Infographic: 10 Museum Mascots To Follow On Twitter

Julia Kennedy

Marketing & Aud Dev Associate

More and more museums are creating online personas for their onsite mascots. It’s a smart move in a variety of ways.

Besides being fun, it’s an easy way to drop knowledge online in a unique way, and respond to some admiring fans. It also shows off that your museum is social media savvy, and knows how to have a good time, whether that be onsite or online.

Here’s what our friend Mark The Mammoth (Kelli Huggins) at the Chemung County Historical Society had to say:

“I created Mark as a silly way for us to have a more informal voice on social media. We’re a small, local museum and if we didn’t get creative, we felt that our message risked being drowned out by larger institutions. Instead of Tweeting as the institution, Mark puts a friendly, irreverent, adorable, and more relatable face out there. I’m actually a little surprised at Mark’s popularity sometimes- people get genuinely excited to see him at events!”

In fact, there is a long list of over a hundred on Twitter. You can find them all here.  Below are some of our favorites to follow.

Wait…where’s SUE?

If you’re already aware of Museum Mascots on Twitter, you might be wondering where SUE, the T-Rex from the Field Museum in Chicago, IL, is.

SUE declined to be included — possibly because they have gone beyond simply mascot functionality, and is a personality of the Field on their own merits. SUE, in all caps and choosing “They/Them” pronouns, has skyrocketed into well-deserved Twitter fame.

Thinking your museum could use a mascot? Need help with social media marketing? We’re here to help. Email us at

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