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  1. In a few minutes you will receive an email from us with questions, e.g., tentative dates and how many people your event is for. Replying to this email with a few quick answers is the first step to creating a customized event with us.

  2. A Museum Hack Concierge will call you ASAP. Generally if you are in daylight hours in the U.S we will call you in the next hour or two. If you are outside of U.S time-zones it may take us a little longer to get back to you. You will hear from us within 24 hours and we will try to time the call to be standard working hours for you.

  3. If you need an URGENT answer call us at +1-800-210-9676.

Museum Hack’s Concierge Team – One of These Expert Hackers Will Call You Soon

Mark “the Director” Kennedy

  • lives in NYC, but born and raised in Eastern Canada
  • getting married in 2016
  • directs and produces theatre

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Annie “Loves the Met” Rich

  • lives in Long Island, NY
  • fell in love with the Metropolitan Museum of Art at age 11
  • still closes her eyes for all the scary parts in Harry Potter

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Kate “the Renegade” Downey

  • finds balance between cupcakes and spinach
  • created and leads the empowering tour, “the Badass Bitches of the Met”
  • prefers museums where you can touch things

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