18 Delicious Online Chocolate Tasting Experiences

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Team Building Resources October 25, 2023 18 Delicious Online Chocolate Tasting Experiences

Here is our list of the best online chocolate tasting experiences.

Online chocolate tasting experiences are remote team building activities in which participants join a virtual meeting and taste chocolates together. Examples include Delysia Chocolatier, The Chocolate Genius, and Theo Chocolates. The purpose of these services is to promote team building by allowing colleagues to relax and learn about global chocolates. Some platforms also send kits to participants, which serve as a tasty reward for the team.

These experiences are great online events and virtual team building activities that can promote remote employee wellness.

This list includes:

  • online chocolate tasting classes
  • virtual chocolate tasting team building events
  • online wine and chocolate tasting events
  • chocolate tasting at home experiences

Let’s get started!

List of online chocolate tasting experiences

An online chocolate tasting experience lets remote workers try some of the best chocolates in the world and enjoy them with team members. Here is our list of some of the best chocolate tasting classes to try virtually.

1. Bierolade

Bierolade gives your remote team a chance to visit Belgium virtually and indulge in some of the finest chocolates in the world from a remote setting. A few days before the event, Bierolade will send the team chocolate sampling kits and an email invitation.

Your coworkers will have the chance to discover more about cocoa, its origins, and the complete chocolate production process. Ten to 100 participants would be ideal for this virtual event, which lasts one to three hours.

Learn more about Bierolade.

2. Hotel Chocolat

The British chocolatier Hotel Chocolat hosts virtual tasting events for groups. Hotel Chocolat cultivates its own cocoa and focuses on ethical farming practices. The event hosts have extensive knowledge of every step in producing chocolate, from bean to bar to bite. Therefore, participants can taste a wide range of chocolates, learn about the background of the Hotel Chocolat, and study the chocolate-making process.

This experience lasts 90 minutes, allowing up to 28 guests to participate in one session. Thus, this event is ideal for small teams and businesses that use Microsoft Teams, especially in the United Kingdom.

Learn more about Hotel Chocolat.

3. Chocolate Origins & Create with a Maker

The virtual chocolate tasting event explores the long history of cocoa production. The hosts are located on the edge of the Blue Mountains overlooking Kingston. The virtual experience will start with the host introducing the members to the city and explaining Jamaica’s history. Along with sharing the history, the host will also give background information on cacao’s production process and use.

Participants can tour a cacao farm virtually, look at cacao pods, and learn how cacao turns into chocolate bars. The best part is that the host can speak three different languages, eliminating cultural barriers in remote meetings.

The event also includes a presentation on making chocolate bars from scratch. This chocolate-themed Airbnb adventure lasts for 60 minutes, allowing up to 500 guests in one session. This online chocolate tasting experience is among the most cost-effective options for larger teams on a tight budget.

Learn more about Chocolate Origins & Create with a Maker.

4. Cao Chocolates

Ricardo Trillos of Cao Chocolates, the first bean-to-bar craft chocolate manufacturer in Miami, hosts this event. In this online experience, you can enjoy the ideal chocolate bar while learning about the intricate flavor combinations of craft chocolates. Team members will get their chocolate tasting kits before the event. When the event starts, participants will learn about the chocolate-making processes and the five good senses to use when tasting it.

The firm is also comfortable hosting the event on any preferred platform, like Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

This engaging, interactive, and fun chocolate tasting session is a great way to learn how to taste and distinguish the flavors in craft chocolate correctly. This one-hour virtual chocolate tasting event is ideal for smaller and larger groups.

Learn more about Cao Chocolates.

5. Chocolate Noise

When it comes to artisanal, ethically sourced chocolate, Chocolate Noise is an ideal choice. A female gourmand started the Chocolate Noise, and a rotating cast of chocolate sommeliers currently runs the company. Each virtual chocolate tasting event is full of knowledge and fun for team members interested in craft chocolate.

The company offers simple chocolate tastings and wine or tea pairings. The firm also sends participants chocolate tasting kits, which contain four chocolates and an invitation to a one-hour Zoom conference. The ideal number of participants for this online chocolate tasting is between ten and 61. Additionally, the company donates a substantial portion of the events to worthy causes.

Learn more about Chocolate Noise.

6. Cococlectic

Cococlectic specializes in handcrafted chocolates made in small batches and provides a sophisticated tasting menu. In the virtual event, a food expert will talk about the featured chocolates, provide an overview of the chocolate manufacturing process, and suggest how to maximize your enjoyment of the taste.

Online chocolate tasting experience organizers send chocolate tasting kits, which include the following:

  • A handwritten note
  • Four full-size bars of chocolate
  • How-to tasting guidelines
  • A tasting sheet

This 45-minute event is perfect for groups of 20 or more attendees. Additionally, the company can host the event on the video conferencing platform you prefer. These aspects make Cococlectic among the best chocolate tasting at home experiences.

