National Gallery of Art

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Private Tours at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art is a world class, venerable cultural institution. It has some of the most amazing art on the face of the planet. Over 4 million people visit it every year! This museum is awesome!


We have created an exciting tour of the National Gallery of Art. This tour is a totally unique experience for you and your friends or family. We will show you the very best and most intriguing art that the Gallery has on display.

And our tours are very popular — we have a perfect score of EXCELLENT on Trip Advisor.



Here is what makes our private tours different:

We prioritize fun!

We want you to have a fun and memorable experience more than we want you to walk away with cold, hard facts. Our goal is for you to have that moment of “oh my god — I’m having FUN in a MUSEUM”. We play games, we do exercises, and we take fun photos.

We make content accessible.

Sometimes we will use art history terms or jargon like “impressionist, “alla prima”, and “saccade”, and when we do we will define what we say. We want you to get the full experience — whether you are a museum pro or just enjoying the afternoon at the National Gallery of Art. One of our mantras is that “people have been people since they’ve been people.” Basically, the artists, scientists, engineers and architects that make these objects are people (and people have been doing people stuff forever), which means there are ways for you to connect your life to what they have created. We reframe “obscure” pieces using storytelling and pop-culture references to make that connection.

We know how to fight museum fatigue.

Okay, museums aren’t setup for energy. Walking through those long halls, looking at piece after piece can be tiring even when it’s fun. We’ve learned how to combat museum fatigue to keep you and your group energized throughout the tour. We take short physical and brain breaks (1 minute wander-arounds, quick stretches, and writing postcards to family and friends). We take fun photos with the art pieces — because it personalizes the experience and the photos are fun to share. We also have wine and candy (we do pit stops mid tour where we eat a sweet treat, and on some tours we have a drink at one of the museum bars).

We encourage marriage proposals.

You don’t have to, but marriage proposals are becoming pretty common on our tours :- )

We are museum fanatics.

We don’t come from the art/museum world, and we don’t pretend to… but we ARE museum fanatics and do our research. Every Museum Hack Tour is the result of thousands of hours of research and study — we dive head first into the museum, exploring every nook and cranny to find the unique stories that no-one else is telling. We obsessively research each story and present it in “normal people talk”, instead of “history professor talk”.

We curate by passion.

That means we aren’t just talking about the art pieces that are historically and/or culturally important, we focus in on the pieces that we are excited about and you can really connect with. The excitement is infectious and your group will be energized throughout the tour.

We keep our tour sizes small.

We like to get to know our guests, so we can customize the tour to your interests and perspective. We’ve seen tour groups with dozens of people and only one guide. Our maximum is nine guests per guide.

We have the outsider/insider scoop.

We are Museum Hack — we aren’t affiliated with the museum so we can tell you things you would NEVER hear from an official guide. Sometimes it’s racy tidbits, sometimes it’s the nitty-gritty of the museum’s past and otherwise info that is just outside the limits of your average tour.

We break down museum behavior conventions.

On a private tour you don’t have to be rigid and silent to enjoy the museum. Yes, we are respectful of the artifacts and other visitors but we want to empower our guests to express themselves and feel good about the way they engage, whatever it may be.

Check out these photos from some of our recent tours:


How to Choose a Museum Tour Company

Most people visit our website because they are planning a trip to Washington and want to check out the National Gallery of Art while they are here. But choosing a tour company can be tough! You are browsing away from Wisconsin/Canada/Tokyo/wherever you are from and Google has a bunch of options. We have a few recommendations to make your decision easier.

  1. Consider any special requirements. If your group has special requirements, e.g., you are from China and everyone speaks Chinese, then going on one of the National Museum’s own tours may be your best option — they offer tours in Chinese, Spanish, Russian and other languages. Right now Museum Hack is English only, though if you have a special request we may be able to help. BTW our tours are all ages.
  2. Check out public reviews. Some tour companies have ZERO public reviews, or even worse negative reviews. Do your research and see what real guests have to say about the tours. You can check out our reviews on Trip Advisor.
  3. Choose one that feels right. This criteria is a little bit of a gray zone, i.e. what feels right to some people will feel different for others, and that’s the point. If you are checking out a tour company’s website and something feels off, e.g., it looks boring or they don’t offer a guarantee, then pass on that one and evaluate the next.

That’s it. Evaluate your options and we look forward to seeing you at the National Gallery of Art!

Our 110% Money Back Guarantee

We believe we offer the best National Gallery of Art Tours in D.C. (and the entire world), which is why we back all of our tours with a 110% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love the experience, we will refund 100% of your money, plus a little extra.

“Museum Hack is an educational twist on the traditional museum tour. Our guide—Molly—was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all of the different artwork. She provides an engaging story for every piece of artwork. She literally pulls out an iPad to provide supplemental information. There are also other tricks throughout the tour, but I do not want to give them away! The tour is interactive and great for all ages. This was my first museum hack tour, but I can’t wait to try out the tours in other cities. It will truly inspire you to go learn more about art.”
— Daniel D., visited July 2015 from NYC

We meet at the Constitution Avenue entrance of the National Gallery of Art, located at 6th & Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20565. If you are lost or running late, please call us at 800-210-9676. 

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