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Fun Facts: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is the United States’ fifth largest museum in with close to half a million works of art in its collection. As of 2016, the Museum of Fine Arts was one of the top-50 most visited museums in the entire world.

The museum’s roots go back to 1870, and the institution has gone under several renovations and renaissances since then. It’s best known for its collections of artworks in Dutch Golden Age paintings, French impressionist and post-impressionist art, and Egyptian artifacts — as well as other world class exhibitis.

5 Things to See at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Postman Joseph Roulin

Vincent van GoghPostman Joseph Roulin, 1888 is one of the museum’s best known works in its collection. 

Example from the museum collection

Poppy Field in a Hollow near Giverny

The museum’s impressionist and post-impressionist collection is considered to be among the finest in the world. 

Example from the museum collection

Goddess Tawaret

The Museum of Fine Arts has one of the world’s best known collection of Egyptian artifacts, including this Goddess Tawaret, 623–595 BCE, which was discovered in Nubia in the pyramid of King Anlamani. 

Example from the museum collection

Seated Giant

Francisco GoyaSeated Giant, 1818

Example from the museum collection

Portrait of a 62-year-old Woman

Rembrandt’s Portrait of a 62-year-old Woman, 1632 is one of just a few incredible fine art works on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Example from the museum collection

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Frequently Asked Questions & Logistics

Admission at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Adult Admission: $25 | Senior & Student Admission: $23 | Youth age 3-17, on weekends + after 3pm on weekdays: Free | Youth: $10

Coat Check at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Anything larger than 11” x 15” must be checked, including backpack-style child carriers and umbrellas, unless the bags contain medical equipment, nursing, or baby care items. The museum’s coat check does not accept laptops, cameras, or other valuables deemed as such by the museum. Musical instruments and fur coats, imitation or real, may be checked after signing a waiver form. The coat check services provided by the museum are free. 

Contact the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Phone Number for Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: 202-633-7970

Address for Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

Dining at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

There are several dining options at the Museum of Fine Arts, ranging from snacks and cafes to higher end restaurants. Read more about them here.

Hours for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Saturday-Tuesday: 10am-5pm

Wednesday-Friday: 10am-10pm

Parking at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

There are three options for parking lots near the Museum of Fine Arts: the Huntington Lot, the Fenway Lot, and the Museum Road Garage. For more details, visit the museum’s website

Strollers at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Strollers are allowed in the galleries and exhibitions, but are subject to staff’s judgement if spaces become overcrowded.

What’s Allowed Inside in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

No outside food or drinks are permitted in the museum. Please also be aware the museum does not allow chewing gum, selfie sticks, or children in backpack carriers in the galleries.

Why We Know So Much About Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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