How Mystery + Minimalist Marketing Led To Massive Event Turnout

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Museum Resources November 19, 2019 How Mystery + Minimalist Marketing Led To Massive Event Turnout

Earlier this year, we helped the ASU Art Museum turn their museum into an intimate escape room centered around engaging with the collection. But for their next event, ASU wanted to go bigger – and a little weirder.

ASU partnered with us once again to engage the community, make their presence known, and show off their personality – aka they wanted to get a little weird! The goal was to attract around 200 attendees to the museum – and by the end of the night, nearly double that number walked through the doors.

So how did we do it? 

We flew in a Museum Hack dream team – Dustin, Zak M, Kate, and Casey – to work with ASU to bring a ton of people to the museum, aiming to achieve the opposite of the small intimate groups we targeted for the museum’s previous escape room events.

Minimalistic promo image for GET WEIRD event

What was GET WEIRD?

The goal of the event was to draw a ton of people to the museum and to challenge staff to think creatively about the types of activities that can happen within a gallery space. 

When brainstorming for the event, there were so many good ideas that the team decided to work with as many of them as possible. They loosely allowed the common theme of things you’d never think to do in a gallery (who knew they could be fun spaces, right??).

Leaving a little to the imagination

With event content created, one glaring problem remained – what was the best way to market this to the public? The team decided to embrace the almost indescribable nature of the event, making the marketing, descriptions, and images minimalist, evoking the same feel as an earlier campaign from the museum.

Why did minimalist marketing work for this event?

It left people WANTING to find out more. With a dedicated fan base from the insanely popular escape room events, visitors were okay committing to going knowing as little as possible about the event. And those unfamiliar with the ASU Art Museum may have been intrigued by the simple but alluring nature of the messaging. 

Check out the copy for the event description on Facebook:

You know of our epic Escape the Museum events, but for the school year we’re going bigger, better — and a little weird.

We don’t want to give away too much but can guarantee games, gossip and some great photo ops.

You in?

Join us on August 25, 6-10 p.m.

Oh, and if you need more convincing, there will be free food.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 2 p.m.

Photo by Ash Ponder

So did it work? The event was an open house designed for about 200+ people.

Almost 400 showed up. So we’ll call that a major win.

“We definitely brought in a new audience to this museum, I saw recent alums, young families, undergrads, even people with no ASU affiliation…this brought in everyone.” – Kate N., Tour Guide SF

ASU was thrilled to bring in that many people – but it gave our staff the warm fuzzies too.

“This was a project where I was saying over and over “OMG I love my job”. The creativity and support for the weird on this event was spectacular. It felt like a true collaboration between MH and a client and together we built something memorable and awesome. I was most surprised at the amount of people that showed up, props to the marketing team for getting people curious and to show up!” – Kate N., Tour Guide SF

Photo by Ash Ponder

Want help planning an awesome event in your museum? We’d love to get weird with you! Email [email protected]


written with 💖 by Julia Kennedy

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