Increase Engagement by Revitalizing and Empowering Staff (Case Study: PAMA)

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Have your museum’s programs become stagnant?  Are you struggling to find new ways to engage audiences and get your staff on board?

Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives (“PAMA”) explores the rich history of the Region of Peel in Canada.  Having recently completed a large expansion, PAMA was looking to revitalize their current programming in order to attract new audiences from the nearly one million individuals in the community and raise funds to continue their expansion.  PAMA was also looking to revitalize their staff, invigorating their programs with new life by equipping staff with new ideas and tools that they could use on site.

Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives entrance
Image courtesy Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives.

PAMA called Museum Hack and asked us to produce a customized workshop for their staff on audience engagement.  Lia Tamborra and Evan Goodman packed their bags and headed to Peel, ready to revitalize PAMA staff with our Hack-style methodology.

How to Engage Audiences with Personal Passion

We led PAMA staff through our signature Audience Engagement Workshop.  Starting with personal passion, we demonstrated our methods using objects we found amazing and intriguing within their collections.  Next, we led staff through a participatory discussion on how we created our demonstrations, including our 5 Elements of a Hack method. 

We also discussed the importance of storytelling and infusing programs with personal passion as a means to connect with audiences.  Finally, we led staff through tips for creating activities that are educational and fun, which invite audiences to become active co-creators of their museum experience.

Polaroid of Peel staff during Museum Hack workshop
“Fantastic day with Ali & Evan from #museumhack – HUGE thanks from PAMA!” Image courtesy PAMA.

PAMA staff loved it!  Everyone was very enthusiastic about trying the new ideas. 

“Lia and Evan were high energy, very engaging, and led the workshop enthusiastically with a fast pace and good timing to illustrate key messages and elements. PAMA staff are satisfied and pleased that we had the opportunity to learn, stretch, and grow our thinking in new directions with your team.”

– Marty Brent, Manager at PAMA

Thanks to Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives for bringing us in to discuss audience engagement and explore new ways to keep their museum growing.  We had a great time!

Ready to revitalize your staff and programs? Contact us to find out more about how we can help your institution develop fun activities and new audience engagement strategies.

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