Pokemon Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gotta Catch 'Em All?!

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Hello Trainers! Since 2013 Museum Hack has been developing wild, renegade tours of the best museums in the world. Now we are unleashing the Pokemon Tour! Come to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and do our custom step by step tour complete with a Pokemon hunt, prizes and some of the craziest and most famous artwork in history with connections to Pokemon. Hot Tip: the Japanese Art collection includes a controversial deer named Bubbles and you won't leave the Met without meeting it's famous mascot, William. BTW: see that guy in the picture above wearing the blue shirt? That's Kevin, and he's the gym leader at the Met -- just saying.

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Ready to Discover the Wildest Connections Between Art & Pokemon?

Museum Hack tours are a completely new approach to the museum. Your tour includes stories, activities, photo challenges and prizes. It's like getting zapped by a Pikachu and then going for a run -- you better be ready for an intense 90 minutes of action.

This tour is built from the bottom up for Pokemon trainers like you. Come discover a whole new side of the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- the Pokemon side. You will love what we have in store for you. Pokestops guaranteed.

Pokemon Hunt Challenges

Capture Pokemon in the museum

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Exciting Stops

We have something special planned for you

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Catch 'Em All!

Awesome artwork in the galleries

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Testimonials From Museum Hack Guests

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The Met is huge and could be very overwhelming for a first time visitor. We loved the quick pace and interesting tidbits we learned along the way. Jen was a delight. Stayed for many hours after the tour to visit some of the exhibits in more detail. Great way to spend a day!

Little Hackers Museum Tour Testimonial Photo

Spent a high energy morning touring the MET with a fun and informative guide. Tour was given high marks by all in our group which included 2 teens, a thirty year old and her mom.

Little Hackers Museum Tour Testimonial Photo

Such a fun, educational and diverse experience !!! I am already referring people and hope to do this again with more friends and family!

Andréa M,

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