20+ Best Team Building Activities in Orlando

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Team Building Resources November 27, 2022 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Orlando

Finding the best team building activities that will resonate with your employees and accomplish your goals for your next team outing can be tough. That’s why we’ve decided to vet the different providers of team building events in Orlando to come up with our list of the best corporate events in the city.

Team building is so important for your business. Your coworkers will appreciate the break from the office, while coming together to enjoy an afternoon of team bonding. Regular team building events have been proven to boost communication, problem solving, creative thinking, collaboration, morale, and engagement. When all of those things are firing well in your business, employee retention and loyalty stays high.

If you’re looking for the best company outings in or around Orlando, including in Catalina, Lake Como, Johnson Village, Signal Hill, and Hibiscus, then we’ve got you covered with this resource of the best team building events in the area.

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off offers fun company team building activities in Orlando.
Get your guac on!

The Great Guac Off is the ultimate in great company team building activities in Orlando. This guacamole-making competition packs a seriously fun punch – plus it’s delicious! Each standard corporate event lasts for 90 minutes and includes challenges, games, activities, trivia, and the best team building competition around. Your group will be broken down into smaller teams who then compete to create the best guac in the office. Include a secret ingredient box to up the challenge factor. This fun team activity is well-priced and can be held at your office, at a local Orlando venue of your choice, or at the company’s HQ. Upgrade your team outing to include a catered meal, burrito bar, and/or BYOB. The Great Guac Off is our top choice for team building in Orlando.

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2. Choose dinner

No time to plan something elaborate? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with heading out to dinner as a team for drinks, good food, and good laughs. All it takes is finding a venue near the office that can accommodate your group size. This low maintenance team building event might be just what your coworkers need to come together and boost morale and bonds away from cubicles. If you’re just now thinking about dipping your toes into the team building pool, then starting with a simple dinner could be a good approach to take.

3. Launchy Birds

We’ve never seen anything in the team building landscape quite like Launchy Birds before. The game is based on construct and deconstruct strategies and mechanics; your group will be broken down into small teams who are tasked with building a castle out of strange and unexpected objects. Then, each team competes to knock down the other castles. Last castle standing wins! This team outing is fun, fast, high-energy, intense, and impactful. Launchy Birds is well-priced, runs for 90 minutes, includes prizes, can be hosted anywhere, and can accommodate any group size, making it an awesome team building activity for large groups in Orlando.

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4. Gingerbread Wars

Fa-la-la-la! It’s time to get festive with Gingerbread Wars. No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too early to get your company holiday party on the books, and if you’re considering Gingerbread Wars, then we recommend booking ASAP. This fun, reasonably-priced take on team building and holiday parties sell out fast every year. Your team will enjoy a fun competition centered around building the best gingerbread house in the office. With other fun activities and challenges sprinkled in, Gingerbread Wars offers a holiday party to remember for the ages. Many add-ons are available, ranging from full catering to cookie platters to holiday decorations at your office. Gingerbread Wars can be hosted anywhere with any group size.

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5. Throw axes at each other

Axe throwing is a popular choice for company team building activities. Reduce stress and get out some aggression while learning how to throw axes like a pro. Your team will receive coaching and instruction from axe-throwing experts before launching into a competition against each other. Take the team out for happy hour after to round out your team outing.

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6. Trivia Night

Trivia is a fun and easy-to-pull-together team building activity that any companies in Orlando can enjoy. Hold your trivia competition at the office, at a local bar, or you can even hire a company to design and host the event for you (We think trivia night is a great option for DIY team building activities.) Sprinkle in some fun office-related trivia questions among pop culture questions to laugh and encourage team bonding. Add prizes, appetizers, and refreshments to keep energy and engagement high.

7. Planet Obstacle

Planet Obstacle offers another fun and physical way to get some team bonding in. The huge venue is one giant obstacle course your team members will enjoy competing in. From a warrior course that evokes feelings of American Ninja Warrior to bumper cars to trampolines to zip lines, there are team building activities at Planet Obstacle that all of your employees will have fun participating in.

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8. Escapology Escape Rooms Orlando

Just about everyone knows what happens in an escape room, and many companies have decided to embrace this activity as a team outing. Escape rooms pit your employees against the clock, or against each other, in a battle to solve clues and make it out of the room as fast as possible. Escape rooms are best for team building activities for small groups, as there is usually a maximum number of participants that each room can hold.

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9. Go bowling

Bowling is a simple DIY team building activity you can throw together over the course of an hour or so, making it an attractive option as a company event. Bowling is a good corporate outing idea for small teams and large teams. If you have a few different bowling groups, then consider turning it into a competition to see which group wins the office bowling crown. Choose a bowling alley that offers food and drinks to plan a fully awesome team outing.

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10. Putting Edge

Mini golf is a classic fun group activity, but Putting Edge in Orlando goes beyond your average game of mini golf. Putting Edge is an indoor mini golf course that works as a fun company activity no matter what the weather forecast. The course includes intense, psychedelic artwork that will transport your employees to a different time. The glow-in-the-dark course takes mini golf to a whole new level. Putting Edge is a good option for simple team bonding that’s easy to plan.

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11. Pot Luck Picnic

Everyone loves a pot luck, right? Allow your coworkers to showcase the best of home cooking and bring in a favorite dish for the office to sample. If you want to take it up a notch and include some friendly competition, then come up with categories and judge the entires into each category. Winners of each round can take home a fun prize, and everyone gets a delicious meal. During chow time, play some games or include a few unexpected and fun icebreaker questions to maximize your team bonding time. What’s not to like about that?