Learn more about Cococlectic.

7. The Chocolate Genius

This company provides two virtual chocolate tasting options. One package includes a chocolate pairing experience, and the other is a chocolate bar-making session. The chocolate pairing experience will include pairing the chocolate with different foods and drinks. Thus, The Chocolate Genius hosts the best virtual chocolate tasting team building events.

​These two events feature the following:

  • Handpicked kits
  • A chef host
  • A quiz game
  • Prizes

You can also ask the firm to adjust the length of the online event, which is generally from 30 minutes to over an hour. This event can have an unlimited number of guests and is appropriate for both smaller and bigger groups. The Chocolate Genius offers a premium experience with top-notch production quality and luxury chocolates.

Learn more about The Chocolate Genius.

8. Delysia Chocolatier

When it comes to exclusive online chocolate sampling, Delysia Chocolatier is among the best virtual chocolate tasting experiences. Some of the best options to enjoy these delectable treats are truffle-making classes, chocolate-themed trivia nights, and cheese and chocolate pairings.

The company sends each participant all the necessary materials, such as different truffle varieties, food pairings, or baking tools. The platform also delivers the chocolate tasting kits with an elegant presentation.

This virtual event can accommodate as few as 15 participants, and most tastings take an hour to complete.

Learn more about Delysia Chocolatier.

9. Theo Chocolates

Theo Chocolates provides online tastings of their organic fair trade chocolate bars. Theo Chocolates offers vegan-friendly treats like cocoa nibs, peanut butter and jelly cups, six different kinds of chocolate bars, and other goodies in their chocolate kits.

The virtual chocolate tasting event by Theo Chocolates gives participants a virtual tour of the factory. The firm encourages participants to ask questions to help larger groups communicate and work together.

This one-hour-long event also includes a guide to Theo Chocolates’ history and practices.

Learn more about Theo Chocolates.

10. Ethel M Chocolates

Ethel M Chocolates allows participants to share their finest chocolates via video call. The chocolate sommelier guides this chocolate tasting event by providing a virtual tour of the Ethel M Factory. In addition, the chocolatier will brief your team on the overall sensory experience of each chocolate.

The experts at Ethel M will deliver an insulated tote bag to your team, which includes the following items:

  • Lemon satin crème
  • Pecan caramel rapture
  • Kona espresso truffle

In addition to the standard five- and 12-piece sets, Ethel M provides a nut-free option for participants with severe sensitivities to specific ingredients.

This chocolate tasting session lasts 45 minutes to one hour and is ideal for small and large groups.

Learn more about Ethel M Chocolates.

11. Not Boring Events

Not Boring Events lives up to its name by offering entertaining online chocolate tasting workshops. The company’s founder is a skilled chef who strongly emphasizes quality. Therefore, the founder handpicks each tasting kit to ensure the highest quality. The Not Boring chocolate tasting event is perfect for larger groups because it can host up to 100 participants.

In this one-hour chocolate tasting session, members will taste five chocolate squares from some of the finest chocolate-producing locations in the world. As you taste their full-sized chocolate bars from Ghana to Burgundy, you will learn how history and culture shape the treat’s flavor.

In addition, Not Boring Events also offers online wine and chocolate tasting events.

Learn more about Not Boring Events.

12. Cocoa Runners

Cocoa Runners conducts remote chocolate tastings and provides a foundational understanding of cocoa-based treats. Students will learn how to appreciate chocolate through a focus on flavor. During the event, your team will have the opportunity to explore the chocolate world’s intriguing tales. By participating in this event with your teammates, you will taste some of the most unique flavors.

Cocoa Runner’s event can accommodate 15 to 50 participants, and each attendee gets to taste ten chocolates. Including the post-tasting quiz and Q&A session, this course often lasts 90 minutes. These at home chocolate tasting experiences emphasize flavor and show students how to enjoy chocolate to the fullest.

Learn more about Cocoa Runners.

13. Gourmet Boutique

Gourmet Boutique offers your group a wide variety of chocolate tasting themes, including uncommon flavor pairings, tea and chocolate tasting, tequila and chocolate pairings, and European versus American chocolate experiences.

Food sector experts lead these one-hour Zoom sessions where the chocolatier will discuss trade secrets and share the best taste practices. Moreover, excellent storytelling about the creators, the business, and the science of taste will keep your team interested throughout the event.

This event is ideal for smaller groups of 15 participants.

Learn more about Gourmet Boutique.

14. True Chox

True Chox is a German company that hosts chocolate tastings paired with beverages like coffee, rum, wine, beer, and spirits. The company produces unique, one-of-a-kind tasting experiences that stimulate the senses and inspire strong emotions. Team members will also get chocolate tasting kits before the event.

