw a massive event that includes them all! Planning can be a lot simpler than you might think. All you need to do is 1) Settle on your guest list; 2) Find a location that can accommodate your group size (ideas include your office, the parking lot, a local park, or a rented out venue); 3) Decide on food (BBQ, catering, etc.), and 4) Plan some fun activities that will help connect people, like Human Bingo (more on that below), a photo challenge, or a DIY scavenger hunt.

14. Human Bingo

Human Bingo is one of our favorite DIY team building activities you can do anywhere on the super cheap. All you need are a few bingo cards, and these can be as simple as hand drawing cards on computer paper. The goal of Human Bingo is to foster new connections and help people get to know each other in different ways by encouraging better communication. Example: A Bingo square could include ‘find someone who has traveled to five different continents’ or ‘find someone in the office who has three cats.’ Ask your team members to submit fun facts about themselves in advance so you can truly personalize your team bonding time.

15. Go bowling

Bowling! Bowling is a solid option for a team building activity that you need to plan last-minute or with a strict budget. Bowling works for corporate team building activities because it’s simple, easy, and something most people on your team probably already know how to do. Most bowling alleys include food and drinks, so you can host a complete team event with minimal planning.

More info here.

17. Eat together

Sharing a meal is a great way for people to come together and bond. Bonus: You can have this meal anywhere. It can be as simple as ordering take-out into the office and taking the lunch hour to enjoy each other’s company, or it can be a bit more intricate, like making reservations for a private room at the hottest dinner spot in San Antonio. Whichever you choose, we like this option for team bonding because just about everyone loves to eat and time spent over the table offers more opportunities to make connections, find common interests, and improve relationships. That can translate to a big boost in morale back at the office.

18. Freedom Fun USA

With a name like Freedom Fun USA, how could you and your coworkers have anything but a great time with this provider of corporate team building activities? Freedom Fun USA puts together team building events with laster tag; your team members will have a great time tapping into their childhood nostalgia as you all race around in the dark and try to shoot each other with lasers. This fun, competitive team outing will be a hit with your officemates.

More info here.

19. Give back

Your local community is a hotspot of opportunities for volunteer work that include corporate team building activities. You can do so many things to give back while team bonding; some companies offer official charity team building events, but it’s also possible to put together your own. Find a local organization in need of some helping hands, head to Build-A-Bear together to make stuffed animals to donate to a local children’s hospital, or head out for an afternoon of picking up trash around San Antonio. Host a fundraiser in the office, put together a clothing drive, or collect food donations for a nearby food bank. The possible charity team building activities you can do together are virtually endless.

Team Building Activities San Antonio: Final Thoughts

Team building is an important investment for any business. Finding the right team building activity means your investment will pay off dividends in the short-term and in the long-term. Our hope is, now that you’ve read our list, that you have a great idea of where to get started when planning your next corporate event. If you still have questions, then don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you plan the perfect team outing for your business.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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