12. ScavBoss

Scavenger hunts are great when it comes to team building activities in Orlando. Scavenger hunts can be designed in so many ways to tackle tough interoffice issues, to just have fun, or to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. The pros at ScavBoss have built a proven system for crafting scavenger hunts designed to accomplish any team outing goal. You can even have a custom team building event built just for your team and business. ScavBoss offers impossible hunts, where the clues are literally impossible to solve, which can clue you in to learning more about how your employees respond under pressure, fun hunts, and everything in-between. Explore the location in Orlando of your choice with a ScavBoss team building scavenger hunt, one of our favorite company team building activities.

13. De-trash your city

Hear us out! An afternoon spent de-trashing your city can have a ton of benefits for your employees. De-trashing is a great thing to do for the environment, incorporates charity and giving back, helps your team members get away from the office for a bit, and promotes team bonding. Your employees will feel good about themselves once the company event is over. Consider making it a bit more competitive and include prizes for categories like most plastic bags found or most bottles picked up. Separate the trash from the recyclables and make sure everything that is eligible gets to a local recycling plant.

14. Put together a burrito bar

In a similar vein to hosting an in-office pot luck picnic, consider including a burrito bar into your next company meeting (or have a burrito bar just because it’s a simple, nice way to show your employees you appreciate the hard work done). Contact a local Mexican restaurant and have all the fixings needed delivered to make killer burritos. A burrito bar team bonding event is about as simple as it gets to plan. Include some fun games or team building activities like Human Bingo or a photo challenge or even a burrito-making competition to pump up the team bonding factor.

15. Board Game Afternoon

Board games! Who doesn’t enjoy classics like Clue, Monopoly, Trouble, or Sorry? Ask a few of your coworkers to bring in beloved games from home, order some food (maybe a burrito bar like mentioned above!), and spend the afternoon relaxing in your conference room without actually doing any work. A board game afternoon is the epitome of DIY team building activities that are low-cost, effective, and fun. There’s not much not to like about hosting a board game afternoon for your next team event.

16. Hands On Orlando

Does your company have a corporate social responsibility initiative? If so, then Hands on Orlando could be a good option for your next corporate outing. If not, then Hands on Orlando might still be a good choice. Hands on Orlando offers a volunteer opportunity for your employees to give back to the local community. Different team building activities offered include serving food, building homes, working on a new community park, cleaning up the community, and more. Hands on Orlando is a cool way to support the city you call home while including an element of team bonding into the afternoon.

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17. Charity Fundraiser

Can you tell we’re fans of team building activities that give back to Orlando and the surrounding area? Is there a local cause near and dear to your heart? Maybe one of your employees has a family member suffering from a health condition that could use some support. Whatever the cause, choose one that resonates with your team, and get to work supporting it. Ideas for team building fundraisers include a BBQ cook-off, car wash, dog wash, dog walking session, fun run, 5K, etc. There’s no limit to the possibilities when it comes to picking team building activities that support a good cause.

18. Orlando Tree Trek

Tap into your team’s adventurous side with Orlando Tree Trek. What’s a tree trek, you might ask? Great question! Orlando Tree Trek has dozens of cool team building activities to choose from, including a 400-plus foot zip line. Your team members will need to have some element of physical fitness to truly enjoy the afternoon at Orlando Tree Trek. If you choose this as your next team outing, then your employees should enjoy burning some energy in the beautiful Orlando sunshine.

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19. Cypress Grove Park

Let’s keep with our outdoor team building activities theme for a moment and talk about Orlando’s Cypress Grove Park. The park is home to a 19020s-era estate house that serves as a great venue for your next company event (Gingerbread Wars or Great Guac Off, anyone?) If you’re not in need of a venue rental, then consider Cypress Grove for its awesome scenery and beautiful natural views. It’s a great spot to enjoy a team building scavenger hunt, a photo challenge, or a custom round of Human Bingo. Bring a pot luck picnic and put together a few fun team building activities for a great company event in the great outdoors of Orlando.

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20. Head to the beach

We’ve got one last outdoorsy team building suggestion for you! Florida is known around the country for its stunning beaches, days of sunshine, and warm temperatures. It’s time to take advantage of your natural surroundings and plan a corporate team building event that focuses on what makes Orlando unique. We love Cocoa Beach for its pier, parks, sandy beaches, and activity rentals. Grab paddles and kayak in the Atlantic, take surfing lessons, or play a few rounds of beach volleyball. If none of that sounds appealing to you, then a simple day relaxing on the sand or in the waves would do a wonderful of good to relax, recharge, and re-engage your employees.

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21. Hop On! Central Florida Brew Tours

Hop On! Central Florida Brew Tours offers an inside look at Florida’s craft brewery scene. A bus will transport you and your employees to Orlando’s best breweries. Enjoy beer tasting and time spent bonding as a team. The hosts from Hop On! include fun games, team building activities, trivia, and music to keep the energy high and the team bonding optimal. Beer and bonding; we think the two go hand-in-hand for a fun team outing.

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Team building activities in Orlando aren’t one size fits all.

There’s no magic bullet for team building activities in Orlando; the perfect fit for one group may be the worst choice for another. That said, we firmly believe here at Team Building Activities: Orlando that finding a company that hits a few key elements can increase the likelihood that you’re picking a great corporate event. We look at innovation, price, effectiveness, and fun to determine which companies are offering the best team building activities in Orlando, and that’s how we came up with this list.

If you’re still not sure which team outing to pick, or none of these appeal to you, then drop us a line. We’d love to help ensure you find a great corporate event for your business. Happy planning!

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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