The event will start with a detailed introduction to fine chocolates and their background and history. The attendees will also learn about the makers of each kind of chocolate.

In this experience, your team will taste five unique chocolates from around the world and learn some insider tricks for maximizing their chocolate experience. The host will tell the participants how they can enjoy pure chocolate and combine chocolate with other beverages.

During this 90-minute chocolate tasting, True Chox will lead you on a delectable chocolate adventure. This chocolate tasting experience is perfect for smaller teams.

Learn more about True Chox.

15. My Chocolate

During this tasting event, a passionate chocolatier will entertain your group and teach your team new chocolate skills. Your team will produce delicious fresh cream chocolate truffles as part of the tasting and cooking part during the event.

Each participant will receive a “box of joy” before the event. This box contains each necessary ingredient aside from fresh cream. The chocolatier will also help your team make the best fresh cream truffles ever, all in the comfort of their kitchens. This one-hour-long event is ideal for groups of all sizes. My Chocolate advises participants to follow the class on a larger screen to understand the instructions better.

Learn more about My Chocolate.

16. Cacao and Spice

Cacao and Spice has reimagined their product-tasting process as a secure, real-time web service.

​Their chocolate tasting kits include the following ingredients:

  • Chocolate bars
  • Two homemade bonbons
  • Raw cacao beans
  • Caramelized cacao beans
  • A “chocolate challenge”

The chocolate sommelier will teach you how to taste before taking you on a tour of ten unique worldwide chocolates. Additionally, your team will learn stories about the connection between cacao, spices, and Amsterdam in the 17th century. This 90-minute virtual event is ideal for smaller and larger groups.

Learn more about Cacao and Spice.

17. ClassBento

Rhonda Kave, your experienced chocolatier, will teach your team about 24 different chocolates as you taste them. The chocolate box from ClassBento contains chocolates made by well-known chocolatiers from countries worldwide.

Rhonda, also known as Roni-Sue, will help you determine what notes, textures, and flavors you like. Additionally, she will show you how small chocolate makers are better than the bad parts of “Big Chocolate.” The number of attendees for this one-hour chocolate tasting session ranges from four to 100.

Learn more about ClassBento.

18. Tasty Tours

Tasty Tours offers the finest chocolate tasting kits worldwide. Every member of your team will leave this virtual chocolate tasting with new information, some chocolate, and a reusable chocolate tasting mat and flavor wheel.

Each chocolate tasting kit includes four full-size bars of premium dark and milk chocolates from local Canadian craft chocolate makers. The kit also contains high-quality raw cacao beans and nibs from a premium cacao supplier. With this kit, your team can experience the chocolate’s authentic flavor by tasting chocolate in its unprocessed, natural state. This chocolate tasting session lasts 30 minutes and is perfect for groups of any size.

Learn more about Tasty Tours.


Attending a virtual chocolate tasting allows you to sample various chocolates in a virtual setting. You will put your taste buds to the test and try new flavors. Many chocolate tastings feature talks on the history of chocolate, how to conduct a taste test, and how to create chocolate goodies during the event or at home.

​An online chocolate tasting experience can be a great idea for your next holiday-themed team building event. This online session will provide a memorable and engaging activity to help your team work together more effectively. Thus, inviting employees and managers to a chocolate tasting is a great way to unite teams.

You can host an online chocolate tasting event to engage remote teams, celebrate remote employee milestones, or as part of your online Christmas party.

FAQ: Online chocolate tasting experiences

Here are answers to questions about online chocolate tasting experiences.

What are online chocolate tasting experiences?

In an online chocolate tasting experience, participants meet on a video conferencing tool like Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet and taste chocolates together. A chocolatier, a chocolate sommelier, or another professional leads the event. The host gives attendees tasting advice and background information to enhance the experience. Aside from teaching participants about chocolate and giving them a fun learning experience, these online chocolate tasting activities also ensure team building.

What are some of the best online chocolate tasting classes?

Online chocolate tasting classes can be a great way to discover the flavor and texture of premium chocolates with your team. The best online chocolate tasting classes are:

  • Ethel M Chocolates
  • Cococlectic
  • Cao Chocolates

These online chocolate tasting events are ideal team building exercises.

How do you do chocolate tasting remotely?

When you reserve a facilitated chocolate tasting event, the event organizers usually send kits to the participants. The company emails a virtual meeting link to the members, and an expert hosts the activity by providing guests with knowledge, advice, and answers to queries.

Alternatively, you can organize a DIY Zoom chocolate tasting for the team by ordering or assembling each member’s chocolate assortments. Then, you can organize a video conference to taste the goodies and discuss your thoughts. Additionally, team building exercises like trivia questions or icebreaker games are a part of certain Zoom chocolate tasting programs.

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